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Best bass fishing rod and reel for beginners in 2020

The moment you start bass fishing, all the stress will be gone! At least that happens with me every single time I go for bass fishing. Bass fishing is considered as one of the best sports fishing activity in North America.

If you wanna join the huge community, you’re most welcome. But you surely need a rod and reel to cast the line in the water! Well, you are absolutely in the right place, we are gonna show you some of the best bass fishing rod and reel for beginners which are best for the money. Also, feel free to check our latest article on the best bass fishing rod for the money where you will find some more quality options.

Without further delays, let’s get started!

Best Pick: Best bass fishing rod and reel

Last updated on March 31, 2020 6:14 am

1. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo

shakespeare ugly stik elite review


Description: If you want to start fishing with a rod and reel, get used with the name Shakespeare Ugly Stik. Cause it’s the name you will hear often in your fishing journey. Most of the angler will suggest you an Ugly Stik rod at some portion, cause Ugly Stik offers you something which is unique than most other rod brands. It’s a combo we are going to offer you now, the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite series baitcasting combo. A perfect setup for any kind of bass fishing. Let’s explore more about the combo.

Rod: With 2 size option, Ugly Stik Elite offers an extremely durable rod for casting. Probably it’s one of the best bass fishing rod I have ever seen. You don’t have any idea how strong and durable the rod is!

The rod is fully made out of graphite, in fact, they added 35% more graphite to make it more lightweight. We all know how better a graphite rod performs than fiberglass rods. Graphite rods are famous for sensitivity too, as a novice fisherman a rod with good sensitivity will create more opportunity for you! This Ugly Stik rod is definitely going to help about that.

The rod offers an Ugly tuff one-piece stainless steel guides, usually guides attached with Ugly Stik rods are so durable and corrosion resistant. The 6’6” got 9 guides That open the door of opportunity to fish in saltwater with this combo.

An amazing feature about most of the Ugly Stik rods is the clear tip. They used Fiberglass there for good action and strength. Helps a lot in bass fishing.

The handle is made out of wood, not really my favorite type! But after all you are getting a reel and rod under 100$, so what could you expect more! But the good thing about the handle is it’s got a good forearm space. Another thing to mentions is, you can store it easily because of its 2 piece segmentation option. And that’s all about the rod.

Reel: Of course, it’s a baitcasting reel which is offered by Shakespeare. The reel is not the best bass fishing reels, I mean not as good as the rod! But in most cases, it works fine. The gear ratio you are about to get from this reel is 6.2:1 which is actually the recommended gear ratio for bass fishing. Not much happy with the ball bearings got only 3 ball bearings which give little smoothness.

It’s a pretty good reel for beginning, fits nicely in the hand. Offers little amount of drag pressure and has a magnetic brake system too. You can’t expect the best performance out of it, cause we are doing a Shakespeare bait cast reel review which is available in a low budget combo!

Overall : It’s a great bass fishing rod and reel setups, especially in this price range you barely find any better match! You can use it both in saltwater and bluewater, just practice a lot with this Shakespeare rod and reel combo, after a couple of days you will find yourself a good bass fisherman.

  • Graphite and fiberglass construction
  • Corrosion resistant guides
  • 35% lighter
  • Extremely durable
  • 2 piece segmentation
  • Can be used in both saltwater and freshwater
  • Great value for the money
  • None so far

2. KastKing Sharky III

KastKing Sharky


Description: Kastking came to the fishing industry for almost a decade now with a couple of young enthusiastic guys. From the very beginning, they started producing advanced fishing tackle. You may have heard or bought Kastking fishing rods, reels or lines. But for the first time, they made a rod and reel combo. Kastking always provides us quality fishing accessories at a very affordable price. That’s a little background about kastking. Now let’s dive deeper into the product.

Rod: The product we are talking about is Kastking Sharky III Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combos. The very first thing you’re gonna notice is the magnificently designed rod. Kastking always cares about there customers choice. So they provide huge options to pick the exact rod and reel you want. They got 6 different setup with rod size varies from 6’6” to 9’.

You can choose the size and power you desire, but for pan fishing and bass fishing, the 6’6” medium power rod with fast action will most effective. You can also pick the 7’ medium power rod with fast action or the 7’6” inshore rod with the medium-heavy power and fast action. It all depends on your preference folks. They also have this 9’ rods for salmon/steelhead fishing or some extreme catfishing. For more amazing catfishing setup, check this article about best Catfish rods and reels review where you will find only the best catfish rods and reels in low to higher price range!

