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Best baitcasting reels under 150 | Top 10 reels reviews in 2020

Hey all, how you doing folks? Looking for the best Baitcasting Reel Under 150 bucks? Of course, you do, that’s why you clicked in, right! Well, don’t have to search anymore. We got a list of 10 best baitcasting reels for the money, welcome to Top Review Geek.

Baitcasting reels are very essential for anglers. Those who want to use bigger lures, baitcasting reel is a must have tool for them. Since the light line spinning reel isn’t useful enough, you will need one of the best baitcasting reels to work with. A best baitcasting reels give you complete control over your lure, allowing accurate lure positioning, and the ability to tug slouches out of cover and deep water.

Anglers around the globe are obsessed with the baitcasting reel. It has created a revolution in the sports fishing world, isn’t it? But choosing the right one is a quite OVERWHELMING task! But don’t you worry, we already did all the research and found the 10 best baitcasting reels under 150 bucks.

As a customer, you deserve to know the right information about a product, we believe in that! That’s why We provided 100% valid and detail information about every single baitcasting reel. Without further due, let’s get started!

Best Pick: Best baitcasting reels under 150

1. KastKing Royale Legend Elite

KastKing Royale Legend review


Description: Kastking is one of the fastest growing fishing brands that started their journey in 2011 by some fishing enthusiastic buddies. In all these years they produced some of the coolest fishing reels in surprisingly affordable price. Look where they are today, one of the top-notch fishing brand, the Kastking!

We are talking about an extremely lightweight palm perfect reel, it fits perfectly in your hand and the reel is none other than The Kastking Royale Legend Elite.

Components: The very first thing you’re gonna notice about Kastking Royale Legend elite is the sleek and sexy design. I believe it’s made out of enhanced graphite frames and side plates which gives it a pretty good rigidity and lightness.

The built-in quality of this reel is innovative and durable. We are gonna discuss every detail later on this KastKing Royale Legend review.

Gear ratio and ball bearings: It’s good when we get plenty of gear ratio options to choose, the cool thing about these reels are, they are color coordinated to the gear ratios specific to what you’re gonna be fishing. For an example, we got a red rage sexy looking reel which got a gear ratio of 8.1:1, what a speed right? It’s the fastest speed from this series.

The amazing fact is if you want a slow speed gear ratio with 5.3:1, you got it! The winner white colored reel got this ratio for you. They used the brass gears for strength and durability for fresh and saltwater fishing.

Oh boy, what can I say about the smoothness! This kastking royale legend reel, elite series got (11+1) double-shielded, stainless-steel ball bearings. Trust me, it’s buttery smooth with this quality ball bearings.

Drag: Every reel is tuned with a max. Drag of 17.65 lbs originated from carbon disk drag system, it feels so good when you get that amount of drag power from any cheap baitcasting reels, isn’t it? With this amount of drag power, you can fight any freshwater fish such as bass, crappie, salmon etc. Not a problem!

Line capacity: You can see the line ratings from above, feel free to use any line with it, works great!

Overall: No wonder why it’s got a rating of 4.7 / 5 in Amazon. All you can hear about this reel is positive reviews. It’s one of the best kastking reel that they ever produced and probably these Kastking Royale Legend elite series reels indeed the best baitcasting reels for the money.

  • Greater drag power
  • Great for mono and braid line
  • High-speed reel with a great gear ratio
  • Comfortable EVA handle
  • Huge positive reviews with amazing ratings
  • Great deal
  • None so far

2. Lew’s Fishing Tournament MB

lews fishing reels reviews


Description: Our next choice is a low-profile baitcasting reel from Lew’s, a famous fishing tackle brand that supplies superb fishing tackles in a very reasonable price. Let’s have a look to this beauty, the Lew’s Fishing Tournament MB series.

Components: Wanna know a big advantage of this reel? It’s constructed with 1-piece Aluminum, many high-end reels has this kind of components. But it’s amazing when you get the best built-quality from a mid-range budget reel. 1-piece aluminum is not only ultra-durable but also reduces the overall weight greatly. It weighs only 6.7 oz. Almost feels like a little bird in the hand!

It’s constructed for both saltwater and freshwater, totally sealed construction for resisting saltwater and corrosion.

Gear ratio and ball bearings: Lew’s Fishing is always good at giving options, with the Lew’s fishing Tournament MB, you will find 3 different gear ratios, low- high speed. The gear ratios are 6.8:1, 7.5:1 and 8.3:1, with every gear ratios especially the mid and last ones, you can retrieve your catch so fast. More or less it gives 31 inches/turn retrieval.

