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Top 10 Best Baitcasting Reel under 200 in 2019

There was a time when angler had to use imaginations and new methods every now and then to catch fish more efficiently. Their hustle and innovative mindset have paved a way for modern fishing equipment and appliances which made fishing more effective. As a result, we can now buy some of the best baitcasting reel under 200 $.

Among those innovations, good baitcasting reels one of the most important.

Our expert team has used these following baitcasting reels and provided some important feedback. We chose these reels priced under 200 dollars just for you!

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Best Pick: Best Baitcasting Reel Under 200 

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Top review geek’s choice

If you don’t have the time to go through the entire review, we will help you decide to get a solid reel.

Our choice is the KastKing Spartacus Plus Baitcasting Reel.

Reasons? There’s plenty.

  • Ultra smooth carbon fiber drag
  • Fast gear ratio: 6:3:1
  • Twin brakes
  • Corrosion resistant ball bearings
  • Precision matched brass gears

We all grew up casting our spin casting reel but mostly ignoring baitcasting reel. Some would say due to its higher cost which I would agree on to some extent. So, it was a dream to find the best baitcasting reel under 200 dollars.

But now, the modern state of the art construction system has allowed the manufacturer to build versatile and cost-effective baitcasting reel to reach a wider range of consumers.

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It’s really hard to put together a casting reels review to find the best caster between some of the good baitcasting reels. But still, after extensive research and practical operation of some of the best baitcasting reel under 200 dollars has really impressed us with its efficiency and smooth performance. Today, I will share my insights about those best baitcasting reels with you.

1. NEW Phantom Carbon Baitcasting Reel

best baitcaster


Core Features

  • A lightweight build with a premium carbon fiber frame
  • High-Performance gear ratio
  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Centrifugal and Magnetic Brake
  • User-friendly design
  • 6+1 Shield ball bearings
  • 120 yards braid capacity

Description:  The Piscifun NEW Phantom Carbon Baitcasting Reel is offering one of the best baitcasting reels under 200 dollars. The Piscifun Perseus baitcasting reel is tournament ready. It offers stability and control when you cast your reel. Many amateur and professional anglers have picked this best casting reel amid some of the top baitcasting reels for precision fish hunting.

The dual brake system has made casting and retrieving super easy. This is one the best baitcasting reel with fairly large drive gear than its rivals in this price range. If you managed to hook up a large fish, then don’t worry, the reel won’t stutter or the line will not snap off easily. For further support, this best casting reel has 3 premium sized carbon fiber drag washers which allow wider stable connection to the reel.

The dual braking system features a dynamic 6-pin Centrifugal & Magnetic braking system which can be adjusted on the go. The extended aluminum crank handle grants the angler extra grip and strength to pull a big fish off the water.

This best cheap baitcasting reel has corrosion resistant premium shielded stainless steel bearing to ensure smoothness. The anglers can confidently use this reel in both fresh and saltwater.

The reinforced CNC machined brass gear with medium 6.3:1 gear ratio allows the angles a strong drag system and smooth retrieve system offers comfortable and joyful fishing experience. This best cheap baitcasting reel has a unique screw oil hole, means it can be easily lubricated hence maximizing its lifespan.

This is arguably one of the best baitcasting reels under 200 dollars that you can pick up. Although this reel is aiming the amateur anglers, many of the pros might like this for its affordable price range and ergonomic design.

  • Ultra strong drag system
  • Dual-brake adjustable during use
  • Anti-corrosion premium gears and bearings
  • Easier maintenance
  • None


2. KastKing Royale Legend Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

good baitcasting reels


Core Features

  • Shielded ball bearing
  • Silent 7.1:0 gear ratio
  • High-speed line retrieve
  • Corrosion resistant ball bearing
  • State of the art dual brakes
  • Multicolored, with multi-ported aluminum waffle style spool
  • Overall smooth performance

Description: The KastKing Royale Legend low profile baitcasting reel is one of the best casting reels among some of the top bait casting reels. The reel is capable of any kind of fishing style. It is one of the best baitcasting reels under 200 dollars in the market. It offers some essential features for top-notch performance.