I’m a huge fan of Kastking’s built quality, with powerful Toray IM7 Graphite Blanks – Sharky III fishing rod and spinning reel combos feature powerful, sensitive and light-weight Toray IM7 Graphite blanks designed for serious fishing enthusiasts. All the rods have the 2 piece features for ease in storing and carrying. Trust me, folks, these rods are really durable, ready for any situation.

Fuji Guides are used in this rod. They are all-time best, and KastKing uses only premium Fuji guides with O-ring inserts in their every rod that are perfect for mono or braided lines. The rod has Fuji reel seats, so tough!

Like many anglers, I love this lightweight split EVA Handles and Fighting Butt. This advanced design and features take you a step ahead to fight big fishes and provide extra comfort and grip.

Reel: Kastking reels are my all time favorite. Want a reel which is highly reliable? Get a kastking reel. With size difference from 2000- 5000 kastking offers a reel with a 5.2:1 gear ratio. A moderate gear ratio specifically for bass fishing. It’s also easy to control for beginners out there. With lightweight graphite frame, aluminum spool, and a unique protection water-resistant design for its spool, body, and rotor that saves the reel from water and salt, this reel offers the highest built quality in this price range.

Told you, Kastking is a brand for the new generation. The super smooth reel with 10+1 stainless steel shielded ball bearings proves that. The line will be retrieved with almost zero effort with this smoothness.

Another amazing thing is, this reel features one of the most powerful triple disc carbon drags in the industry up to 39.5 lbs. Pretty amazing right? This reel has everything you need for any fishing situation, don’t miss it!

Overall: This combo is highly recommended for you. With premium features and a 1-year warranty, this rod and reel combo gives you the best value for money! So what are you waiting for, looking for the best bass fishing rod and reel setups? Well, you get the one you desire.

  • Huge options available
  • Premium quality material constructed
  • Exclusive Toray IM7 graphite blank
  • Accurate casting
  • Great ergonomic reel
  • Insane amounts of drag
  • 11 stainless steel ball bearings
  • 1-year warranty
  • Great for money
  • None

3. Lews Fishing Mach II

bass fishing reels reviews


Description: Introducing you the Lews Fishing Mach II baitcasting combo, another great example of bass fishing rod and reel setups. Lews provides some of the best bass fishing rod and reels over the years. With the continuation of the process, they bought us this awesome rod and reel combo for pan fishing and bass fishing. Let’s explore more about the combo, shall we?

Rod: Let’s start with the worst fact about the rod. Unfortunately it got no options, honestly, that’s the only downside I can say, folks! But for bass fishing, this thing is perfectly tuned. It offers a 7’ rod with medium heavy power and fast action I believe. The 2 piece segmentation makes it easy to store.

The Rod constructed from a one-piece IM8 graphite blank with nanotechnology which gives insane durability, stiffness, and sensitivity. The Guides are constructed with durable stainless steel frames and aluminum oxide inserts provide strong protection against corrosion.

The handle is so grippy and comfortable, it offers a Winn advanced polymer Dri-Tac split grips with power butt! It gives so much power during a fight with fish and reduces arm fatigue a lot. I’m sure you’re gonna love the handle.

It’s great fun casting with these rods, to me it’s one of the best bass fishing rods. Try it now!

Reel: Lews fishing Mach II offers a great sturdy, durable and most importantly light-weight reel. It’s a Super Low Profile (SLP) graphite frame and side plates and features machined and double-anodized 32 mm aluminum U-shaped spool with a high strength solid brass main gear and crankshaft. See, you are getting every facility in this reel from a budget-friendly rod and reel combo.

A low profile and smooth reel so effective for bass fishing. This reel offers exactly that, with premium 10 bearing system double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings imagine how smooth and reliable the reel is! Besides also offers a  Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing as well as an externally adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS).

Let’s talk about the drag system. Good for you, you will find a durable Rulon drag system, with up to 15 lbs. of drag power. That’s pretty enough for fishing like bass. The reel handle feels good in the hand, bowed lightweight aluminum 95 mm reel handle with Winn advanced polymer Dri-Tac handle knobs like the rod handle.

