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Best Fishing Float Tube 2019

We all ditched a perfect fishing spot just because our typical fishing boat couldn’t reach there. But these days, most of the spot in the waters are accessible, thanks to the fishing float tube. Many anglers today using a fishing float tube or frameless boat similar to a pontoon tube to gain access to those part of the water where you couldn’t go with your rod and reel.

And one major convenient that attracts angler to opt for a tube is their price.  With a little research, it’s quite easy to find a best fishing float tube with a fair price. Today, float tubes are considered more than a cost-effective replacement of a boat and other vessels. These tubes will let you cast lure longer to your preferred spot and also maintaining stability.

The recognition of a fishing float tube is gaining as well as the manufacturing design and method have evolved. There are some stunning choices are on the market which some of you might feel a bit puzzled to choose. That’s why I’m gonna assist you to decide on how you can pick the best fishing float tube available today.


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Best Pick: Best Fishing Float Tube

Last updated on July 22, 2019 4:06 pm

10 Tips to select the best fishing float tube

1. The design
2. Comfort
3. Storage capacity
4. Durability
5. Portability
6. Weight Capacity
7. Construction material
8. Accessories
9. Backpackable
10. Adjustable backrest

1. Classic Accessories Cumberland Fishing Float Tube

best fishing float tube 2018



  • Impressive load capacity up to 350 pounds
  • Backpackable, yet with an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Shapes like hydrodynamic hull for perfect tracking and maneuverability
  • Thick padded seat
  • Adjustable backrest
  • 2 fishing rod holders
  • 2 Cargo pockets
  • Mesh stripping apron with integrated fish ruler
  • Back Mesh storage platform


The Classic Accessories Cumberland is considered to be one of the best inflatable tubes with a low price but packed with quite a few features. The tube will hold almost any fishing gear you can think of. The stable vessel is merged with a comfortable seat and excellent tracking capability.

The design

The Classic accessories have designed their Cumberland tube with a hydrodynamic hull shape combined with the abrasion-resistant PVC bottom which adds additional reinforcement. The tube’s teardrop design makes it easier to enter and exit. The tube also has 2 beverage holders. It is cleverly inserted at the rear of the ample side-pockets, just beneath the angler’s armpits.


The adjustable four-inch padded foam backrest will allow you to fish for longer hours without any discomfort. The seating position is high off the water, enough for you to observe your surroundings easily.

Storage chambers

If you fail to fit all of your gear in this tubes compartments, then you just have a bit too many gears, to begin with. There are enough convenient storage spaces such as two drink holders, two cargo pouches, a rear storage compartment, a mesh storage stand and D-rings for your gears attachment.

Integrated elements

To measure your catches, there is an integrated ruler labeled into the mesh material directly in the front of the seat. This ruler can measure up to 18 inches.

Weight and size

The Cumberland float tube is lighter in weight compared to its rivals. It is only 17.1 pounds in weight but can carry up to 350 pounds of load. The tube is 56 inches in length, 47 inches in width and the height is 17.5 inches.


The online feedback of consumers is extremely positive. Nearly 95% of customers gave a positive response with a few exceptions. They found the padded shoulder strap while backpacking was a blessing.


You will likely to end up finding this product when looking for the best fishing tube. The main attraction is the lower price with higher applicability. This popular model still dazzles angler across the world with its magnificent design and plentiful features.

  • Exterior shell is exquisitely designed
  • Massive weight limit
  • Spacious armrest storage design
  • Good tracking and maneuverability
  • Great value for money
  • The upper portion of the tube gets punctured easily
  • Tend to have leaky valves

2. Classic accessories Bighorn inflatable fishing float tube

best fishing float tube



  • Additional space, comfort, and floatability
  • Large yet comfortable backrest
  • Designed to hydrodynamic hull shape for better tracking and steering
  • Impressive sculpted design
  • Stripping apron with fish ruler and horizontal rod holder
  • Spacious armrest storage with extra reel, gear, small mesh, and flat zip pockets
  • Storage pouches at the back and mesh storage pocket at the exterior
  • D-rings for attaching gear and creel bags
  • Max capacity 300 lb
  • 1-year Warranty


Another stable, secure and comfy fishing float tube produced by the Classic Accessories. The tube looks more like a raft, large yet has excellent maneuverability.

The main design

The tube is designed with a hydrodynamic hull shape which is expected from The Classic Accessories. The design enhances tracking and steering that provides exceptional maneuverability. There are two fluorescent-red straps and a high seat which allows the angler a greater visibility on the water. The higher sitting position is also excellent for observing your surroundings.


