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Top 4 best electric ice auger in 2020 [Review & Buying Guide]

Decide to go for an electric ice auger? You just took the right decision buddy. The moment electric augers are introduced, they clearly indicated that they are here to dominate the market. And electric ice augers are literally ruling the market now.

An electric ice auger is all about enormous power in a lightweight package. After a couple of drilling with some gas augers, it feels like weightlifting. Besides No hassle of mixing oil, fumes, gas spilling or smoke. And when you’re on an ice fishing trip, sure you don’t wanna wake everyone up in the northern hemisphere.

Best Pick: Best electric ice auger

Last updated on March 30, 2020 9:05 pm

Considering all the facts, Electric ice auger is the best possible solution. Here in this article, we are going to review 4 best electric ice augers in the market that we tested this winter. After trying lots of ice augers and hours of researching, these 5 ice augers are the best of the best.  Hope you’ll find it helpful and get the auger you want for your next ice fishing trip.

Before diving into the article, feel free to check out our latest article on Best Ice Fishing Augers in 2019 where you will find every type of ice augers. Enough gossiping! So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. ION X High-Performance Electric Ice Auger

ION X 29250 High-Performance Electric Ice Auger



  • Power: lithium-ion
  • Motor: 5 amp-hour 40-volt Electric
  • Diameter: 8” and 10”
  • Length: 49” – 58”
  • Blade type: shaver
  • Weight: 22 lbs.

Description: Meet the Champ of our Electric Ice Auger section, the ION X High-Performance Electric Ice Auger. Heard of the older model from ION, the ION Eskimo Standard Series Ice Auger? ION X is the new flagship model with better performance and user experience.

In terms of power, ION X is one of the best electric ice augers I have ever used. It features a 5 amp-hour 40V battery. Here’s one of the major differences from the previous model, the ION Standard Series Ice Auger offers 3 amp-hour 40V battery while the X series got 5 amp-hour treated with the same 40V battery.

What this does is, now you can get 60% higher storage capacity than the original ION battery. This allows up to 1600 inches of ice in ideal ice conditions on a single charge. More likely to say, you can drill 66 holes through 2 feet/24 inches of ice on a single charge. So thanks to the long-lasting battery, the user response is so good for that.

Let’s come to the blade of this monster. It’s sharper and well placed than ever which gives a smooth cut with very little effort done. The new cool feature is the ION X models incorporate a weldless cast-bottom for more even & smoother cutting.

You’ll find two different blade size with ION X electric ice auger, a cutting diameter of 8” and 10”. If you’re up to game fishing where the fish should be as big as possible, an 8” or 10” would be the perfect size for a blade.

Now folks what I love most about the ice auger is the lightweight of it! Starting at 21 lb, ION electric ice augers are way lighter than other power auger options. Transporting it, carrying it to the other side of the lake won’t give you any stress, not anymore!

  • Higher battery capacity, 5-amp-hour
  • Features two LED lights
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with extension
  • Operates silently
  • Slush-flushing reverse feature
  • 2-year on unit and 1-year on battery limited warranties
  • Battery should be kept warm for max performance

2. Strikemaster Electra Lazer 12000DP Power Auger

Strikemaster Electra Lazer 12000DP Power Auger



  • Power: motorcycle battery
  • Motor: 12volt, 90 RPM, 40:1 GEAR RATIO
  • Diameter: 8”
  • Blade type: shaver
  • Weight: 22 lbs.

Description: If you wanna get something more than a conventional Electric Ice Auger, take a look at this one. First ice or the last ice, Strikemaster Electra Lazer hand auger will cut it like a knife cuts the butter. Yup folks, it’s a high-performing electric ice auger available in the market.

Strikemaster Electra Lazer is powered by a 12v motorcycle battery, not what you get every day with a typical electric auger. This battery power can produce 90 RPM Auger Rotation in 40:1 Gear Ratio with 20 Amps Peak Draw. You can expect around 40-50 holes of 8-10 inches of ice with a single charge.