This best baitcaster under 200 dollars has a dual braking system which is easier to adjust. The level-10 centrifugal and magnetic braking system allows superb casting control with less backlash. The brass gear and noise free, corrosion-resistant ball bearings produce smooth drag. The ceramic line guide supports both monofilament and braided fishing line for smooth high-speed performance.

The oversized stainless steel handle allows great control. EVA padded foam ensures superb grip even in moisturized condition. The spool is forged with CNC machined, cross-drilled anodized aluminum. The material allows the spool to be both lightweight and strong combines with carbon fiber star drag system to deliver up to 17.5 lb of drag.

The reel is perfectly compatible with different types of fishing technique. You can easily use this in both fresh and saltwater with proper maintenance.

One of the best cheap baitcasting reel on the market with unmatched quality and superior performance. Whether you are a novice or professional, you just can’t go wrong with this kind of good baitcasting reels.

  • Dual brake system
  • Great ergonomic design
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Good Value
  • None


3. Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

best casting reel


Core Features

  • Single piece graphite frame and side plates
  • 7 pieces of stainless steel ball bearings
  • Single piece roll bearing
  • Drag system ( Power Disk )
  • Brass Gear ( Dura Gear )
  • Brake system ( MagTrax )
  • EVA Handles
  • Machined dual-anodized spool

Description: The Abu Garcia PMAX pro-Max low-profile is one of the best baitcaster under 200 dollars. With its smooth drag and nifty engineering, this reel delivers excellent performance that professional anglers thrive for.

This reel’s real beauty lies in its ability to increase your casting distance as well as accuracy. You can customize your casting so that the line and lure hit your preferred location. Mostly because of the famous MagTrax braking system, which is included in this reel. It makes sure that there are consistency and non-stop braking pressure being put on the reel, throughout the entire casting process.

The power disk drag system allows angler smoother drag, to make sure they get enough time to tame those resistant fishes. The low profile gear ratio provides the angler an ergonomic feel so there’s enough time to overcome your catch.

This reel is quite commendable and an absolute delight to handle. It’s premium construction increases on durability but sheds off extra weight. It’s the kind of reel which can be used for a really long time because of its comfortable grip and perfect balance.

Thanks to its duragear brass gear, single piece graphite frame, and machined double-anodized aluminum spool, it can operate smoothly even after years of use.

I would personally recommend this reel for new and enthusiastic anglers. If you are trying to learn how to rope, then the uncomplicated mechanism of the reel makes it less complex. It’s a good investment for its durability.

Expert anglers may avoid this product but still, this baitcasting reel has the capability to handle regular fishing tasks.

  • Good Build Quality
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Good Casting distance and accuracy
  • Great value
  • Fewer advanced features


4. KastKing New Assassin Carbon Baitcasting Reel

best baitcaster under 200


Core Features

  • Lightweight
  • Dual brakes
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Carbon fiber drag system
  • Smooth gear
  • EVA Padded foam grip
  • Anodized aluminum spool

Description: KastKing has yet again produced a well-balanced baitcaster in the budget category. This is without a doubt, among the best budget baitcasting reel. The reel has truly a combination of performance and durability.

The reel is one of the lightest in the market. Constructed from bulletproof carbon fiber with side plates and handle for lightweight. So if you are planning a long fishing trip, this KastKing reel will give you utmost comfort and smooth performance and prevent any fatigue. The ergonomic design has also met with corrosion resistant and rigid build quality, making it one of the top baitcasting reels ever.

The remarkable 4 disc carbon fiber allows smooth drag and impressive stopping power. Advance 6-pin centrifugal and magnetic brakes offer precision casting even in a sudden wind shift.

The 11+1 MaxiDur ball bearings are shielded with corrosion resistant and CNC aero-grade aluminum spool combined with precise and powerful gear ratio which allows the angler to cast with absolute confidence. Even the retrieving is smooth with braided line compatibility.

This good baitcasting reel comes with a beautiful Midnight black finish with vibrant blue accents. Also, there is a warranty of a year that provides an extra support for any manufacturing defects or problems.