Not the best of back support in the market today, but still sustainable. A few negative comments have come across against the lack of seat comfortability. But I personally never faced any particular issues. Just stretch your body in every 20-30 minutes and you should be fine. But, it has a weak back support nonetheless.

Storage chambers

There are quite a few storage pockets in the armrests which sometimes meet the storage demand. But to make things more convenient, there are several other pockets throughout the tube for additional storage options. So the tube has the capability to store almost every type of gears.

Integrated elements

To measure your catch, there is a quick-release stripping apron that features an integrated 14-inch ruler. In addition, there’s a safety flag pocket as well as two-rod holders efficiently attached to the inner side of the armrests.

Weight and size

Don’t let the size deceive you, it is just 11 pounds when inflated, makes it one of the most lighter and easier tube to transport. With the max load up to 300 pounds, you don’t have to make any compromises with your gears and other essentials. It also measures 54 inches by length, 50 inches in width and 27 inches in height.


Some people had issues with this tube in the past, but the company has listened and solved those issues delicately. With 3.6 stars out of 5, the popularity of the Bighorn fishing tube is rising steadily.


Apart from those slight drawbacks with the seating alignment, this is another top class fishing tube delivered by the Classic Accessories. With two colors two choose from, you are getting premium features without paying top dollars.

  • Impressive max load capacity
  • Several pouches with zipper heads
  • Two-rod holders
  • Great value for money
  • Orange rear visibility panel
  • It takes a little longer to deflate
  • Need to stretch a lot to reach the rear storage compartments

3. Outcast Fish Cat 4-LCS

fishing float tube



  • Vinyl air cells
  • 600-denier PVC underside
  • Convertible height stripping apron
  • 250 pounds max capacity
  • Weight:14 pounds
  • Repair kits included in the box


The Fish Cat 4 float tube is excellent with quality construction and commendable manufacturer’s warranty. The overall user experience is comfortable and efficient. The open-front design allowed anglers an easier access point and the seat position is high above the water. The tube is modifiable with an additional anchor system as well.

The design

The tube has been designed with vinyl fabric and grey 500 PVC combined with the open-front design. The fabric is known for its excellent abrasion and tears resistance. A tear-drop design for efficient tracking, durability and dry upper legs. There are two D-rings rest at the base of the armrest externals.


The seat and the backrest are not inflatable rather made up from foam which might mark a question against its comfortability. But it produces a second to none comfort while keeping you high above the water for better visibility for the upcoming vessel. The higher sitting position also helps detect a potential fishing spot. Note that, Outcast has provided the option to swap out the foam seat for an inflatable seat if required.

Storage Chambers

A pocket is placed at the back end of the ample armrest pouches and space behind the backrest allows plenty of room for gears and other essentials. Also, the storage compartments are zippered.

Integrated elements

The exceptional fact that you can outfit this tube with an optional anchor system. It also features an adjustable shipping apron. It’s is a bit oversized so anyone can cut it the way as they seem fit.

Weight and size

The overall load capacity limits at 250 pounds which for some, a bit borderline. So, for those who are around 200 pounds mark, beware of what gears you plan to equip. The tube weighs in at 14 pounds when inflated and 54 inches in length. The width is very impressive at 44 inches.


Most of the user of this tube has expressed their opinion in a very positive way. Nearly 92% owner is satisfied with their Fish Cat 4 with no issues. Although some owner has pointed out the absence of drink holders, a seat back Mesh pouch, and backpackable straps. However Outcast offers shoulder straps and D rings are located beneath the seat to provide backpack strap attachment option.


If you are wondering what “LCS” means? Well, it stands for “Line Control System”, those models who come with this option has a handy stripping basket that placed above the angler’s lap and allows them the control of their fly line more easily. The features may not preferable by many individuals but it is a nice convenience to have nonetheless.

Apart from a bit lower load capacity, this tube has other advantages which will attract many.

  • An open-front design
  • 5-year warranty
  • Well constructed
  • Rear end extra space for extra gears
  • LCS technology
  • No out of the box inflatable seat
  • No shoulder straps included

4. Classic Accessories Togiak Inflatable Fishing Float tube

fishing float



  • Max capacity: 300 pound
  • Adjustable backrest and high stadium seat
  • Multiple storage options in the armrest
  • Horizontal rod holder rear mesh storage platform
  • Safety flag pouch
  • Lash tabs combined with D-rings to secure gear and creel bags


The Classic Accessories Togiak model is a backpackable pontoon float tube with a convenient carved design. For those who are into backpacking, it should be a great choice as it falls into the backpackable category.