Moreover, there are a bunch of indicators which gives you a very detailed status of battery juice constantly. If the battery is running low on juice, just pop out and tap a new one. Here you go, get started again. Pretty simple isn’t it?

What’s amazing about this auger is, along with the 12 Foot External Battery Cables the auger features a 1 AMP Car Charger port by which you can get your battery charged from your car, truck or any power source.

With a wide and comfortable handle, strike master Electra Lazer electric auger weighs only 28 lbs. Since the auger is lightweight, it’s easily portable and storable. I didn’t get tired carrying it all day long, drilling here and there.

There’s something different about the blade. This electric auger features a Twin Serrated Stainless Steel Lazer Blades. Lazer blades are not the best of the type in terms of durability, but if you wanna reach the water fast lazer blades are the best. So in an ice fishing scenario, you can rely on these blades. Besides, Powder Coated Paint makes the blade much effective.

Coming to a verdict, Strikemaster Electra Lazer will be a good deal for the money. When it comes to performance, this auger won’t let you down by any means. So if you decided to invest your money on an electric auger with some extra features, try this one!

  • Powerful 12v motorcycle battery
  • You can charge it from power source like car or track
  • Charge indicator
  • Razor-sharp blade, Two stainless steel serrated Lazer blades
  • Amazing battery life
  • 40:1 gear ratio
  • A bit heavier than other electric augers

3. RAZR Lithium Ice Auger

RAZR Lithium Ice Auger with Reverse, 40V 8"



  • Power: lithium-ion
  • Motor: 7 amp-hour 40-volt Electric
  • Diameter: 8” and 10”
  • Length: 40”
  • Blade type: shaver

Description: There may be no other electric ice auger gives much value than Razr Lithium ice auger. Don’t go with the price cause this ice auger has all the features you need in modern days with enormous power for drilling ice.

Speaking of power, the auger has a 40V-7 amp-hour lithium-ion battery which gives enough juice to drill more than 1500 inches of ice in a single charge. When I used it, there was no power loss when it’s almost out of juice rather than providing the same power as fully charged. Now that’s satisfying!

What sounds promising about this auger is the smooth cut in a very short time. Yup folks, it performs like a ninja! Silent and fast with ensuring a precise cut. With RAZR hole driller you can bore around 15 inches in approximately 20 seconds.

Thanks to the razor-sharp twin serrated stainless steel curved blades which makes the job possible. Trust me, you don’t even need to apply force to the auger. Just hold it firmly and it will do the job done.

The electric ice auger comes with a 40″ length that allows you to cut through more than 3′ of ice without the use of an extension. The led light makes it more futuristic and adds great value for the money. For late ice drilling under the shed, this comes so handy.

Like many other ice augers of these days, Razr lithium powered auger offers a reverse mechanism to flush the slush. Now considering all the features and insane performance, isn’t it a great deal? Give it  try folks, it won’t let you down!

  • Powerful and durable lithium-ion battery
  • Can drill insane amount of holes
  • Cuts ice so fast
  • Razor-sharp twin serrated blade
  • Led light
  • Reverse gear to flush the slash
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on the motor
  • Battery should be kept warm

4. ION Eskimo Standard Series Ice Auger

ION 19150 40V 3 amp-hour Electric 8-Inch Ice Auger, with Reverse



  • Power: lithium-ion
  • Motor: 3 amp-hour 40-volt Electric
  • Diameter: 6”, 8”, and 10”
  • Length: 34” or 46” with extension
  • Blade type: shaver
  • Weight: 21- 25 lbs.

Description: Let’s talk about a game-changer in the ice fishing industry now. Yup folks, I’m talking about the ION Eskimo Standard Series Ice Auger which really changed the typical ice fishing auger scenario the moment it appeared on the scene. This beast can produce absolutely phenomenal power while performing the whole operation super quietly.

Maybe ION Eskimo is the very first auger who bought a revolution by creating an electric auger. The power source of this one is a Lithium-ion battery, the same type which Tesla cars are running! It’s a 40-volt Lithium-Ion battery precisely. And hey, since it’s a battery you don’t have to worry about gas mixing, oil, fumes, and smoke!

