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Top 10 Best ice fishing boots

Winter in the horizon. Ice fishing awaits. Folks who want to go for winter ice fishing should gear up properly. And I couldn’t emphasize enough to go for the best ice fishing boots. I’m sure investing a few hundred dollars is far comfier than getting frostbite.

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Besides, you need to have an ice fishing boot for better traction and proper waterproofing features. A decent ice fishing boot should at least have these following qualities-

  • Waterproofing
  • Thick inner lining/ under the insole
  • Soft insole footbed
  • Rubber outsole for traction, shock-absorbent
  • Contour strength
  • Enclosed gaiter

Keeping in mind these various aspects, we’ve prepared a list of the best ice fishing boots just for you. There, we discussed each of their characteristics in detail. Take a look if they match up to your preference or not. We also have a wonderful list of ice fishing rod and for more comfort, a collection of ice fishing heater which might grab your interest.

Top review geeks choice

Our team has researched and evaluated the attributes of these models thoroughly and made a decisive choice. And the winner is-

Muck Arctic Sport High-performance Men’s winter boot

After reading I was overwhelmed by the amount of positive ice fishing boots reviews this one has. An overall balanced choice for ice fishing. But if you want a boot with extreme insulation, then the focus goes to-

Baffin men’s impact insulated boot

Choose this model only if you’re likely to dwell in the blizzard and extreme cold. Otherwise, don’t.

Before you jump in, these ice fishing accessories could be of some use.

1. Muck Arctic Sport High-performance Men’s winter boot

Muck Arctic Sport Rubber High Performance Men's Winter Boots, Black, 10M US



  • Synthetic body
  • Rubber sole
  • 5 mm neoprene for flexibility, comfort & waterproofing
  • Excellent shock absorption & heat retention elements
  • Flexible Spandura increase durability
  • Soft fleece lining & 2 mm thermal foam in footbed withstand temperature from -40°F to 40°F

Overview: The motto of Muck boot Co. Is a comfort, practical application, and waterproofing. These boots are proven to withstand the conditions of all seasons. So your feet can be both comfortable and well protected. Introducing the Muck Arctic sports men’s winter boot. From flexibility to comfort, durability to the great insulation and most important of all, waterproofing. Let’s find out if this one deserves your hard-earned dollars or not.

Material & measurements: A boots main attributes lies within it’s forging materials. If anything lacks in this department, then the whole idea collapses. This Muck Arctic winter sports boot has a synthetic body with a rubber sole. It’s opening measurement close to 15.5″ with 14,4″ shaft measurements from the arch. Heel and platform measurements are approximately 1.25″ and 0.75″.

Insulation & comfort: You’d want your boot to be both comfortable and flexible at the same time. The Muck Arctic Sport boot comes wrapped with 5 mm of neoprene. It helps the wearer to feel comfortable and agile. Waterproofing is another must have an attribute for any decent boots. And since you’re shopping for ice fishing boots, can’t make an exception.

You’ll have excellent waterproofing with the Muck Arctic boot. Also, heat retention properties allow out to stay comfortable in both -40 °F to 40 °F. The boot is designed to withstand the harsh cold weather. It’s EVA contoured molded missile design ad extra support. You’ll find the insulation intact even when standing in ankle-deep snow.

Our thoughts: Although the boat is labeled men oriented, lades can give it a try as well. A sealed rubber shell with ankle height is necessary to combat the cold. Also, you’ll find the thermal foam wrapped in the footbed is comfy and warm. Besides, the price is also reasonable.

  • Can be used in both winter and rainy season
  • Proper insulation prevents foot infections
  • Good grips on the sole
  • Proper fit & comfortable foaming
  • You can’t go wrong with this boot

PS: Ladies will have to order one size below since the boat is oriented for men. So if you are women size 9, order men size 8 for proper fit.

2. Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 cold weather boot

Kamik Men's Greenbay 4 Cold Weather Boot,Black,11 M US



  • Six hundred denier nylon
  • Sole: Synthetic & rubber blend
  • Shaft: Nearly 13″ from arch
  • Boot opening face: 20″ circular measurements
  • Removable 8mm thermal guard liner

Overview: Most of us love to see the exotic sights of nature. And we ain’t afraid to go above and beyond to seek such thrill. The Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 cold-weather boot has manufactured just to serve that purpose. From the cold blistering winter to the mild spring dusk, this boot ensures comfort, durability, and longevity. Let’s find out if we should invest your money in one of these pairs or not.

Material & size: The Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 cold-weather boot has durable 600D nylon upper with a removable 8 mm left liner. The mid-boot hook and loop strap is adjustable. So regardless of different size diagrams, the boot offers an excellent fit. That lace lock snow collar prevents cold from sneaking in. Also, the boot has excellent shock absorption capacity. Thanks to its pulse injected TPR outsole.

There are sizes available from 7-15. So you can grab matching boots for all of your family members. Please note that the shaft, width, weight, will be different depending on size.

Insulation & comfort: In the past, boots were characterized based on weather. But now more companies coming up with all-weather boots. Herewith Kamik, you’ll get the best of 2 kinds of weather. You can sink your boot in layers of ice with ease. And in the summer, just remove the thermal lining and you’re good to go. Although the boot is not breathable so you might face sweaty feet. So it’s possible to use this boot in the summer, but I’ll pass on that idea.

Let’s talk about comfort now. Because a boot isn’t worth anything if it’s not comfortable. The Kamik winter boot does a good job when it comes to comfort. Your feet’s declared heat will be concealed within the boot. Thanks for its lace lock snow collar design. And that mid strapped Velcro will secure your feet within the boot and prevent any loose-fitting. And the synthetic rubber mixed injected TPR sole will only act as a shock absorber but also ensure adequate grip on a slippery icy surface.

Our thoughts: Considering the price tag, Kamik offers value for money ice boot. I really loved the rigidity of this boot. An excellent choice for everyday thrill seekers and avid anglers.

  • Durable & comfortable sole
  • Good insulation even in -40° C
  • The decent grip on the slippery surface
  • The boot nylon is rated waterproof, but stay away from water splash

3. Sorel Men’s conquest boot

Sorel Men's Conquest Snow Boot, Bark, 11.5 M US



  • Material: 100% leather & textile synthetic
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Boot opening: 16″ circular
  • -40° F cold weather resistant
  • Waterproof leather with 400g Thinsulate ultimate insulation
  • Heel height: 4″
  • Built-in gaiter bootie with drawstring
  • Barrel lock snow collar

Overview: The name says it all. If you’re out their trekking, camping, exploring or fishing in the cold, Sorel Men’s conquest boot is a must pick for you. This is an all-purpose boot. Not only you can take it to an adventure, but you can also use it for sports activities like snowmobiling, sledding, and other demanding winter sport. The boot is also designed for all-season fishing and hunting or as simple as walking down the street.

Material & size: The boot is made from 100% leather and synthetic textile. Which makes it both stylish and comfortable to use. The sole is made from rubber. Excellent for shock absorption.

Sorel offers three color options and 7-15 size to choose from. Please note that the width, weight, the shaft will be different depending on the chosen size.

Insulation & comfort: A winter boot is nothing without proper insulation. Sorel Men’s conquest boot offers 400g Thinsulate ultimate insulation system that ensures your feet stays warm for a long time. The leather itself is waterproof, a perfect addition to have especially when you’re looking for the best ice fishing boots. A pair of built-in gaiters keep your feet warmer and protects it from any outside impacts. Furthermore, the boots seam-sealing feature adds a little more to the insulation part.

When it comes to comfort, Sorel Men’s conquest boots it up a notch. You’ll feel that comfort tight away as soon as you put on the boot. Because the footbed is modeled, Eva. Then comes the grip of the sole. That rubber multi-directional sole offers excellent shock-absorbing capacity with superior grip on any slippery surface. And you won’t see your feet moving around the boot. Thanks to the Achilles adjustment strap with shatterproof YKK Shokonlock buckle closing.