The design

The design of this tube is a bit different from others. The very familiar yet popular and efficient hydrodynamic hull shape is present in the Togiak. It enables the tube for better floatability and stability. The float tube is constructed from a 420-denier nylon.


The backrest and high-back stadium seat are not inflatable. So, it is a bit of a hassle when it comes to transport the tube. But other than this, the comfort level is commendable and adjustable option provides comfy fishing for hours.

Storage chambers

The tube has a roomy armrest storage and it meets the required standard from ABYC on labeling safety. There numerous pockets for your gear, a small mesh pocket, flat zippered pockets reel pockets and a storage in the armrest integrated into this float tube.

Integrated elements

To measure your catch, a fish ruler has been integrated with the tube. It also has backpackable shoulder straps for transportation. The tube may not have additional cup holders for your drinks but with all those ample storage, it will fit into one or two pouches easily. The safety flag pocket is placed at the rear of the seat for your convenience.

Weight and size

With a max load up to 300 pounds, you can pack all of your favorite gears, foods, drinks and other essentials without the need to worry to be submerged. The 15 pounds weight after assembled, which is light enough to muscle for transportation. The tube is little over 54 inch in length and 47 inches in width with a height of 19 inches.


Apart from a few minor issues, the tube has great customer feedback. It scored 3.4 stars out of 5, and slowly increasing its reputation. Because the company researched and working on solutions of those minor drawbacks such as the smaller size of the air valve.


I would say it has a great value on the dollar. And the load capacity combined with dedicated storage facility makes this tube difficult to pass by.

  • Very efficient in maneuverability
  • More than enough storage option
  • Comfy seat with adjustable backrest
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • The cushions are not inflatable
  • Smaller air valve

5. Caddis premier plus float tube

Caddis premier plus float tube



  • The exterior is covered with heavy duty ripstop material
  • Bottom and front ends are constructed with heavy-duty tarpaulin
  • Adjustable foam seat and backrest
  • Large twin primary equipment pouches and two additional pockets
  • Fluorescent safety highlights
  • Front rod holder belts
  • Water resistant
  • Balanced bar and stripping apron
  • Removable dual dry fly patches
  • Max load: 325 pounds
  • D-rings shoulder strap
  • Extra storage space at the rear end of the seat
  • Improved custom-made Boston valves


The Caddis has been producing floating tube for a long time. Their float tube is close to flawless and their influence over the watersports industry is undeniable. Yet again they introduced a tube that is loaded with essential features yet maintaining overall durability. The Caddis premier plus float tube slowly but surely building popularity among the anglers, thanks to its many years of perseverance.

The design

The tube is a teardrop designed for speed and stability. There is double stitching at the critical seams and the heavy-duty rigid fabric atop. The 500-denier tarpaulin bottom protects the tube from tear and abrasion. The bottom also provides optimal tracking on the water hence saving the angler a lot of energy.


The 4-inch foam seat combined with a 2-inch adjustable foam backrest allows the angler to hunt for hours without any back aches or spasms.

Storage chambers

There are two large main pieces of equipment pockets, D-rings and two auxiliary pouches. Two dry fly patches have been attached on the front side of the storage compartments.

Integrated elements

There’s the stabilizing bar, front rod holder belts, stripping apron which I already implied atop, the overall combination of features really meets a veteran anglers taste. For onboard safety, the tube is integrated with fluorescent accents. Additionally, you will find two removable dry fly patches and a fish measurement ruler across the front face of the tube.

Weight and size

With a max load up to  325 pounds, this beast will make sure that you can climb aboard with all your fishing gears and essentials. The tube is weigh in at 19 pounds which can be inconvenient upon transportation. The tube is only 23 inch in length and 24 inches in width with the height of 11 inches. Not a convenient choice for those who are taller.


I was surprised to see that nearly 85% of customers have given positive feedbacks which lead me to believe that this tube is doing something up to the mark. As I said, some anglers may find it too compact for comfort.

There are a few shortcomings of the premier plus. To start with one, I would say the Boston valve is good and all, but boy it takes a chunk of space within the main storage compartments. And I also miss a spacious storage option at the rear of the backrest. But it fills the void with a dry bag to place in the mesh storage area.


Like every product, the premier plus float tube has also some aspects to improve on. But despite that, the overall design is quite impressive and the unique teardrop shape, which provides a distinctive appearance and durability. So, when you’re looking for a fishing float tube, I’m sure the premier plus will have its appeal.