  • Dual brake system
  • Ergonomic design
  • The aero-grade aluminum gear shaft
  • CNC aluminum spool
  • None


5. KastKing Spartacus Plus Baitcasting Reel

top bait casting reels


Core Features

  • Fast 6.3:1 gear ratio
  • Higher torque handle
  • Maximus corrosion resistant shielded ball bearings
  • Dual brakes
  • Corrosion resistant ball bearing
  • Carbon fiber drag system
  • Precision matched brass gears

Description: The KastKing Spartacus Plus Baitcasting Reel is a very well built and well finished baiting caster. The reel is tough like its name. It has some of the most dynamic features that will make your every catch an experience. Also, the affordable price range will attract almost every angler to add this reel to their tackle box.

The micro-cast dual brakes and carbon fiber drag system allows up to 17.5 lb of stopping power. The Spartacus Baitcasting reel has premium corrosion resistant ball bearings and anodized aluminum spool combined with precision brass gear for instant control and accurate casting. The ceramic line guide insert is braided line compatible. The high-end rubber cork offers a non-slip grip even in moisturized condition.

It’s a versatile 6.3:1 gear ratio offers an excellent fishing experience. This new yet affordable one of the best baitcasting reel is smooth and powerful compared with other brands in this price range. You can invest your hard earned money and stay confident for a magnificent fishing trip.

  • Dual brakes
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic design and dynamic features
  • Powerful and durable
  • None


6. Okuma Komodo SS Large Capacity Low Profile Baitcasting Reel

casting reels review


Core Features

  • The main gear is stainless steel
  • Pinion gear-Precision & machine cut Stainless Steel
  • The coating is designed to be corrosion resistant
  • Carbonite drag system-Multi-disk
  • Drag Star system-micro click supported
  • Dual Anti-reverse
  • Clicker
  • Anti-reverse Roller gear features quick-set option
  • Solid Diecast Aluminum Frame and Side Plates
  • Powerful Stainless Steel Drive and Spool shafts

Description: The Okuma Komodo SS low profile baitcasting reel is built from premium materials. Yes, you guessed it right, the SS does stand for Stainless Steel. The reel is constructed with a heavy-duty main gear which is made of Stainless Steel as well.

This best baitcaster under 200 dollars also equipped with the pinion gear, drive shaft and spool shaft to ensure a solid foundation. Powerful, yet corrosion resistant, with proper maintenance, this reel can be used in both fresh and saltwater. With a drag output of up to 30 pounds, this best casting reel allows you to drag your catch and troll with less backlash.

The high output Carbonite drag system and improved 6-pin velocity cast control reduce friction and vibration while retrieving your big catch. The Stainless Steel high-performance ball bearings and roller bearing with synchronized level wind system allow you to cast longer yards with precision alignment when the braided line is released off the spool.

The level-wind system also reduces the amount of random drag pressure and backlashes when you are retrieving a fish that resists. The bait clicker also adds another advantage when your reel is in free spool or drag backed off way lose.

Overall, this best baitcaster has proven itself worthy from time to time. Don’t take my words for it, You can research furthermore by reading other anglers casting reel reviews.

  • Ultimate power, durability, and strength
  • Zirconium line guide compatible with the braided line
  • On/off clicker
  • Ergonomic and dynamic design
  • None


7. KastKing Speed Demon Baitcasting Reel

best cheap baitcasting reel


Core Features

  • Blistering fast 9.3:1 gear ratio
  • High-torque handles
  • Maximus corrosion resisting shielded ball bearings
  • The main shaft is made with durable Stainless Steel
  • State-of-the-art multi-disk carbon fiber star drag with 13.2 lbs power
  • Easy adjustment able magnetic brake
  • Powerful brass gear
  • Flat paddle EVA knobs ensure a non-slip grip

Description: The KastKing Speed Demon Baitcasting Reel is one of the fastest and best baitcaster under 200. It is an excellent baitcaster for freshwater bass fishing, trout fishing, and ice fishing. This best cheap baitcasting reel could be a good collection for your tackle box.

The blazing fast KastKing Speed Demon Baitcaster reel has a 9.3:1 gear ratio and precision matched brass gears. The easy to adjust trilateral magnetic braking system and cross drilled aluminum spool prevents any backlashes. The drag system can handle up to 13.2 lbs of weight thanks to its state-of-the-art 3 disc carbon fiber star technology.