Our thoughts: This boot is a solid ice fishing option for avid anglers. The entire boot is well insulated with dependable waterproofing leather. A perfect choice for those who want to fish, extreme cold sport, and even for trekking.

  • Excellent comfort & insulation
  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Stylish & modern looking
  • We could use a little more durable arch support

4. Sorel Men’s bear extreme snow boot

Sorel Men's Bear Extreme Snow Boot,Black/Red Quartz,11 M US



  • Material: 100% textile synthetic
  • Sole: synthetic
  • Shaft: 13.5″ from arch
  • Heel measurements: 1.25″
  • Waterproof
  • Handcrafted vulcanized rubber shell

Overview: Another top-notch ice fishing boot from Sorel. This time its bear extreme snow boots. The word extreme says it all. In terms of durability and longevity, this boot gets full marks. Whether it’s regular winter or a blizzard, you can use this boot with comfort and confidence. So, why should you pick this boot for your next trekking or fishing? Let’s find out.

Material & size: Some of you might be surprised to see the absence of leather in this boot. Well, just because it’s only textile and synthetic doesn’t mean it has inferior quality. In fact, the rigidness of this boot is assured by this particular material choice. The vulcanized rubber shell is handcrafted and waterproof. Your feet will stay dry even in shin-deep snow. And you won’t face any moisture build-up either.

Different types of sizes are available. From kid to the dad, it will fit them all. You will find sizes from 7-17. Each size has a different shaft, weight, and width.

Insulation & comfort: The basic purpose of an ice fishing boot is to keep your feet warm and dry. We already saw the boot is waterproof. But does it keep your feet warm? The answer is a resounding YES! In fact, the Sorel Men’s bear extreme snow boot can be used in -60° F. Which is both impressive and useful.

Sorel hasn’t forgotten to make this boot comfortable. The vulcanized rubber shell combined with Sorel aero-track non-loading outsole offers a blend of comfort and performance. Since you’re gonna be fishing outside. There’s no telling which situation you might face. Let’s say you found yourself striving through ankle-deep snow. Will this boot hold its own? Absolutely. The drawstring and barrel lock closure will keep the warmth within and prevent snow or cold from entering.

To keep the insulation intact, you got a recyclable 9mm felt inner boot with Omni-heat-reflective lining. To keep our feet warm, Sorel featured 25 mm bonded felt frost plug in the midsole.

Our thoughts: What do we expect from the best ice fishing boot? Good insulation, waterproof, comfort, excellent fit, durability, longevity and yes, reasonable pricing. If these are your priorities, then the Sorel Men’s bear extreme Snow boot is the one. But if the look is more important, then I would suggest staying away from this snow boot. The design is simple and bland. I like it. How about you?

  • Excellent low-temperature rating at -60° F
  • Successfully keeps out water and snow
  • Good build quality with a reasonable price tag
  • Arch support is somewhat ok

5. Baffin men’s wolf snow boot

Baffin Men's Wolf Snow Boot,Black/Pewter,10 M US



  • Material: 100% leather & textile with synthetic sole
  • Insulation: -40° F
  • Removable 7 layer insulated boot system
  • Heel: 1.5″ (approx)
  • Shaft: 11″ (approx)

Overview: Baffin has started their ice boot journey about two and a half decades ago. In the beginning, they focused on insulated and non-insulated boots. Despite manufacturing insulated footwear, they weren’t up to the mark of being an ice boot. Then one-day they started merging modeling technology with foam-based inner boot system. Since then they have achieved more insulation, suitable fit, and comfort in their ice boot lineup. Their molded sole and midsole to the base set them apart from other ice boot manufacturers. Let’s find out if the Baffin men’s wolf boot is suitable for us or not.

Material & size: You’ll find the boot spectacular and smooth finish. Thanks to its 100% leather and textile blend. The sole is made of synthetic. Eva compound ensures longevity, insulation, and comfort.