  • Good tracking
  • Strong and durable
  • The double stitching at critical seams for further improved strength
  • Speed and stability
  • Affordable
  • Cup holder placement is not practical
  • Doesn’t come with shoulder straps despite having D-rings

6. Caddis Sports Pro 2000

Caddis Sports Pro 2000



  • Heavy-duty ripstop material
  • Teardrop shape
  • Adjustable seat and backrest
  • Two large main equipment compartments
  • Two auxiliary pouches
  • Shoulder straps included
  • Stabilizing bar and apron
  • Removable fly patch
  • Boston valves
  • Extra cargo space at the rear of the seat
  • Double stitched on critical seams for extra reinforcement
  • Maximum load: 250 pounds


Another masterfully crafted fishing float tube from Caddis. Unique design and advance ideas have kept the Sports pro-2000 high in demands. It is a bit lighter but slightly narrower than the premier plus.

The design

The exterior shell of the pro-2000 is made from rugged nylon and the entire critical seams are double-stitched to boost the durability of the shell. The pontoons low profile design has helped increase stability in the water. This teardrop tubes ripstop materials protects it from abrasion.


Unlike the premier plus, the sports 2000 comes with a 2-inch dense foam padded seat and backrest. The seat position is not very high above the water. The backrest also includes convenient adjustment straps. Note that, the backrest dimension is shorter than its rivals.

Storage chambers

Each armrest storage pockets have a removable fly patch that makes fly selections effortless for anglers. Two zippers on each armrest pouches are tethered for an easier grasp loop which opens and close each zipper at the same time.

The rear end of each armrest comprises two small, single-zippered pouches for an additional storage option. The pro-2000 also accommodates a small cooler or dry bag with gear behind the seat.

Integrated elements

The tube’s line apron with stabilizing bar reclines a bit lower and much narrower vertically than the premier plus yet large enough to measure fish up to 18 inches. Twin Boston valves placed within the pocket helps inflate the pontoon faster. With this model, you will be given a pair of backpack straps for comfortable transportation. Just attach the straps with D-rings located underneath the seat.

Weight and size

For those who weigh in more than 200 pounds, I would suggest you not to bring optional gears. With a max load up to 250 pounds, it would be wise to categorize your most essential gears from the lesser ones. Although, the tube weighs in little over 11 pounds, which will attract those anglers who like to fish in exotic and inaccessible places. The length of the tube is 53 inches and width is 46 inches. That 15-inch height is a much better option than the premier plus.


The tube has a positive response from its users. With nearly 87% satisfied customers, no wonder the sports pro 2000 is getting popular among the angler community. The only drawback that it doesn’t have a dedicated drink holder, but that’s not stopping folks from storing their beverage in the cooler/dry bag behind the seat.


Caddis float tube has a unique design sense which grants a distinctive appearance. The pro-2000 is no exception. If you’re looking for a backpackable, affordable and high sitting position tube, close your eyes and trust your money with this tube.

  • Lightweight for comfortable backpacking
  • Practical and organized storage
  • Sturdy and durable and built to last longer in the water
  • Pontoon-style design adds stability
  • Value for money
  • Comparatively narrow apron
  • Pontoon nose needs further reinforcement

7. Classic Accessories Teton inflatable fishing float tube

Classic Accessories Teton inflatable fishing float tube



  • Comfy backrest
  • Hydrodynamic hull shape
  • Improved tracking and steering
  • Exclusive sculpted design
  • Stripping apron
  • Fish Ruler
  • Rod holder is horizontal
  • Numerous compartment armrest pockets
  • Rear storage pocket
  • D-rings for attaching creel bag and gear
  • Max load: 250 pounds
  • Stripping apron has a quick- release option
  • Safety flag pouch
  • ABYC standard safety labeling


The Classic Accessories Teton fishing float tube is made from high-quality material. Anglers who are looking for a tube on the go, definitely consider buying this tube for it’s impressive lighter weight. On top of that, this is one of the cheapest tubes on the market.

The design

The Teton inflatable tube is more like a U-shape design which doesn’t cut through the water smoothly. This is where the hydrodynamic hull shape and an uncluttered deck improves both the steering and tracking of the tube.


The tube’s minimalistic design and lightweight tend to glide low in the water. It’s that only nylon fabric seat, that doesn’t feature any buoyancy like an air chamber or foam. So you should consider wearing a wader if you try to avoid getting wet. So, personally, I wouldn’t keep this tube in the comfort category.

Storage chambers

The tube has been fastened by Velcro straps and roomy pockets for your gears and essentials. It may not have a lot of pockets, but still, those D-rings for gear attachment and armrest compartments offer adequate space. The tube also features a rear chamber. So a total of 2 zippered, 2 reels and 1 back of the seat storage compartments are available.