This reel features 10 stainless steel ball bearings. The cool thing about ball bearing is that the ball bearing system is double shielded, means it’s ready to fight in saltwater conditions.

Drag: So far I have seen the carbon drag system only in those expensive reels, shocking fact is this best lews fishing reel has the carbon drag system. It offers 14 lbs of maximum drag power, not really a great drag for saltwater. But for freshwater, you can literally rule it.

Line capacity: It’s a U-shaped spool, this type of spool can hold some more line than a typical spool. You can use mono or braid whatever you want. I prefer the suffix braid much!  the Let’s see the line ratings.


Unique Feature: I would say the braking system is pretty amazing with the Lew’s Fishing Tournament MB, features dual braking system with awesome braking power. You will find both magnetic and centrifugal braking.

Overall: It’s a reel you can put in any challenge, very few reel offers such amazing features in this price range. Definitely best for the money, worth a try!

  • 1 piece aluminum construction
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Various gear ratios, from low-high
  • Carbon drag system
  • Super smooth performance with 10 ball bearings
  • Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater
  • Low drag power

3. Abu Garcia Revo SX

abu garcia revo sx review


Description: Finally! The upgrade of Revo X has launched.  Our next reel is from the famous fishing tackle brand The Abu Garcia, a Sweden originated brand that has been in the business for almost a century now! Not only their fishing reel looks amazing but also gives a stunning performance.

If you’re looking for a low-profile baitcaster that gives you the best value for the money, have a look at the Abu Garcia Revo SX baitcasting reel. This small reel is insanely lightweight, only 6.66 oz! Almost feels like a feather in the hand.

Components: Though it’s a baitcasting reel under 150 bucks, its built-in quality is more like a high-end reel. The C6 carbon side plates are used in it which reduces the weight significantly while providing amazing strength and durability.

Gear ratio and ball bearings: “This reel has a very low profile for such a large gear ratio, the 6.6:1 retrieve ratio is really impressive for such a small reel” said by one happy user of Abu Garcia Revo SX. you will find 2 different gear ratios with the reel. The Revo SX offers a gear ratio of 6.7:1 and the Revo SX-HS(high-speed) offers a gear ratio of 7.4:1. For an extended gear life, duragear brass gear used in it!

The smoother the better! Abu Garcia always believes in that! It’s got 9 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing provides a buttery smooth retrieve.

Drag: Get ready for the bang! Don’t underestimate the reel, it’s a beast in that tiny size. THIS 4th gen Revo SX reel provides a maximum drag power of 24 lbs. You can even do salmon/steelhead fishing with this reel. For some more salmon fishing spinning reel option, check this article “Best spinning reel for salmon and steelhead”.

Line capacity: With a capacity of 140 yards of 30-pound test, this best Abu Garcia baitcasting reel is best for good braid or fluorocarbon line. Use whatever you want, the response is amazing folks!

Unique feature: You may wonder what made this reel different from others! The newest version of this reel (REVO4 SX) has an upgraded D2 Duragear and clutch, plus a hard coating on the pinion and pawl that take out a lot of friction.

The exclusive Abu Garcia dual power disk drag, magnetic brake system on the side plate and unique mechanism for ease in maintenance made this reel take the highest place.

Overall: Abu Garcia Revo SX is an upgraded version of Abu Garcia Revo X baitcasting reel, with better ball bearing, drag power, and wider handle its a beast to be unleashed. Give it a try!

  • Easy casting
  • Extremely durable
  • So lightweight
  • Great drag
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good for the money
  • None

4. SHIMANO Citica

shimano citica review


Description: Our next baitcaster is from the famous fishing tackle brand Shimano. Almost 100 years of being in the industry is not a joke! Over these years they produced an uncountable number of best fishing tackles. No wonder why they are every anglers #1 choice! When we are talking about Shimano, know that you rely on it!

As our next product, we recommend the Shimano Citica baitcasting reel. An ultra-light low-profile baitcasting reel for both saltwater and freshwater use.

Components: Dude what a built-in quality! The premium graphite reel with features like X-SHIP simply made this reel an ultra-durable one.

Gear ratio and ball bearings: Shimano Citica is a pretty high-speed reel, not for multi-purpose though. It’s got a gear ratio of 7.2:1 with 30 inches/turn retrieval rate.

It has 5+1 ball bearing, shocking fact is it’s smoother

Drag: With 12 lbs of max drag, Shimano Citica is a beast in freshwater. Some of you might be upset about the drag but lemme tell you something folks. The X-SHIP provides more power and allows more control over the drag system. Don’t bother to fight a bigger one with the 12 lbs drag power.

