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Top 7 Best bass fishing rod for the money 2019

We all know how popular and fun bass fishing is. Especially in North America, it’s extremely popular. Bass fishing is fun because of their aggressive behavior, so much fun fighting with a bass.

For bass fishing you will need a good powered and action rod, that’s why I listed here some of the best bass fishing rods that you can use your next bass fishing trip.

After using lots of rods, here we came to a verdict to our top 6 rod for bass fishing. If you are a beginner, bass fishing is a great choice for starting. Check out our list and choose your rod for your bass fishing arsenal.

Best pick: Best bass fishing rod for the money

Last updated on April 19, 2019 5:42 pm

Best bass fishing rod for the money

1. G.Loomis



Description: Looking for an ultra-light rod for absolute fun fishing? G.loomis is the rod you are looking for. This is by far the best ultralight rod in the market, for bass fishing this rod is a piece of gem. Let’s find more about G.Loomis.

Length: It’s a 6’8″ long rod, a bit smaller rod. 7’ rod is perfect for bass fishing but 6’8” is also not a bad choice. Maybe I can’t cast long but give an ease in carrying.

Power: It’s a light power rod, don’t worry! It got that more than enough power to catch a trout, bass or crappie. Maybe one of the best power rod for those sunfish category fish.

Action: Fast action rods are the perfect match for a crappie or bass. This G.Loomis rod is a fast action rod. It’s got the Maximum sensitivity you want for a good fishing experience.

Material: It has a fiber blend blank, it’s a 2 piece rod made with the premium quality material.

Handle: It offers a Regular cork and composite cork handles, so comfortable! Also, it has a great grip, the handle rocks!

2. St. Croix Mojo cat


Description: Introducing St. Croix Mojo Cat catfishing rod, this is the rod I love most, have been fishing with this for a long time and all I can say is it’s amazing! If you ask me which one I prefer from this list, I would say St. Croix Mojo Cat catfishing rod. It’s a spinning rod, the beginners gonna love it, I guarantee!

Length: These rods are available both in 7 and 8 feet long version. Choose the length you want, just remember you can cast a long distance with a longer rod, it will provide a good leverage with the higher length, and carrying is easy for the shorter length.

Power: It’s a medium power rod. They tried to give you a lightweight feel, and for that, they calculated the power that way. It has a great power to go for a big cat.

Action: It’s a fast action tip rod, that means it will flex in upper ⅓ of the blank. It’s the perfect action you need to catch a flathead or blue cat.

Material: This St. Croix is one of the leading manufacturers in the business, and why not? They put the best materials in this rod and for that, it’s turned out to be a huge success. Made from a blend of SCII graphite and linear S-glass, which makes it a strong but yet very light in weight. That’s why the cat anglers love it, it’s a very powerful rod but very lightweight.

Handle: Unlike other catfish rods, the handles are made out of A premium-grade cork handle, which provides and ensures that you’ll be able to keep a secure grip on the rod. The handle is so much comfortable, trust me!

Others: The St. Croix Mojo Cat Spinning Rod is specifically designed for anglers chasing big cats. They tried to provide high quality to ensures the best quality as much as possible. they introduced Kigan Master Hand 3D guides with slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings and black frames. This really helped me for a smoother an accurate cast.




Description:  Johncoo is the perfect example of an amazing baitcasting rod. Yes, folks, it’s a baitcasting rod with a lot of potentials.

Length: it’s a 7’ long rod, the size we all want for bass fishing. But the best part is it’s a 2 piece rod.

Power: Johncoo is a medium heavy power rod. A good power for bass and trout fishing.

Action: the fast action tip works great, sensitive enough to notify you the moment you get a bite.

Handle: High-density EVA gives greater sensitivity and durability, add to your control and fishing comfort; Special design on the handle, more comfort, which allow you to spent long days on the water with minimum fatigue.

Material: it has a solid carbon fiber construction, they tried to maximize strength while maintaining sensitivity but yet ultralight. And they did pretty well. It’s a combination of power in a lightweight version.

Others: there are stainless steel guides, totally corrosion resistant. Makes accurate cast.

4. Lews Fishing

Lews Fishing


Description:  A wonderful rod for bass fishing. Some of my angler friends have been using this rod for a long time and i took one of their rod and went for a bass fishing with it a couple of times. It was amazing to cast with this rod, had a great feel. So couldn’t stop myself putting this rod in our best bass fishing rod list.

length: It’s a pretty long rod, it’s height is 7’6″. As you can see the castability is great for it’s long blank, comes handy fishing from bank or kayak.

Power: It’s a heavy rod, the more sensitive the rod is the more effective it is in bass fishing. This particular rod has a great sensitivity. The moment you get a bite you will be notified.

Action: This rod is a fast action rod, perfect action for bass fishing.

Handle: Durable high-density EVA split grips, lightweight EVA handles, you will find a great comfort while handling this.

Material: Lew’s fishing American Hero Speed Stick Rod offers premium IM6 one-piece graphite blanks. Also has Multilayer, multi Directional graphite construction for structural strength. This premium material ensures a great durability.

Others: It’s a one-piece graphite blank rod, there are 9 Rugged gunsmoke stainless steel guide frames with stainless steel inserts. Also has lightweight graphite reel seats with cushioned stainless steel hoods.