Overall: Lew fishing is the brand you can put your trust on. Literally, I’m in a love with this reel. You will experience a smooth bass fishing with this insanely good lews fishing baitcasting combo. Give it a try!

  • 2 piece rod
  • IM8 graphite blank construction
  • Great durability and sensitivity
  • Corrosion resistant guides
  • Great comfortable handle
  • Light-weight reel
  • 11 ball bearings, super smooth
  • Good amount of drag power
  • Great price
  • None so far

4. Cadence CC5 Spinning Combo

best bass fishing reels


Description: Our next rod is Cadence CC5 spinning combo, a perfect match for beginners. If you don’t want to start your bass fishing with a baitcaster, cadence in probably the best option for you. This series is specially built for unlimited pan fishing and bass fishing. You will find 4 power options with different reel size. Let’s find out more about this spinning combo.

Rod: This series offers you the size ranges from 5’6” to 7’ with various power. We recommend the 6’6” medium power rod along with fast action tip. It’s the perfect match for the bass fishing in any situation.

The Cadence CC5 is built from 24-ton graphite, this highly dense graphite construction makes the rod more powerful and stiff yet lightweight. With corrosion-resistant stainless steel guides & inserts, it’s a warrior against salt.

You will love the handle, it offers split-grip EVA handle with fighting butt. The rod is full of precision and comfort. Trust me you will love the power and action of this rod. Nothing much to say about the rod.

Reel: The reel it offers is nearly unbeatable. Unlike other reels from an affordable combo pack, it’s constructed with a strong carbon composite frame & side plates, a lightweight & comfortable oversized ergonomic EVA handle knob and reliable stainless steel main shaft and aluminum pinion gear. You know how durable carbon fiber is right?

The 8 ball bearings + 1 instant anti-reverse bearing help make the CC5 ultra-smooth and totally flawless! Just the performance you need for some quality bass fishing, this reel ensures you all of that.

They claim that “the CC5 a great spinning combo to have in your collection – ideal for gamefish including freshwater fish like bass, walleye, and trout as well as popular inshore species like redfish, speckled trout and flounder with a rinse after fishing.” absolutely true! Try the reel, you won’t regret!

Overall: It’s a great lightweight rod to fish with! All i can say is, the rod and precisely the reel is one of the best fishing reels for bass. You don’t wanna miss this rod and reel combo! To explore more, check out yourself below!

  • Lightweight graphite reel
  • Huge size, power and action option available
  • 24-ton graphite construction
  • Soft split handed EVA grips
  • Carbon composite reel
  • 9 ball bearings
  • Gives bet value
  • None so far

5. Piscifun Torrent

best bass fishing rod


Description: Looking for the best fishing reels for bass? Piscifun Torrent baitcasting reel is the answer to your question. Possibly these are the best bass fishing reels in the market! Piscfun is a famous Chinese brand that produces amazing fishing tackles at an affordable price. You don’t have to give any second thought about durability and quality when you have a reel from Piscifun. For more options, you can check this awesome list where you will find some of the best bass spinning reel under 100 bucks.

With a huge amount of positive customer reviews and 4.8 ratings, this reel is standing in the top. A low profile baitcasting reel is the most effective reel option for bass fishing. Good for you, it has both cranking with the right hand and left-hand options available.

The best thing about this graphite composite reel is ultra-lightweight! Almost feels like a feather in the hand. But don’t underestimate the reel for that, it provides insane power! The Advanced 3-washer, gives the low profile baitcasting reel strength, 18LB carbon fiber drag to handle even a monster! Piscifun is totally ready to take any challenge you give!

With Industrial durable-strength, climate-resistant Japanese Hami cut 3604 brass gears, these are all top quality gears you can expect from a baitcasting reel! It can be considered as a high speed, The reel has a gear ratio of 7.1:1. The amazing fact is, it does all the retrieve so silently like an assassin in a mission!

With 5 sealed stainless ball bearings, piscifun torrent offers pretty good smoothness. Backlash is the most painful experience for any anglers, especially for a novice angler. well, It’s a beginner-friendly reel, the Strong double wind shafts, and backlash-eliminating 0-10 magnetic dial-in settings prove that strongly. Five strategically placed magnets to optimize the magnetic effect on the ported aluminum spool and a precise dial-in-gauge for backlash control. Coupled with the spool tension knob and light thumb pressure the days of tangled bird nests are gone. Does this make sense now?