Line capacity

Mono Line Capacity (lbs/yd): 8/180, 10/155, 14/110

PowerPro Line Capacity (lbs/yd): 30/190,50/120,65/80

Overall: For bass fishing or other types of fishing like bass, Shimano Citica is the best choice. You can do a lot of topwater, chatter baits, spinnerbaits, jigging with this one. The ultra-light reel will be your ultimate fishing buddy for a very long long time, try it now!

  • Good construction
  • X-SHIP FEATURE for ultra-durability and precision performance
  • Great line rating
  • Drag power is not that high

5. Abu Garcia Revo X

abu garcia catfish special review


Description: Before Abu Garcia Revo SX launched in the market, Abu Garcia Revo X was a popular name in the angler community. It’s kind of the little brother of Abu Garcia Revo SX. If you want a reel under 100 bucks, it’s one of the best baitcasting reel under 100 bucks. Let’s see what’s inside!

Before getting to the core, check out this awesome abu garcia revo x combo, a great rod and reel combo for beginners.

Components: I believe it’s constructed with high-density graphite. The construction of Revo X 4th gen is almost the same as the Revo SX 4th gen. Baitcaster. The built-quality is so durable, powerful yet lightweight. The reel weighs only 7.94 oz.

Gear ratio and ball bearings: Revo X offers two different gear ratios. You will find gear ratio of 6.6:1 with the Abu Garcia X model and a gear ratio of 7.3:1 with the X-HS (high-speed) model. The retrieve rate is 30”/turn. So fast retrieve, isn’t it?

Here’s a catch, Only Revo X allows to set more line on the reel spool, you can have the wide spool model for more line capacity. In that case, the gear ratio will be 5.4:1 with a retrieve rate of 22”/turn.

This reel has 8 ball bearings which give amazing smoothness, you won’t have any smoothness issue with it that’s for sure.

Drag: Though it’s an affordable reel, it has advanced Carbon matrix Hybrid drag System for insanely smooth and reliable drag performance. It produces a maximum drag pressure of 18 lb. you can do any freshwater fishing with this amount of drag power.

Line capacity: The best thing about this reel is it works great with every type of line. Use mono or braid whatever you want with this reel. Here are some line recommendations.

Line typeLine capacity(lb/yds)
Mono225/10, 180/12, 130/15
Braid235/20, 180/30, 125/50

 Unique feature: Losing parts of a reel while oiling is a common issue faced by every angler. It has a  lubricating hole which gives you access to oil it without opening the reel. Now there’s no chance of losing any tiny part of the reel.

Overall: With 4.1/ 5 ratings, it’s got a pretty good amount of positive reviews from a bunch of happy customers in Amazon. In this Abu Garcia Revo X review, we tried to cover up every single spec of this reel. Check out the link below to learn more.

  • So lightweight but yet powerful
  • Amazing drag power with an advanced drag system
  • Great mono and braid line capacity
  • Multiple gear ratio options
  • Affordable price
  • Not smoother than Revo Sx
  • Smaller handle than Revo Sx

6. Lew’s Fishing Mach

abu garcia revo x review


Description: The reel we are going to review now is probably the best $100 Baitcaster on the Market! We are talking about the Lew’s Fishing Mach SPL baitcaster. Basically, SLP means Super low-profile which gives some extra facility than a typical low profile baitcasting reel.

Components: Obviously, it’s a reel that has Strong and lightweight, Super Low Profile (SLP) graphite frame and side plates. The strong aluminum handle used with the reel.

Gear ratio and ball bearings: It’s a high-speed reel, the gear ratio you will get from the reel is 7.5:1, not suitable for every technique. I prefer bass fishing with this reel, it will be a great choice for that.

Here’s an amazing thing about the reel, the lew’s fishing Mach features 10 Premium double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings with Zero-Reverse anti-reverse clutch bearing. That’s what makes this reel unbeatable! Now you get a reason to afford this one, didn’t you!

Drag: With Durable Rulon drag system, lew’s Fishing Mach provides 15 lbs of drag power. Pretty moderate amount of drag! I have been using this reel for a couple of years now and till now it works just fine.

  • Greater drag power
  • Great for mono and braid line
  • High-speed reel with a great gear ratio
  • Comfortable EVA handle
  • Huge positive reviews with amazing ratings
  • Great deal
  • None so far

7. KastKing Spartacus

KastKing Spartacus


Description: An impressive name isn’t it! Just like the name, it is a pretty impressive reel. Introducing KastKing Spartacus low profile baitcasting reel, an awesome reel with some amazing features. But that’s not the best part, this sexy looking reel costs under 50 bucks! And in this price range, it’s a 10/10.