The beauty of this battery is it can drill through up to 1,000 inches of ice on a single charge (that’s up to 50 holes through 20” ice). And what’s amazing is that it doesn’t show any power shortage even when the battery is almost out of charge, provides the full power and drills with the same precision and force till the battery dies or out of charge.

The blade of the auger cuts ice so smoothly like knife cuts butter, one thing you’re going to notice is that the bottom ice requires extra force but with this one, it’s very easy to break that wall. One of the awesome features of ION Skimo is the reverse gear, by spin it reversely you can clear the water of newly drilled whole and that will give you some smooth fishing experience.

Weighing only 22 lbs. ION Skimo comes in 6”, 8” and 10” diameter. You can extend the length from 34” to 46”. The handle is a bicycle-style handle, because of the width it offers zero arm fatigue after whole day operation. Here’s a cool feature, there’s a red light beneath the handle in case you wanna do some fishing when it’s low light.

Folks, if you wanna go to powered ice auger you can invest on ION Eskimo Standard Series undoubtedly. It will give you the best value for money and trust me, it’s gonna last long. What more could you expect from an ice auger?

  • Provide Insane power
  • Lighter than the gas or propane augers
  • Quite
  • Handle promote no stress
  • Comes with different sizes
  • Usable inside your shelter
  • Slush-flushing reverse feature
  • Offers battery charger and extension
  • Eco- friendly
  • 2-year on unit and 1-year on battery limited warranties
  • The battery needs to be kept warm


1. Is the electric ice auger better than a gas auger?

Ans: Breaking the endless debate, yup the electric auger or battery-powered augers are dominating the market nowadays over the gas augers. Not only there are no hassles of mixing oil, no fumes or gas spilling, soundless drilling but also electric auger comes with an affordable price.

Also,  electric augers are lightweight and easy to carry. It’s a huge bright side when you’re in the ice.  All the ice anglers are moving to electric augers and  most of the vote goes to an electric auger. So yup if you ask me, I would go for an electric ice auger.

2. Which type of auger is best for a beginner?

Ans: the hand Ice auger or manual auger is the best choice for a beginner. With simple mechanism and affordability, this type is the top choice for most beginners. With a quality hand ice auger less than 100 bucks, you can drill ice for many years.

In terms of portability, ease of use, durability, and ease in using nothing comes in the way of a manual auger. If you just started ice fishing, you should go for a hand auger. But yeah, if you’re ready to spin some more money you can consider buying an electric auger.

3. How many holes can an Electric ice auger make before the battery runs out of juice?

Ans: it totally depends on the thickness of the ice and capacity of the battery. Usually, a battery can drill 20-25 holes through 12 inches of ice on a single battery charge. With the latest electric ice auger like the ION X, you can drill 65 holes through 2 feet/24 inches of ice on a single charge.

Even with a better option like Trophy Strike 120V Li-Ion Cordless Ice Auger, at least 90 holes in 20-inch thick ice-holes can be drilled. Just remember one thing folks, try to keep the battery warm for a much promising performance.

4. Is electric ice augers are safe to use?

Ans: comparing with a gas auger or propane-powered auger, electric ice augers are much safer to use. Since they have less weight, it’s safe to carry them on ice. If the ice is not thick enough and you’re walking with a heavy gas auger, it can break the ice layers and make you drowned.

But when you’re with an electric auger, that’s not going to happen. Besides, electric augers are mostly lithium-ion battery powered which is simple to use. That concludes that electric ice augers are the safest augers on the market.

Best Electric Ice Auger

Final Words

An ice auger is a lifetime investment for unlimited fun. Once you invest in an awesome ice auger, there’s a good chance that it’s gonna last for a very long time. So it’s a wise decision to do some research and afford the best Electric Ice Fishing Auger.

If you ask me, I would go for the ION X High-Performance Electric Auger as the best premium pick and for an overall purpose, RAZR Lithium Ice Auger will be a wise choice. Last but not least, whatever you choose to be safe there in the ice. Happy ice fishing folks!

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