Integrated elements

The tube doesn’t have any adjustable option with the backrest which makes it harder to hunt for hours. The tube has a horizontal fishing rod holder. It also accommodates a stripping apron with an integrated ruler to measure your catch.

Weight and size

Weigh in just 8.5 pounds, it is one of the lightest in the market. So, there is no need to muscle in the tube when moving. Despite it’s lightweight, it can carry up to 250 pounds which meet most anglers demand. The tube is 42.5 inch in length, 40 inches in width and 18.5 inches in height. If you don’t max out the tube’s weight capacity, it is possible to glide above the water.


The Classic Teton has raised its popularity with compact and practical design combined with an attractive price tag. The tube has 88% positive customer feedback. Surely it lacks a few features here and there. Like for instance, no drinks holder, no adjustable backrest, no padded seat and not enough storage compartments. If you can look past these absences, it will be the best buy ever.


I always recommend anglers not to go for the cheapest model. Because, if you spend a few extra, it proves to be beneficial in the long run. However, the Teton is exceptional. If you can compromise a few basic yet optional features, Teton and you can coexist just fine.

  • Tough and durable construction
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Value for money
  • Inflated quickly
  • Faster entry and exit
  • Bungee straps for the apron are not included
  • Lower seat position

8. Caddis Nevada Gold Float Tube

Caddis Nevada Gold Float Tube



  • Critical seams are double stitched
  • Two primary equipment pouches
  • Two auxiliary pouches
  • Ultra-durable ripstop materials
  • U-shaped design
  • Padded stabilizer bar
  • Broad nylon coated all-mesh working and stripping apron
  • Max load: 225 pounds


Another fishing tube for those adventurous anglers from Caddis. Nevada is a good tube for any angler for its elegant design and maneuverability. The sleek and straightforward design have praised by many anglers.

The design

The U-shape design is destined to smoothly glide over water and granting a mesmerizing experience. The upper exterior shell of this tube is wrapped in with an improved ripstop nylon and it has a Cordura bottom.


The stabilizer bar has set the Caddis Nevada Gold Float tube in a unique category. The bar helps balance the tube when you cast your line and the padded exterior provide a comfortable leg rest. It also comes with a custom oversized seat and a backrest bladder that allows the user for a long yet enjoyable fishing.

Storage chambers

There are two main equipment pockets and two auxiliary pockets in the tube. There’s a little space in the back of the seat can be used as storage. The overall storage option may not seem so adequate but each pocket is roomy enough to store all of your gear and essentials.

Integrated elements

The tube has an improved operational stripping apron with ruler, which is nylon coated all mesh to measure your catch. There is also a dry fly patch along with a front fishing rod holder integrated with this tube. And those critical seams are double-stitched for durability.

Weight and size

Another Lightweight option to be considered, only weigh in at 9.5 pounds with carrying straps, frequent transportation in a single day won’t be tiresome. The weight capacity topped out at 225 pounds which indicates angler weigh in over 200 pounds shouldn’t opt for this tube. The length of the tube is 46 inches and the width is 42 inches. The 20 inches height should be able to provide a better observability as well as visibility for oncoming vessels.


This tube is as basic as it gets. With minimalistic features and limited yet spacious storage option, I was a bit surprised that it scored nearly 88% customer satisfaction. Sometimes, simplicity pays off if you just do it right, the Caddis Nevada Gold fishing float tube is a perfect example of that.


If you want a no-nonsense, well-built, stable and maneuverable fishing float tube, with the absence of some optional features, the Nevada Gold is the way to go.

  • Can withstand abusive usage
  • U-shape design for easier navigation and maneuverability
  • Higher sitting position for better visibility
  • Fluorescent safety accents
  • Custom oversized seat
  • Entry to the tube is a bit complicated
  • No drinks holder

9. Outcast Super Fat cat LCS

Outcast Super Fat cat LCS



  • 3 air chambers
  • Welded Seams
  • PVC fabric 500 denier
  • Max load: 300 pounds
  • Urethane air cells are 13 inches in diameter
  • Summit 2 valve
  • Inflatable seat and backrest
  • Lightweight materials construction


According to Outcast, The Super Fat Cat is their top-selling float tube, and there is some good reason for that. Some consider this tube as the Ferrari of float tubes which has a price tag to compliment the quality. Despite the extra weight, it smoothly cuts through the water while maintaining a comfy and stable ride. The Super Fat cat is similar in length with the Fat Cat 4, just 5 inches less in width.

