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Baitcaster vs spinning reel pros and cons

Howdy angler folks! Doing fine? I hope you do. Today we’re gonna discuss about one of the most asked questions in the angler community! Which is better? Baitcaster or spinning reel? Pros and cons. I’m here to make things simpler to you. So without further delay, let’s jump into the discussion.

Some anglers prefer baitcaster, others are more comfortable with a spinning reel. Some prefer both of them in certain situations. If you ask me, I would recommend both of them. Every single creation on this earth has both advantages and disadvantages. Fishing reels are not out of that rule!

I would suggest a baitcaster if you need a certain feature of that. It has its own beauty. Likewise, spinning reels are also a great discovery in the sports fishing world. So yeah, in simple words, it’s wise to use both of them in the certain situation.

Baitcasting Reel

Baitcaster reels are being fished on top of the rod, that’s how you can mark off a baitcaster from a spinning reel. Want to cast with heavier line and bigger lures? Baitcaster is the reel you’re gonna need for that.

Baitcaster/baitcasting reel is the closed face reel or has a close face spool design. Baitcaster will work great in your hand if you’re an experienced or avid fisherman. If you just started fishing, it’s wise to not go with a baitcasting reel cause it’s not beginner friendly. It takes some practice to master in it, after that you can rock with a baitcasting reel.

There are certain considerations, pros, and cons of a baitcasting reel that you should know before getting one. Let’s get into the pros and cons of baitcasting reel.


  • Lighter weights: if you ask me, the #1 advantage of a baitcasting reel is its lighter, some baitcasting reel even feels like a baby bird! You’re gonna get all the exclusive features in an extremely lightweight version, just imagine how great is that! This lightness reduces arm fatigueness greatly. If you cast all day long, a light reel with a light rod will be so comfortable to cast with. Baitcasting reels are 30-50% lighter than a spinning reel. Some baitcasting reels weigh only 5-7 oz, produce 17-20 or greater drag pressure and almost 200yds of line capacity! If you want an equivalent feature from a spinning reel, it weights 2 or 3 times more than that baitcaster. So yeah, lightweight is a great advantage of baitcasting reel.
  • Greater line capacity: baitcasting reels are so good at accommodating lines. If you want to fish at extreme distances, baitcasting reel is the only option you got. Heck, spinning reel won’t allow that much line capacity like a baitcaster does. Literally, a baitcaster will allow you to cast twice the distance than a spinning reel. When you have a baitcaster, you can even do bluewater fishing like the shark fishing from the beach or shore which requires a reel with greater line capacity. So yeah, wanna cast really far? Not a problem with a baitcaster.
  • So powerful: a spinning reel can never win with a baitcaster in terms of power or strength. One of the greatest advantages of a baitcasting reel is its strength. A little baitcasting reel can provide way more drag power than a beast size spinning reel. Technically, a tiny baitcasting reel is more powerful than a giant spinning reel. That proves how powerful the baitcasting reel is!
  • Accuracy: baitcasting reels are so accurate with casting. In other words, you can control the distance all by yourself with a baitcaster. It has this spool release button which frees the spool by pressing it and after casting the line you can control the distance manually by just putting your thumb on the spool. That will stop the spool and set your line in the distance you want it to cover. That’s the brake actually, it allows much better accuracy than a spinning reel.

This cast control thing is a real advantage for bass fishing. In a bass fishing scenario, you have to cast your line so near to shore, if you can’t control the distance you will find your bait or lures stuck in the bushes or trees. To avoid that disgusting situation, a baitcaster is a must!


  • Not beginner friendly: damn, baitcasting reel is not a good choice for newbies. Baitcasting reel takes a good amount of practice to master, so definitely experience is a big fact here to use a baitcaster.
  • Higher price tag: you’re not gonna love this one, baitcasting reels are usually so expensive. If you want a lightweight baitcasting reel with greater drag, line capacity, and special features you have to spend a good amount of money.

baitcaster vs spinning reel pros and cons

Spinning Reel

Known as the open-faced or fixed spool reels, spinning reels are extremely popular among the novice to avid fishermen. They are mounted underneath the rod, allowing gravity to place it in the perfect resting position with minimal effort in the wrist to maintain its positioning.

Spinning reels are used for lighter lines and smaller/lighter lures. Lighter lure means lure that are light in weight, such as artificial flies. These lures are not appropriate for baitcaster. That’s why you’re gonna need a baitcasting reel.

Early versions of the spinning reels were the preferred choice for catching trout or salmon. Good for you, spinning reel nowadays is designed to make them suitable for catching a wider variety of fish today. Let’s go to the pros and cons of the spinning reel.

Note: in a spinning reel, a right-handed reel means you have to hold the rod right handed and reel it with the left hand.


  • Beginner friendly: you probably know that spinning reels are the best match for a novice angler. The ease in use made this reel a top notch type around the globe. Spinning reels have the simplest mechanism, all you gotta do is open the bail, cast the line and then close the bail manually or by cranking the reel.
  • Budget-friendly: spinning reels are cheaper in price, only in 100 bucks you will find a good quality spinning reel. Here are some good examples of spinning reel under 100 bucks for bass and other types of fishing.
  • Both sided handle: swapping the handle in a spinning reel is the easiest job you have ever done! Most of the spinning reel nowadays have the option to change the handle sides which is pretty amazing. Just unscrew the nob and unplug the handle, swap it to the other side and plug it. That’s it! It’s a feature you have to be careful about while buying a baitcasting reel.
  • No backlash problem: spinning reels have way fewer chances of backlashes, that’s why it’s an ideal choice for the beginners. With a baitcaster, the chances of backlash or birdnest is higher. But when you have a spinning reel, it controls the speed of the spool so good that no backlashes. Problem solved!


  • Very poor line capacity: with monofilament lines, you can capture very low yards. If you want to cast at a greater distance, the spinning reel is a bad choice.
  • Lack of accuracy: Spinning reels are also less accurate unless handled by an experienced fisherman. It may take several casts to find the perfect amount of line to use to land your bait where you want it.
  • Poor performance with heavier lines: it is more difficult to use heavier lines and tackle with it. A spinning reel has a narrower spool which makes it more difficult to use a large diameter line and lacks the power a baitcaster has to accommodate heavy weights without much difficulty.


Let’s come to a Verdict

Spinning reel is the reel you are looking for if you

  • If you Just started fishing
  • If you want a good quality reel in low budget
  • If you want to apply lighter lures and lines

Go for a baitcaster if the situation is like

  • You are an experienced angler
  • Wanna cast for a greater distance
  • If you wanna fish for a long long time
  • If you wanna apply those heavier lines and baits

And that’s all for today, hope this article helps. Would love to learn more from you. Put a comment down below! Happy fishing, folks!

Nicholi Wyto

Hey I'm Nicholi Wyto is a professional sports fisherman and hunter, love to enjoy spending time in Michigan’s rugged northern forests. I love to explore my experience and help others who are interested in fishing and hunting.

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