The cross drilled aluminum spool helps further reduces backlash and vibration. The Overall dynamic and ergonomic design allow the reel to provide top class balance and performance. So, if you are looking for freakishly fast baitcaster, then go for the KastKing Speed Demon Baitcasting Reel.

  • Super fast and smooth
  • Absolute control and less backlash
  • High gear ratio
  • Unique build quality
  • Not recommend for novice anglers


8. Entsport Classic Baitcasting Reel

cheap baitcasting reel


Core Features

  • High-density titanium alloy composite body
  • Side cover with one Push-button Lock system for easy removal and adjustment
  • CNC machined aluminum spool with large line capacity
  • Bigger and precision machined high strength brass main gear for long life
  • High speed 6.3:1 gear ratio
  • 10 stainless steel ball bearings plus 1 super stopper Anti Reverse roller bearing
  • Reliable Magnetic Braking System
  • Balanced double aluminum handles with over-sized comfortable non-slip EVA foam soft grip

Description: One of the best baitcasting reel in the market that offers so many features for a little price. The design is so amazing that you almost forget that it is not a high priced product.

The body and side covers of this reel are made from high-density titanium alloy composite. The spool is CNC machined aluminum made and has a higher line capacity.

Don’t worry if you hook a big fish, the bigger and precision brass gear will make your retrieval fairly easier thanks to its infinite anti-reverse system. With nearly a dozen ball bearings and a one-way clutch will offer you one-handed operation if necessary.

Overall the entire operation of this reel is smooth from start to finish. Built with durable materials the reel can outlast continuous use, environmental and human factors. So no matter how often you use this reel, you can certainly expect a longer lifespan.

It’s easier to bring down bigger fish with this reel but it also can perform exceptionally well with its considerable dragging ability when it comes to catching smaller fish.

The reel has to be readjusted according to the bait’s size. Other than that this reel is a perfect option for novice anglers to master the art of fishing.

The reel requires frequent lubrication and other forms of servicing to perform smoothly. Apart from regular maintenance, you will have absolutely zero issues with this best casting reel.

  • Great value
  • Well build
  • Powerful and durable
  • Decent drag
  • Require frequent lubrication


9. Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel

baitcaster under 200


Core Features

  • Rugged, lightweight aluminum frame and side plate (gear side)
  • Ultimate Tournament carbon drag UTD
  • Air rotation
  • Corrosion resistant clutch mechanism
  • Large, 90mm swept power handle with cutouts
  • Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag (UTD) with 13.2 lbs Drag Max
  • ball bearings plus roller bearing
  • Magforce-Z cast control
  • 4:1 gear ratio

Description: Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reel is super durable and enhanced in performance to meet the demands of the pro anglers.

Those anglers with little time to maintain their gears and reels, better grab one of this so they can use it in a regular basis. With rugged use, this reel will last a lifetime.

Forged from durable aluminum, the build quality is totally solid and commendable. I wouldn’t call it a disadvantage, but those with weight consciousness have to realize that sometimes better-built quality demands a little extra weight. I think you wouldn’t mind lifting some extra weight that could potentially last a long time. And in time, of course, you will get used to it.

You will be able to cast more yards and use numerous kinds of lures, even the fussy ones will fit right in. Regardless of the size of the bait, you will manage to catch a good amount of fish with the reel.

When I first cast this reel, I felt a smooth sensation. And it’s so easy to adjust the gear pressure which saved me from any backlash and vibration while fishing.

You can pick this reel at a mid-range price, but the reels ability far exceeds its price group. So even though you’re spending a few extra dollars, but you will be more than satisfied.

  • Durable
  • Diverse baits compatible
  • Longevity
  • Great casting distance
  • Adjustable tension
  • A bit on the heavier side


10. Lew’s Fishing Tournament MB Baitcast Reel

baitcasting reels


Core Features

  • 10 bearing system
  • Lews innovative dual-braking MSB ( Multi-Setting Brake )
  • Both a magnetic cast control & centrifugal braking system

DescriptionThe Lew’s fishing tournament MB is one of the higher-end baitcasting reels with exceptional quality and performance.

At only 6.7 ounces, this latest product from Lew’s is designed for a low profile cast.