The Design

The tube’s design is focused on durability. The tube is ideal for regular and serious hardcore anglers. The construction material is lightweight yet rigid enough, and high-quality urethane bladder can withstand rugged use. The Super Fat Cat features a welded seams to prevent tear and a mix of fabric denier, 500 PVC and 420 PC. The 3 urethane-based air chambers are accessible with Summit 2 valve which is twice as better than the Boston valve.


The tube has an inflatable seat and backrest which ensures optimal comfort and allow anglers to fish for longer hours. It is also super convenient to transport since it can get completely deflated. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the backrest is adjustable, so no back spasms. There are also two armrests that integrated with ample storage option.

Storage Chambers

Almost every essential can be stored in this float tube. There are two zippered roomy main gear pockets securely affixed with each armrest, two drinks holder and a large zippered storage system behind the seat. There also a small zippered pocket at the back of each armrest.

Integrated elements

There are two D-rings along each side, just below the armrests. Inside the tube’s rigid outer shell, it has 3 separate air bladders within. Each side of the main tube holds 2 air bladders, and the 3rd one is placed in the seat itself. It also features a velcro rod holder which allows you to relax and wait for a fish to bite your lure.

Weight and Size

Not the very lightest option out there, in a state of deflation, it weighs in at 17 pounds a little heavier after being inflated. It can also carry up to 300 pounds which is adequate for any angler. With an impressive 65 inches in length, 45 inches in width and 13 inches in diameter, the tube can meet any modern-day fishing tasks with efficiency.


The higher price tag understandably discourages most of the people but those who bought it gave a 100% customer satisfaction feedback. So, if you can spend a few hundred dollars more, this tube will make your money’s worth by giving you a lifetime service.


With a premium constructed body integrated with practical features, the overall durability has set this tube in a league of its own. It could be a lifetime deal if only you use it with proper care.

  • Inflatable seat and backrest
  • Premium built yet super durable
  • 5-years manufacturer warranty
  • More like a bottle holder
  • Stable yet maneuverable
  • There isn’t any crossbar across the front, but I doubt that’s a big of a deal

10. Classic accessories Marshland duck/fish hunting

Classic accessories Marshland duck/fish hunting



  • Adjustable shotgun tether
  • A decoy bag
  • Two drink holders
  • Hydrodynamic shape improves tracking and steering
  • Stabilizing spreader bar in the front for hunting
  • Max weight capacity:350 pounds
  • Backpackable for easier transportation


What I like about this particular float tube, that it can juggle between angling and waterfowling one at a time. The Classic Accessories has produced an efficient yet elegant design in a float tube from time after time, the Marshland is no exception.

The design

The hydrodynamic shape ensures the tube to be stable while steering and tracking, whereas this tube, is decked out in Realtree MAX-5 camo with a matching floating decoy bag.


The seat position is high above the water. So, you can observe your surroundings well and detect any movement in the water, ducks or fish. You will also avoid collision with any upcoming vessels.

Storage Chambers

There are two easy to open cargo pockets each has double zippers. There is also a camo decoy bag which can hold up to 24 ducks or 6 geese decoys. There are also two interior pockets, two drink holders and a sizeable mesh platform on the back.

Integrated elements

The Realtree Max 5 waterfowl designed with added web loops to form an effective blind for hunting. This inflatable and backpackable tube have an adjustable shotgun tether. The D-rings on each side of the tube’s armrest pouches which can attach the decoy bag. It also integrated with a quick-release stripping apron and a fish ruler for measuring your catch.

Weight and Size

Upon assembly, the tube’s weight is at 18 pounds which is a bit on the heavier side. But with removable shoulder straps, the tube can be easily transported. The tube’s 350 pounds load capacity makes up for its extra weight. The length is at 56 inches, 44 inches width and 19 inches in height.


With a 100% positive customer feedback, the Marshland tube from Classic Accessories is selling like hotcakes, especially for their dual hunting purpose. It’s easier to assemble, durable and very roomy for anglers at any age.


Although this is a dual purpose tube, I wouldn’t recommend you to hunt and fish at the same time. Because the overall outcome will not be beneficial.

You need a stealthy approach for angling yet a loud gunshot for hunting, the two don’t go well most of the time.

Invest your hard earned money with confidence, and maintain the tube well so it may last you a long time.

  • Backpackable with removable straps
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Features a large rear mesh platform
  • Dual purpose float tube
  • Impressive max load capacity and durability
  • Yet to find one

The Advantages of using a fishing float tube

There are a lot of advantages to using a float tube. It poses super convenience, especially when angling in a lake or flat river where boat causes some limitations. Besides, not so many anglers own a boat. There are also so many issues with boats like portability, transportation, storage, cost, maintenance etc. Let’s have some comprehensive ideas on the advantages of a fishing float tube.