5. Lews Custom Lite

Lews Custom Lite


Description:  Another great rod from lews, it’s a light-weight rod exactly made for bass fishing. Gives a lite feel while fishing which makes it a great bass casting rod. Let’s dig more about this lews custom lite rod.

length: The Length of this rod is 7′. The 7 feet rod is a perfect size for bass fishing. This is also a great size for beginners.

Power: It’s a medium-heavy power rod, sturdy enough blank. A great construction made this an ultra-durable rod. A medium or medium-heavy rod is a perfect choice for bass fishing, though I prefer a heavy one but medium-heavy is also a great match.

Action: It’s a Fast action rod. The action of this rod is great, no problem with that.

Handle: Here it makes the difference from other typical rods. it offers Winn Split Grip handles for maximum grip and feel, even when the handle is wet! It’s handle is not made with EVA foam handle, so feel the difference with this rod.

Material: It’s constructed with premium graphite blanks, what is does is makes the rod extremely light and sensitive. Lightweight and sensitive rods are so effective in bass fishing.

Others: The titanium oxide guides help a lot for a smoother cast. It’s a one-piece rod. And another thing you need to know if it’s a casting rod.

6. Entsport Carbon Bass Fishing

Entsport Carbon Bass Fishing


Description:  Let me introduce you with a great bass fishing rod in a very affordable price. It’s a 1 piece casting rod for baitcasting reel. Not a great choice for beginners but obviously baitcasting is not that super hard. It’s a popular one among the bass fishing anglers.

Length: It’s not that long rod, the length of the rod is 6’6’’. It can’t cast a very long distance but where you don’t need to cast a long distance, it’s a great choice.

Power: It’s a medium power rod. Though they have a different model which have a medium heavy power but this medium power rod is a good choice for bass fishing.

Action: Like all other bass fishing rods, it’s a fast action rod which is perfect for bass fishing.

Handle: The handle is made with EVA cork which gives good enough comfort and ensures a great grip. I found no complaint about the handle, works great as a master bass fishing rod.

Material: It’s constructed with premium quality graphite for a lightweight, balanced and durable design. One-piece graphite blank is more durable and responsive so that it has the professional level action.

Others: It has a Super light and hard metal guide ring with ceramic insert withstand heavy line pressure and provide long-lasting durability without adding excess weight to the rod. Really the 8+1 guides are awesome for accurate casting. Unlike other rods, it has Enhanced reel seat with corrosion resistant stainless steel hoods.

7. KastKing Speed Demon

KastKing Speed Demon


Description:  Introducing you Kastking speed demon Bass fishing. Now folks lemme tell you I’m a true fan of this rod. It’s an amazing casting rod especially for bass fishing, though they have 2 spinning rods in this series I suggest their casting rod. Bass fishing is too much fun with this rod.

Length: You will get different length options, the rod we are talking about is 7’6” long which is a pretty long rod. You will get a 7’2” long rod if you wanna go for the spinning rod.

Power: The power of this rod is medium heavy, produces great power i must say! It’s so sensitive which helps a lot for a good fishing practice.

Action: It has a fast action tip, the tip is strong enough and sensitive.

Handle: In handle section, they offer 3A cork handle which gives a great grip, also there’s EVA foregrip and fighting butt. That makes the difference from all other rods in the market.

Material: Speed Demon rods use a Dimensional 16 Graphite blanks which deliver incredible hook setting and lifting power while still being exceptionally light and sensitive. The crankbait models are designed with forgiving moderate actions through their own S-Glass blanks and are designed to be the perfect crankin’ rod.

Others: They used perfectly matched Fuji reel seats and guides so that you’ll always know that you are using the best and never have to worry about a component failure. The rods we are talking about is KKR-SDB-1 C72JW and KKR-SDB-1C76CR which have 10+1 and 12+1 guides repeatedly. Great accuracy in casting. There’s also safe-t hook keeper with this rod.

Best bass fishing rod for the money

Choosing a fishing rod for Bass fishing

Fishing rods:

There are spinning rods and casting rods for specific types of the reel. Each rod has its own characteristics. We are not gonna talk about spinning or casting rods here but specifications for bass fishing. You can choose a rod and reel combo or a setup where you have to buy them separately. For a set up a perfect bass fishing rod should have-

Length- around 6-7 ft

Power- Medium-heavy

Action- Fast

Fishing Reels:

Fishing reels also have two kinds which are spinning reels and baitcasting reels, but here we will not discuss about those types, we need a low profile baitcasting reel. Obviously, yo0u can go for spinning reels but starting with a baitcaster here will help a lot in bass fishing. let’s get straight to the ideal bass fishing reels specifications.

Gear ratio: 6:4:1 can be good enough

Low profile baitcaster

Conclusion: There are tons of fishing rod available in the market, choosing the appropriate one for a specific kind of fishing is a daunting task. It can be a waste of money if you buy a fishing rod without any experience.

If I have to pick one from this list, I prefer the st.croix mojo bass casting rod. This rod is awesome, though it’s a bit expensive but then again it’s so durable and can use it for a different kind of fishing. And the lightweight feel makes it a great choice for bass fishing.

You can really any of the rods from here, all the rods are tested from every angle and proved that those are worthy for a top list. Choose your ones and have Good fishing folks.

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