The average weight of the boot is 2.4 lbs. Now, this might vary upon your preferred boot size. Baffin men’s wolf snow boot size starts from 7 to 14. So for those big footers, it’s a no go.

Insulation & comfort: The most important aspect of a proper ice boot is insulation. Baffin has made sure of that. Starting from that EVA compound. Not only is it comforting but also provides adequate warmth to your feet. Timberwood leather with dual-weave 900 denier nylon upper secured by double buckle system. This feature further enhances insulation rated up to -40° F. You’ll also feel comfortable in knee-deep snow. Thanks to its snow collar lock.

Comfort is a sector where Baffin has worked significantly. Take the five layers inner boot system as an example. Not only it increases insulation but also the level of comfort. There is also an integrated rubber outsole with arch support. The moment you’ll insert feet into it, a sensation of comfort will lick in. Feels just right with this Baffin men’s wolf snow boot.

Our thoughts: Simple, elegant and offers just enough insulation. Baffin men’s wolf snow boot is manufactured to cope with the harsh winter conditions. Something you’ll face while ice fishing. I personally like the company approach. They tried to stand out in the crowd of snow boots by adding little extra features like reflective piping. It looks cool and adds an extra layer of security. Something we anglers appreciate.

  • Five layers inner boot system
  • Snow collar lock
  • Comfortable & built to last longer
  • No waterproofing

6. Muck Arctic High-performance Men’s winter boot

Muck Arctic Sport Rubber High Performance Men's Winter Boots



  • Material: Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft: nearly 11″ from arch
  • 5 mm neoprene
  • Insulation: -40° to 40° F
  • 100% waterproof

Overview: When a manufacturer aims to produce a high-performance, comfortable with a reasonably priced boot, something good will eventually come out. And it did. The Muck Arctic High-performance Men’s winter boot features just that. Today, the Muck Arctic boot not only covers all those features but also adds style. An excellent choice for an ice fishing boot as well as other casual activities.

Material & size: If you’re a leather guy, then this boot isn’t for you. Because it’s main material is synthetic. Although the sole is rubber made. Excellent for gripping even on a slippery surface. In addition, the rubber sole absorbs shock quite effectively. The inner shell is sealed rubber extends up to the ankle. This will help you stay warm and prevent moisture build-up. When I first used the Muck Arctic high-performance Men’s winter boot in camping, the grip impressed me. I noticed some rigged molded lugs with the outsole. Truly a boot for ice fishing as well as rough uneven terrain.

You’ll find different sizes starting from 6 up to 16. Another convenience is all the sizes are unisex. A complete package for a fun family outing.

Insulation & comfort: An ice fishing boot needs to be waterproof and comfortable. Because you’ll need to be in it for a long time. Fortunately, Muck Arctic high-performance Men’s winter boot offers adequate insulation and comfort. Rated at -40° F, you won’t feel any discomfort even in ankle-deep snow and slush. The 5 mm neoprene has a few advantages. From waterproofing to shock absorption, as well as heat retention. It also adjusts the natural contours of the feet to prevent chafing.

Our thoughts: If you live in a place with harsh winter and rugged terrain, this boot is ideal for you. Not only it offers considerable comfort, but also durability and great grip. On top of that, it’s waterproof. A perfect blend of style and usable attributes.

  • Excellent grip
  • Extends up to the ankle
  • Great fit & adequate thermal insulation
  • Value for money
  • We’d love to see some leather

7. Baffin men’s snow monster insulated all-weathered winter boot

Baffin Men's Snow Monster-M, Worn Brown, 12 D US



  • Material: Fully leather/fabric
  • Insulation: – 70° C/ 94° F
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Shaft: 11″ from arch ( approximately )
  • Heal: 1.5″ ( approximately )
  • Knee-high boot
  • Bungee-cord speed lacing system
  • Adjustable width

Overview: Baffin started their journey around two and a half decades ago. Their motto is to come up with a comfortable and well-insulated winter boot. The Baffin men’s snow monster insulated all-weathered winter boot is the result of their relentless obsession for quality and class. They put the traditional molding technique and combined it with foam-based inner boot system. So the hybrid outcome will yield better performance with a positive price tag.