  • Cost: This is the most favorite advantage out of the others. Imagine a couple of thousand dollars in boat purchase, and then the gas money, other accessories installation. On the other hand, a well-built tube with a decent price will last you a decade. I’ve seen people using their family fishing float tube which is 17 years old. Just try not to skimp on additional accessories and maintenance cost.
  • Extra access: Another bountiful advantage with a float tube, you can cast to a spot where you wouldn’t be able to with a boat. Excellent for those lone anglers hunting for their prey and away from nearby people and distractions.
  • Indistinct: Peddling with a float tube is better than to spook the fishes with a It is you who is in control, faster or slower, you will be nearly soundless. Because the only part of your body is under the water, your legs, and there’s less disruption in the water as the tube floats atop. You won’t make any splashes even if you kick to steer faster.
  • Freehand: Yes, you’re less likely to use feet rather than your hand to move. Imagine if you were on a boat and had to adjust the intended stopping spot or maneuvering using at least one of your hand, and forget about using the other hand to fight with your catch let alone casting the line. Instead, you get to relax, fish, have some snacks, perhaps a drink( Uhhmm, non-alcoholic) or reel in your catch. With numerous pouches in the tube, your preferred gears are more accessible than ever.
  • Riding depth: In a cold shivery weather, it’s nice to have a tube that offers a higher seating position. Also, other benefit includes faster maneuvering around the water that lacks in sling-style seats. Sling seats compel you to thrust your legs which might lead to exhaustion.


Necessary accessories

Your fishing float will be more productive if you equip effective waders and fins. It’s better to avoid driving the tube barefooted unless you are size 15.

If you’re not fishing in a warm lake or river where it’s not infested with algae and leeches, you might consider not to wear waders. But I recommend using one, no matter the weather. If it’s hot then invest on breathable waders and for cold days, go for neoprene. A wader will boost your confidence and also increase convenience especially if you are a new tuber.

A few tips

Before you head out, take a moment to at least go through these tips.

    • Make sure that you have everything you require. Leaving one or more gears might ruin the whole fishing session.
    • Keep sunscreen and insect repellent, and apply them before you hit the water.
    • Get your hat and sunglass. Wear a wetsuit or to the least, keep a rain gear if possible.
    • Whether it’s needed or not, always consider wearing waders.
    • Be sure to bring the right fishing gears like the tackle, lure, hook, rod, reel etc.
    • Use high quality and razor-sharp hooks so your catch doesn’t swim away.
    • Stay close to your comfort zone and keep note of your landmarks in case you decide to go far out from your starting point.
    • Don’t get lost in the moment, keep a closer track of your time and start wrapping up your angling session before dark.
    • If you are going in alone, leave a text to at least one of your family members or buddies, just in case of an emergency.
    • For a regular or seasonal angler, I would urge you to invest in a satellite phone, especially if you are a regular outdoor sports person and hunter. I think you wouldn’t argue over 400-600 hundred dollars to ensure your absolute safety. This investment will not only serve you practically everywhere in the world but also have a higher resale value.


Is it possible to attach a trolling motor to the back?

There are generally two types of floating tubes.

  • Round: These are like floatation rings tubes that out often see on a boat or in the pool. Most of the time these kind of tubes are suitable for hanging out in the sun and fun fishing.
  • U/V-shaped: These kinds are larger and most of them has a removable cross bar for easier entry. The shape is greatly focused on fishing purpose. The pontoon-style is the largest and most efficient tube in my opinion.
What additional gears are needed for fishing in a float tube?

The following items are recommended-

  • Flippers/Fins: Get a good pair of flippers for increased maneuverability.
  • PFD: In case of an emergency, a life jacket will save your life.
  • Waders: Get breathable waders for hot and neoprene for cold weather. Without waders, I wouldn’t recommend it.

You will need at least these three to work with the tube.

Is it possible to attach a trolling motor to the back?

Yes, it is. But hold your horses sunny.

  • It is not recommended to use a motor with the fishing float tube.
  • Your motor will be submerged into the water once the tube gets moving.
  • There isn’t a rugged place on the tube where you can mount your motor.

All hope is not lost.

  • The only possible attachment can be achieved with an inflatable pontoon.
Are there any tips to take before I hit the water with a fishing float tube

Yes, sir, there are plenty. In case you missed it, there is ‘a few tips’ sections in the article where you will meet with adequate information. Don’t forget your life jacket which I forgot to mention there, sorry.