What I noticed to be remarkably majestic, that the baitcasting reel, in fact, comes in equipped with a multimode braking system. When casting and retrieving takes place, it utilizes both the centrifugal braking and magnetic cast control. So, if you manage to hook a fish that fights back, just relax and don’t worry, there will be less backlash and the line won’t snap off easily.

Another amazing factor of this reel is its lightweight. That’s why it is really comfortable to hold and use for those who go on a long fishing trip.

Most enthusiastic and professional anglers have stated their reliance in this reel for top class performance compared to its price. It is hard to snap the wrist because the reel is equipped with a firm sweeping cast that prevents tension build up in the rod.

The drag system on this reel ensures a consistent pull throughout the casting and retrieval process. That’s why it is less likely that you will be overpowered.

In any out of the ordinary situation, if you come across a particularly resistant fish, the system will hold its end and won’t get overrun.

But beware, be very patient when you are retrieving, in the paper, it might state that it has a lower gear ratio, but the velocity could be overwhelming and you might get caught off guard. It tends to be quite fast upon recoiling so you better brace yourself. Other than this, the reel is reliable enough, especially when you go for bass fishing.

  • Multi-Setting brake
  • Powerful line
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • The very good drag system
  • Retrieval rate is difficult to handle

Why choose a Baitcasting Reel?

To be the most versatile and successful angler, it is clever to use both high-quality spin casting and Baitcasting Reels. But, there are some obvious differences between them. Some techniques and lures are better compatible with a Baitcasting Reel than the spinning reels. With this article, you will be informed about some of the best baitcasting reels under 200 dollars.

Heavier Line:

The line on most of the top bait casting reels comes off directly through the line guide and straight through the rod guides, thanks to the spool’s axis of rotation which is vertical to the rod guides. This allows the angler to use a heavier line that has the power to drag 10-30 lbs and diverse heavier lures in a Baitcasting Reel. A good Baitcasting reel can effortlessly cast lures from ¼ to 1 oz and more.

Fewer Line Tangles:

Those who use spinning reels more often do know the irritating tangle and twist of the line that ruins a perfect cast. But Baitcasters spool the line vertical to the spool axis thus the only tangle that might happen at the lure, especially when you’re using soft plastic fish as bait.

Longer Cast:

The Baitcasting reel can easily outcast any spin cast reel, particularly when merged with the right rod. The rod guides the line directly off the spool, unlike the uncoiling mechanism of a spinning reel. The bait caster is unbeatable at casting hard baits and jigs.

Extra Power:

The Baitcasting reel is more powerful than spinning reel for their dynamic layout and ergonomic design. The spool is built aligned with the handle gears allowing the reel to generate more power and torque. The reel feels firm when tackling a tough catch for their direct mount build on the reel frame.

Ultimate Control:

The Baitcasting reel offers more balance and control over spin casting reels. While casting off a baitcaster, the lines velocity and distance can be controlled by the user’s thumb. Once you manage to learn the technique, you will be more accurate and efficient when you are casting your line. This simple thumb pressure system will allow you to cast your line exactly where you intend to.

Check out the chart of the best baitcasting reel under 200 dollars before digging into our opinions. Most of these reels are in low price range category and a few above, a good choice for a great value. Any of this given reel will make an excellent choice for any type of fishing style. Also, some of the reels are both fresh and saltwater compatible.

After extensive research on the internet and online tackle shops, we have picked our top ten choices depending on quality and affordability. We also took the liberty to physically visit our local shops and had a go on a few of these best bait casters.

This casting reels review is the outcome of our new found knowledge and previous experiences as a regular angler. Of course, there are other top baitcasting reels are available on the market, but only a handful of them can meet with the best value for a quality product. I would recommend you to at least take a look at our picks before making a decision on a certain product.

How to choose the best baitcasting reel:

All the good baitcasting reels need to be both strong and durable. It also can be recognized by its rotating spool and the fact it is placed on the top of a casting rod. Before you consider on a baitcasting reel, there are a few implements that you should be enlightened of.

You should keep in mind that baitcasting reels aren’t easy to use. There are some techniques to it so novice anglers should gather some information before getting one. That’s why it is recommended that you should read this casting reels review before deciding on a product.