Components: The components used in this reel is pure graphite. The built-quality of this KastKing is always the best! It’s insanely lightweight reel, weighs only 7.2oz/205 g.

The reality is, It’s a cheap reel. obviously, we can’t expect that much durability from it, but for the price, it’s a great one in terms of durability and longevity.

Gear ratio and ball bearings: You will find 3 different color options that will finely blend with your rod. Offers only one gear ratio which is a gear ratio for multi-purpose. Got it, don’t you? Yup, it’s a  6.3:1 gear ratio. They used Precision Machined Brass Gear which provides pretty good and durable gear system.

Good news! It’s totally ready for saltwater now, KastKing got 11+ 1 Shielded Stainless Steel Hi Performance Ball Bearings which gives strong protection against corrosion. Fishing is not limited now for the price!

Drag: To be honest, not so much pleased with the drag system. Yes, it has 4 plates Carbon fiber drag system providing 17.5LB max stopping power. But sometimes there’s a loss of power while fighting a big fish. With a bass or those type of fishing, it’s a great reel to fish. But with a bigger one, that might be not that satisfying.

Don’t be broken-hearted! in most cases, it just works fine. Considering the prize, it’s a good drag system. At least better than other ones in this price.

Line capacity

mono10/125, 12/100, 15/85, 18/65

 Unique Feature: Well, there are some amazing features that can make you buy the reel right away! It has almost all the features that can be found in a high-end reel. The CNC machined aluminum spool for smooth casting, powerful precision matched brass gears, instant stop anti-reverse for devastating hook sets, and braid line ready ceramic line guide insert make you think that it’s an expensive reel!

It’s got a Dual brake system – both magnetic brake system and centrifugal brake system! Feels good when you got both braking systems from a really affordable reel, isn’t it?

Overall: The avid anglers won’t enjoy it a lot, It’s a great reel for the beginners. In this price, you won’t regret buying it. If you just started using baitcaster, give it a try!

  • Robust construction
  • Dual braking system
  • Insanely smooth with 12 ball bearings
  • Amazing drag power
  • Good gear ratios
  • Good for the money
  • Higher chance of backlashes

8. Abu Garcia BMAX3

Abu Garcia BMAX3


Description: Looking for a cheap price reel? A reel for the newbie who wants to practice with a baitcaster? Or a baitcaster for some casual fishing? Try Abu Garcia BMAX3, an amazing reel is an insanely cheap price. You can’t expect lifelong longevity from this one, but for the money, it’s a great reel.

Built-quality: With the 1-piece graphite frame and graphite side plates, Abu Garcia BMAX3 is a quite sleek looking reel. It’s a reel under 50 bucks, you can’t expect that much durability with it. But in most cases, it works fine for a long time.

Gear ratio and ball bearing: It has a gear ratio of 6.4:1, kind of medium speed ratio perfect for multipurpose. Gear system works totally fine. Has a star drag in its side.

Smoothness is pretty good with the 4+1 stainless steel ball bearings. Provides a reliable operation and effortless retrieve.

Drag power: The max drag is awesome in this reel, it provides a max drag of 18 lbs. Even can fish for salmon/steelhead or a northern pike. Amazing isn’t it?

Maybe it’s the highest drag power offered by a cheap reel.

Line rating: Line rating is quite amazing, casts 145 yds of 12# test line. You can also use braid line with this reel, works fine.

Reel handle: The handle is not that comfortable, Compact bent handle and recessed reel provide an ergonomic grip though. Choosing the handle side can be a bit tricky. The model with L in it means leaving the sided handle.

Unique feature: To be honest, it’s not much of unique reel folks. It offers a magnetic brake system and power disk system. What would you ask more from a cheap baitcaster!

Reputation: With the title “Amazon’s choice” it earns a 4.5 / ratings. It’s a great reel for the beginners, you won’t find any better match than this one under 50 bucks. Surely worth a try!

  • Good drag power
  • Pretty smooth
  • Good gear ratio for beginners
  • Best for the money
  • Not that durable



Well, after all the discussions above, let’s face it, nothing lasts forever. In time everything decays, just like your baitcasting reel will perish too. It’s the maintenance what could make the process a little slower.

For me, I would say, fish hunting is not just about the amount or how bigger the size of fish you can catch. It’s about a deeper sensation and greater meaning of joy in your heart.

I would recommend you to buy the best baitcasting reel, after all, you can’t put a price on your passion.

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