Lastly, it’s a reel that tends to last long! You can’t manage to take good care of most other reels like this reel! The reel offers an Unique side-plate oil port for prolonged maintenance for Novice to Pro to maximize your baitcast reel life and performance. Is there anything that proves that it’s indeed the best fishing reels for bass. Try it and get ready to be amazed!

  • So lightweight reel
  • Japanese Hami cut 3604 brass gears
  • 3 drag washer
  • 1:1 gear ratio
  • 0-10 magnetic dial-in options
  • 18 lb drag
  • Good for the money
  • 5 ball bearings, can be some issue with smoothness

6. Sougayilang Speed Bass Fishing

best fishing rod for bass


Description: To bring more variation to our best saltwater spinning rods list, we decided to add this Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the rod and reel combo cause always you pick a combo you have sacrifice something. It’s best to buy all of your fishing components separately if you want the best quality and reliability so you can get the most out of it. But then again I understand some folks might don’t wanna take the hassle to do that or randomly need a fishing rod and reel combo. So we thought why not!

Rod: There are different rod and sizes available, pick whichever you want. Let’s concentrate on the construction of the rod, they offer High-Density Carbon Fiber Mixed with Fiberglass which makes the Fishing Pole sensitive, Hard & Durable. The Guide Ring Made by SIC Ceramic. SIC ceramic is lightweight, an attempt to decrease the rod weight. It’s a telescopic fishing pole so you can easily pack it anywhere, even in your carry-on bag! Maybe to your next trip to somewhere far away from home.

Reel: It’s a pretty impressive reel they offer with this combo pack. Has 13 + 1 Corrosion Resistant Smooth Ball, the gear ratio you get from it 5.5:1. What impressive is it provides an extra aluminum spool with the pack?

What makes this combo special from any other one is it comes with not only rod and reel but also line, hooks, extra spool, and carrying case. I wonder how they manage to include so many things in their combo pack at such low price! One thing I could guarantee you, folks, it’s true that this rod and reels are absolutely high-quality ones but definitely amazing in this price range. For some casual fishing, it’s a great deal!

Overall: You can have only the baitcasting rod or only the reel. You also can pick the whole package which allows to have everything you need for fishing. For some casual fishing in freshwater, this rod and reel combo is a wise choice!

7. Sougayilang Fishing Reel

best fishing reels for bass


Description: If you want an awesome bass fishing reel which is insanely cheap, it’s the one you are looking for. If the situation is you don’t want to spend so many bucks or wanna gift someone or just want to give your kid a reel for a try out some bass fishing, this reel will come handy. I don’t know how they managed this much good quality in such a low price but yup, it works great!

Though it’s a cheap reel, less than 50 bucks. But it gives great value for the money! Offers high strength aluminum spool with CNC machined aluminum handle. It has a hardened metal main shaft, good drive gear and precision machined pinion gear for fish fighting power. To be honest, I didn’t use this reel but they claim that it can handle up to 26 LB carbon fiber max drag power. I don’t know it’s true or not, but it will be wise not to put that much pressure in it!

It offers 13+1 ball bearings, pretty smooth! But not that durable. It will be best in freshwater, the saltwater condition will destroy the reel in no time! It gives you features like instant stop-anti reverse, superior drag system for a good amount of drag, stainless steel shaft and sealed components that resist water.

Lemme tell you again folks, it’s a great cheap priced bass fishing reel for freshwater. It offers every modern feature exists for a reel! What more could you offer? No wonder why it got a brilliant rating! Try this budget-friendly reel now and start bass fishing right away.

  • Great cheap price combo
  • Good drag pressure
  • 14 ball bearings
  • Gives good value
  • Not that durable
  • Not reliable for saltwater

8. Osage River Prospect

Osage River Prospect


Description: Bass fishing with fly fishing setup is so much fun! If you are looking for the best fly fishing combo for bass fishing, give a look at Osage River Prospect. It’s the complete fly fishing setup for any kind of sun fishing including bass. There are few amazing facts that grabbed our attention about this combo, that makes us add the combo in this best bass fishing rod and reel reviews. Without wasting any time let’s get more into details.

Rod: The Osage river prospect features an ultra-lightweight yet durable rod. It’s a pretty big rod, the size of the rod is 9’. The rod is constructed with high-density graphite, gives a powerful backbone, great sensitivity yet lightweight.