Gear ratio:

Understanding a suitable and smoother gear ratio is very important. Too slow, you might lose your catch. Too fast, if operated by less experienced angler can cause stiffness of the rod. So, better locate that sweet spot. Or else the whole fishing experience could become a disappointment.

Basically, the gear ratio concerns to the number of times the spool rotate as soon as the handle starts to perform. This continuous mechanism determines the pace of the lure when you start to recover the line.

You might notice that the baitcasting reels have some specific digits. Each of them has certain characteristics. Those numbers will display in these following formats:  6.4:1, that means the reel spins 6.4 times with each rotation of the handle. So, if the number is higher then you will enjoy greater orbits and faster retrieve.

Gear ratio lower than 5.9:1 is considered to be sluggish. The medium ratio starts from 6.0:1 – 7.2:1. Anything atop these numerals is considered rather fast. It is recommended that opting for a fast gear could prompt you to sacrifice your cranking power, especially if you are new at this.

When you’re selecting a gear ratio, you should consider the lure size as well. A low profile gear ratio is best adjusted with large spinnerbaits and diving crankbaits. It’s better to use Texas rigs and jigs with medium ratio gear. Most of the anglers use buzz baits, spinnerbaits and various type of lures when using a faster gear ratio.

For more details information, you can check out this casting reels review to clearly understand the gear ratio and more.


Regarding which spool size to get, you will have to think about the type of line capacity you need. This all depends on your choice of fishing style and the size of fish that you are searching for.

I would suggest that you to keep a decent amount of line, even if you are not looking for a large fish or trolling. It’s clever to pick the round profile reel because it has a higher line capacity.

Those who are just hanging back and enjoying a cold beer while casting, a lower profile with less line capacity should be adequate.

Ideal Handle Size:

Low Profile Baitcasting reel have different handle sizes for bass fishing. Most of the compact reels have a shorter handle. This may be operable when tackling medium-sized fish but when it comes to those big fishes, you will require a long handle to produce more torque and dragging power. A larger handle also ensures a secure grip while retrieving your line with a resistant fish.

Braking system:

A dependable braking system is absolutely necessary to properly cast a baitcasting reel. The system helps you to decrease and control the speed of the reel rotations. This will reduce a significant amount of counteraction on the spool. There are mainly two options for baitcasting reels, centrifugal and magnetic.

This eccentric braking system depends on discharging from a central force. When the rotation speed of the spool is higher, the pins expand out further. This system is responsible for controlling the spool speed at the beginning of the cast. One of the most budget-friendly and simple solution braking system on the market. You can easily master the braking technique but it lacks efficient adjustment.

Yes, you guessed it right, this systems core function relies on the magnetic field. The biggest advantage this braking system has over centrifugal is a smoother adjustment. The spool speed is controlled by magnets throughout the entire cast, puts consistent resistant all the time. The system is more of a manual type and renders independence to allow adjustments when necessary against natural or artificial factors.

Ball Bearings:

Bearings prevent resistance between moving gears in the reel and increase the lifespan and functionality. For a smoother and perfect cast, reels with more gears in it works efficiently. But there’s a catch, it’s better to have a few ball bearings with premium quality rather than a lot with inferior performance.

Bearings are coded digitally rendering specific capabilities. Such as bearings are graded with 1 means lowest and 9 means highest. Also look for labels that say stainless, shielded or double shielded. Reels and gears that are lightweight and built from strong materials like aluminum, magnesium or carbon composite materials mean stable performance with a longer lifespan.

If you are not satisfied with this information, check out in detail of baitcasting reel information here.


We strongly believe that there are only a few casting reels review that can give you perfectly useful and accurate information like us. That’s why we humbly request you to thoroughly read our reviews, watch some videos online, talk to your local anglers if you can, then decide what you want and go for it.

And for new enthusiastic anglers, we recommend buying one of the best cheap baitcasting reels and do some experiment with it to gather practical knowledge and experience by yourself.

Once you have mastered the technique of casting, retrieving, dragging and adjusting the braking system on the go, then and only then buy the best reel among those good Baitcasting Reels. Because, it won’t be enough if you get one of the best baitcasting reels under 200 dollars, unless, you learn about the mechanism and operation properly.

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