How much to blow before you start to flow

The perfect air pressure is very important for the tube’s overall performance. Please take notice

  • Do not overpressure the air which might stretch and tear the stitches and joints of the materials.
  • Just stop the pressure when you’re tube feels firm, but not hard as a rock.
  • Stop the pressure when you notice the wrinkles disappear on the tube.
How do you fish using a float tube?

For a first time user, the whole process can be a little apprehensive. But, try following these brief tips-

  • Move around, kick to maneuver, get intimate with the tube’s balance and the stream of the water.
  • If possible, be with someone who already use float tube to fish.
  • Take note of your surroundings and landmarks.

For more elaborated tips, please check our “Fishing float tube” article.

How do you store a fishing float tube?

When you’re traveling to fish, keep the tube slightly deflated and away from direct sunlight.

Some tubes marketed with their own storage options which are more convenient.

When you’re looking to store in the winter or off-season, deflate your tube entirely and keep it in a well-ventilated place.

I personally dry out my tube and wrap it in a polybag. It seems to stay in mint condition.

Where do I keep my catch?

You have to consider to keep your catch fresh before a meal. There are a few options to keep your fish alive but my choice is the wire mesh floating basket.

What is the best seat type for a float tube?

The best kind would be those which keeps your submerging into a minimum and keep you comfy for longer fishing hours.

As I have already suggested, an inflatable seat and backrest are more pleasant than a strapped-in foam seat.

Yes, an inflatable seat and backrest may catch a bit more wind, but the Lightweight is very much helpful for packing and transportation.

What kind of materials are best?

Polyurethane, also known as the synthetic fabric is the best option with premium quality but with a higher price.

PVC material is widely used and preferred by most anglers since it has a sustainable price tag.

How much should I spend on a fishing tube?

This is the most popular question for any product that comes into sell. A decent tube will range between 90-300 dollars.

If your favorite pick has a higher price tag, be sure to closely compare the statistics against budget models.

A tube with premium materials will cost you top dollar but also deliver you top-level performance.

What type of tubes are the lightest and easiest to backpack?

Tubes that are completely inflatable with inflatable seats and backrests are more likely to be the lightest. Thought, lack of popularity, but still a donut tube can be stuffed into a backpack.

However, today some V-shaped and U-shaped tubes feature dimensions that are more suited for the large backpack with your other fishing gears.

If you’re planning to do camping after fishing, you will likely have to carry a lot of weight ( possibly more than 50 pounds) excluding the backpackable tube.

Rod that is more suitable with the fishing tube?

A longer fly rod will be better for easier, accurate and long ranged casting. For better coverage, pick a rod at least 9 feet in length.

What is the suitable weight of a fishing float tube?

Fishing float tube weight will typically vary between 10-25 pounds deflated and more after fully assembled and inflated. Pick a weight that is lighter yet more premium.

And try to be light in gears, don’t pick unnecessary stuff that could prove to be a burden rather than beneficial.

How many types of float tubes are out there?

Pick a lake or river that is known to have a composed stream. Avoid going into high tides especially in a rough weather.

What to do if my tube gets punctured?

The emergency flotation chamber will keep you from drowning, so don’t panic. Some tube comes with a repairing kit. Nonetheless, keep one with you just in case.

SUG: I keep “FLEX TAPE” with me. You can try it out. Works like a magic.

Is trolling possible in a fishing float tube?

It is a bit harder and tiresome. Stick to fly fishing, more suitable for tube fishing.

Are you going without a bottle of water?

Yes, it is possible to take a few sips from the lake, but lately, antibiotics have decreased functionality against viruses, so, spare yourself the trouble and keep a bottle of water.

Can I go Bass fishing with a float tube?

For sure you can. Furthermore, you will likely to hook more Bass because of your stealthy mode on a floating tube.

Why it is best to have some leashes while fishing with a tube?

Keep a couple of leashes to protect your gears from sinking into the depth of the lake.

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I tried to lay out every possible little detail there is to make it easier for you to pick the best fishing float tube. It’s easier operation attract a lot of anglers these days. Especially the repairing cost is ridiculously low, and sometimes, if you have a repairing kit, you can DIY pretty conveniently.

Oops, I forgot to add on keeping repairing kits with you in the tips section. Anyway, the overall advantage of a fishing float tube is clear. The better fishing tube will always have the necessary accessories, super portability, a lot of storage options etc. Just make sure to pick the right tube for your preference. Fish away folks.

Note that, avoid using a floating tube in rough water and if you’re planning to tackle heavy fish.

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