Material & size: A perfect blend of fabric and leather is used to put this boot into perspective. The leather is Timberwolfl and the upper nylon is insulated Diamond-lite. You’re probably wondering why Baffin used the “snow monster” labeling with this boot. It’s because the boot uses inner layers and Thermo plus tech. You’ll also have comfortable insole, footbed, and outsole. More on that in the comfort section.

As for sizes, you’ll have an array of several types to choose from. Starting from 7 up to 14, enough to have matching fishing boots for the family.

Insulation & comfort: Now about that inner lining, Baffin put a whopping 8 of them. And to top it off, they used Thermo plus techs so you’ll never experience any cold feet. The comfort doesn’t end there. You’ll find this boot easier to put on and out for its Heel pull. And once you under the feet inside, the soft waffle insole and anatomical footbed will feel right at home. In addition, the outsole is not like any other. It’s Icepaw™ tech provides excellent grip on any terrain.

Our thoughts: The Baffin men’s snow monster all-weathered insulated winter boot is suitable for those who are looking for a long winter fishing or camping trip. Also, the boot is surprisingly well built. So if you wanna do some winter sport and snowMobile riding, go ahead. The boot will hold its own well below temperature.

  • Excellent grip on any given terrain
  • Protects the feet against standard impact
  • Best in class insulation
  • Waterproofing would’ve been icing on the cake

8. Muck men’s Arctic pro-hunting boot

Muck Boots Arctic Pro Camo Mossy Oak - Men's 6.0, Women's 7.0 B(M) US



  • Material: 100% synthetic & fabric blend
  • Insulation: 60° F ( 50° C )
  • 8 mm neoprene
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable footwear
  • 2 mm thermal footbed foaming
  • Lightweight EVA midsole
  • Stretch-fit Comfort topline snugs

Overview: Around a couple of decades ago, Muck has started it’s a journey to make comfortable and durable winter boots. In time, their obsession paid off. They continued to bless the market with one good product after another. Introducing the men’s Arctic pro-hunting boot. So those guys out there do both fishing and hunting, check this boot out. Who knows, this boot might serve you three ways.

Material & size: For a boot this simple, there’s a lot going on with it. Let’s see how it is made. Muck has used a mixture of synthetic and fabric to make this boot. Lightweight EVA insole with double reinforcement instep is featured in this Muck hunting pro book. Also, the stretch free comfort topline with tall rubber ensures maximum cover from knee-deep snow and water. You’ll also find 2 mm of thermal foam in the footbed and 8 mm neoprene adjusted to the contours.

When it comes to different sizes, the Mick men’s Arctic pro-hunting boot offers plenty to choose from. Starting from size 5 up to 15, you’ll be able to choose for your kids as well as for other adult members of your family from this manufacturer.

Insulation & comfort: Proper insulation plays an important role in any winter boot. For this hunting boot, the ratings are -60° F/ 50° C to 30° F/-1° C. Enough to withstand a blizzard with ease. The company uses 2 mm thermal foam within the insole with fleece boot linings to ensure warmth and comfort. Furthermore that 8 mm adjusted neoprene to the contours takes the insulation to the next level. To keep the heat-sealed, Muck uses a stretch free comfort Topline to seal the extended rubber top prevent cold from entering and body heat from escaping. To make things even cozier, the boot offers EVA insole cushioning.

Our thoughts: In terms of price to performance, the Arctic hunting boot is hard to pass by. A too of the line manufacture followed by proper insulation and comfort. Both water and shockproof with camouflage skin. A complete winter boot equipped for both fishing and hunting.