It’s a minimal rod, the handle is typical cork handle. No problem with that. Nothing more to say about this rod. What makes the combo exceptional is it provides an attractive and durable Cordura case. Top of all, you are getting a lifetime warranty on the rod. Satisfying right?

Reel: It offers a good fly fishing reel, it’s a 5/6 Black Aluminum Fly Reel which is Pre-Spooled with Fly Line. many of the users are using the reel for many days now. All I want to say is, you can totally rely on this reel.

Overall: With lifetime warranty on rod, pre-spooled reel with fly line, Includes nine Popular Flies and Leader Material: 3 Black Winged Ants, 3 Parachute Adams, and 3 Gold Ribbed Ear Nymphs it’s the perfect package for bass fishing with fly fishing setup. What more could we want from an affordable combo! Great deal, isn’t it?

  • Lightweight rod
  • Graphite blank, gives amazing blend of strength and sensitivity
  • Pretty cool fly fishing aluminum reel
  • Pre-spooled with fly line
  • Popular files and leader material included with the product
  • Durable Rod bag pack
  • Good deal, great for the money
  • An user complained about the bad quality of the line

9. Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa

Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa


Description: If you want a solo fly fishing rod for the love of bass fishing, not other rod gives you better value than Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa. It’s probably the best bass fishing rod in fly fishing category. Maybe the brand name seems unknown to you if don’t do much fly fishing! But who does, surely it’s a popular name to fly fishing industry.

The rod is an absolute beauty. Its design is so minimal, built for performance. It offers you 3 weight options. With the IM8 Graphite construction, the rod is built for durability, accuracy, and performance. The more dense the graphite is, more strong and sensitive the rod is!

The guides are typical Ceramic stripping guides, chrome snake guides for smooth gliding fly lines, not gives much protection from saltwater. Best to use in freshwater. It offers a Machined aluminum reel seat with double lock rings for sturdy reel attachment, no issue with the reel seat so far. The rod has a fast action, suitable action for bass fishing.

Now why many anglers including me love this high-performance fly fishing rod is it’s a great rod to travel with. The 4 piece rod is so easy to carry even in a carry-on bag. Besides, it offers an amazing rod tube for carrying easily.

Let’s come to a verdict folks, probably this is one of a best bass fishing rod for fly fishing. Why you need to buy this? Cause It gives you possibly the best value for the money. Now that make sense, right?

  • Great fly rod for travelling (even in aeroplane)
  • Tuned power and action for bass fishing
  • So lightweight
  • IM8 graphite blank
  • Extremely durable
  • Durable Rod tube
  • Gives best value for the money
  • None at all

Bass fishing tips

It’s that time of the year again. Ice is melting, tender leaves are tweaking out of those barren branches, signaling the sign of the fall.

Times like this when anglers get ready for another adventurous fishing season. And it’s nothing without fishing for bass in the fall.

Maybe you got the best bass fishing rod and reel setups. But, without proper technique, it’s meaningless.

In this section of the article, we’re gonna look at some tips and techniques for successful bass fishing.

  • Creeks in the reservoirs are the sanctuary for many types of fishes, including bass. So, it’s wise to look for those spring bass there.
  • When the water temperature drops, bass travel from the face of the creek towards the bigger rocky edge and submerged beneath 35-40 foot water.
  • Remember bass change spots from day to day. If you can’t find them around trying rock, try around standing timber or piles of brush.
  • If the temperature drops even below 60 degrees, bass will move up to shallow waters.
  • If you have any shredded plastic worms, keep them stored. Because bass is an opportunistic fish that will locate and attack injured prey.
  • Sometimes bass takes shelter in woods, clumps, grass etc. To get them noticed, use red or pink hood crankbait so the fish thinks the prey is injured and give a bite.
  • After you cast, stop in midway. I told earlier that bass likes to dwell in covers. If you halt your cast in midway, the bait will bounce off the water and slide under the docks and other covers.
  • Use a file to sharpen your hook each time you hook a fish. A sharp hook can penetrate easily into the bony jaw of the bass.
  • Bass will spit what they were feeding on if you put them in the live well. In that way, you know which color of lure you need to use all day.
  • Bass always takes advantage of the current. So determining the wind direction can increase your chances to hook one.
  • In the spring, bass dwells in the shallow waters. Most likely to guard their eggs. Do I’d you can throw your bait into the pocket there will be a bit, hopefully.
  • Bass has a different appetite for different reasons. Such as, in the winter, they develop a fondness of shad, so chrome or silver colored bait yield much success. In the summer, however, they like the taste of crawfish, that why a peach-colored pattern works well.
  • Bass tend to be more active under severe weather pressure. That means few quick casts before a storm is more likely to translate success than trying to make them bite in a beautiful sunny day. So pick an overcast gloomy day for a tasty new bass dish.
  • You just have to keep your nerves. Bass is a stubborn species of fish. You have to keep on casting in the same spot for quite some time to make it bite down. They also prefer the lure presented from a different angle.
  • The main reasons for anglers to fail in bass fishing is due to heir one-dimensional mindset. Shake things up a bit. If you’re comfortable fishing in dirty water using jigs and spinnerbaits, then the next time goes to a lake of clear water. Master the art of drop shot using different tactics. Go beyond your comfort zone and find more success.
  • A simple task like tying knots can be crucial for bass fishing success. It will not only save precious time while fishing but also increases the chance for bites. So, on the water, pick your favorite versatile knot and practice it to perfection. For more divergent options, you can watch videos on YouTube to learn about different knots more efficiently and become a knot tying perfectionist.
  • Technology makes easy work for anglers to determine the location and different fishing styles. Use the services like Google Earth or Fishidy to your advantage. These services will help you identify the exact location of Creeks, ledges and other landscape for a bountiful fishing session.
  • Try to learn to throw suspending jerk baits with a spinning tackle in the cold water. These wintertime baits are famous for yielding a better result for bass than other fishing tackle setups.
  • Using crankbaits are much more effective during the pre-spawning season. Use this method even in cold water. Just throw the bait in the shallows close to a rocky patch and pockets for the best results.
  • Choose between these five lures when you’re fishing for bass, especially in new waters.
  1. Topwater
  2. Swimbait
  3. Jig
  4. Texas. Rigged plastic
  5. Chatterbait

There you go, folks. I’ve tried to share my years of experience here so you can taste a bountiful fishing trip.

bass fishing rod and reel


Q. Is there any specific time of the day better for bass fishing?
A. Look, finding bass on a sunny day is practically a daunting task. So you need to match your fishing time smartly. Go very early in the water or later in the afternoon, when the sun isn’t that bright. You can also try out in middays if it’s an overcast situation.
Q. What are the typical essentials to bring along for a bass fishing session?

A. It’s down to your preferred place and fishing style, which is hard to determine from my point of view. But at least I can suggest some common equipment for your convenience. Stick to these followings

  • Raincoat
  • Sunglasses (depends on weather conditions)
  • A good old breathable cap
  • Sunscreen ( if you like to keep your face, shiny )
  • License ( according to your local authorities and wildlife reservoirs guidelines )
  • Necessary fishing outfits ( it could be wader, flipper if you’re float tubing or just a simple short and tank tops )
  • Foods and drinks ( Personally, I can’t imagine a fishing trip without few cold sodas or beers )
Q. What is the optimal fishing tackle setups for bass?
A. Both spinning and Baitcasting setup is optimal for bass fishing. In the end, it comes down to your preferred setup. But let me give you a more generalized idea below.

Spinning Reel

Power: Medium

Action: Fast

Suitable rod length: 6’6”

Baitcasting Reel

Power: Medium-heavy

Action: Moderate

Suitable rod length: 7’0

This above recommendation is a generalized idea. If you’re comfortable with different combinations, go ahead. Because as long you land a fish, it won’t matter much.

Wrap up

After all these discussions, we hope you found what are you looking for! It’s not an easy task to find the best bass fishing rod and reel s, but our expert team did all the market research intensely and provides only the possible choices and informations you need!

We also tried to share our experience on bass fishing so that you find our article a helpful on. Remember one thing folks, fishing is not all about getting bites or catch. It’s something more than that. If you just started, pick a rod and reel from above and get started today. Happy bass fishing folks!

Nicholi Wyto

Hey I'm Nicholi Wyto is a professional sports fisherman and hunter, love to enjoy spending time in Michigan’s rugged northern forests. I love to explore my experience and help others who are interested in fishing and hunting.

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