  • Well insulated and comfortable
  • High-quality rough rubber
  • Built to withstand extreme condition
  • Haven’t noticed anything

9. Baffin men’s control Max insulated boot

Baffin Men's Control Max Snow Boot,Worn Brown,12 M US



  • Material: Leather
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Insulation: -70° C/ -94 °F
  • Integrated Arctic flex and rubber base
  • Icepaw technology for superior grip

Overview: Baffin has upped the game by introducing one ice boot after another. Not just any ordinary boots. In terms of quality and price, it’s hard to find an evenly matched manufacturer right now. Introducing the Baffin men’s control Max insulated boot. Yes, the name indicates it offers extreme insulation. I don’t personally own this one. So I researched and analyzes how it would perform by reading ice fishing boots review. Let’s see what I found is this one really worth your hard-earned dollar?

Material & size: Whenever I see the core material of an ice boot is leather, I immediately have a positive feeling. Some people may argue that leather and synthetic blend is more durable. Actually, it depends on how you look at it. The boot features a durable contoured timberwolf upper for durability. Using rubber as a sole material is an excellent choice. Not only it absorbs shock, but also offers exceptional grip and traction.

As per size, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Ladies beware of the appropriate size. It differs with men. I would’ve liked it if Baffin offered lower sizes like 5 or 6. But that’s okay. This boot is focused on men after all. But if you are above size 15, forget about this boot.

Insulation & comfort: Insulation is quite good. Actually, it will exceed your expectations. Certainly did mine. And for good reason of course. When you can dwell below -70° F temperature, winter will be your playground. Now the comfort part is cleverly managed by Baffin. They used 8 layers of inner boot lining and Thermo plus. It helps keep your feet warm and comfortable. The rubber base with integrated Arctic flex ensures excellent shock absorbing capability as well as nimble mobility.

Our thoughts: When functionality combines with fashion, you get an ice fishing boot hard to pass by. This hybrid styled high-performance ice fishing boot is capable to withstand knee-deep snow and subzero atmosphere. The only downside, there aren’t any specified waterproof ratings. So style, swag, and enough insulation is your need, go for it. Just make sure not to dive into the water or let the boot submerged for too long.

  • Comfortable & well insulated
  • Tough build quality will see through a dozen winter
  • Non-Slip rubber sole: no risk of falling even on the wet surface
  • No ratings on waterproofing

10. Baffin men’s impact insulated boot

Baffin Men's Impact Snow Boot,Black,10 M US



  • Material: 100% Nylon & Rubber
  • Sole: Rubber
  • 8- layer inner boot system
  • Getflex midsole
  • Insulation: -148 ° F

Overview: We had to include another awesome Baffin ice boot. Ideal for your ice fishing purpose of course. I love it when tradition meets modern implementation. Combining the latest modeling methods with a foam-based inner boot system produces top-notch performance. Besides, this Baffin men’s impact insulated boot has the highest ratings on insulation. Come along with my friends, let’s see what else this boot has in store for us.

Material & size: If you’re looking for a leather ice fishing boot, then please pass this one up. Because the core material is a mixture of nylon and rubber. That double buckles and toggle snow collar with waterproof bass makes sure you can walk on knee-deep snow and water without the building of moisture.

Out of many reasons, I added this boot to this list for the availability of various sizes. But then again, all other ice fishing boots have the same. Anyway, I feel it’s nice to pair up the same boot if you wanna go for a family ice fishing. You can choose from 7 to size 15. Please note that rag boot will have different weight.

Insulation & comfort: I have to say, in terms of insulation, the Baffin men’s impact insulated boot is the best. Rated -148° F, meaning you’ll be able to experience harsh winter adventure. So what makes the boot so warm? Starting with that 8-layer removable inner lining. Toggle class snow collar keeps the body heat locked and prevents snow, cold and water from entering. Soft getflex midsole takes comfort to the next level. Whereas rugged traction rubber outsole grips the surface well and absorbs shock.

Our thoughts: If insulation is your only preference, then this one is your cup of tea. In my opinion, the presence of leather would’ve sealed this boot as the best ice fishing boot. It’s still could be if you’re least bothered about the absence of leather. One other aspect to consider, the price. It’s more expensive than other ice boots on this list. So before you decide on this boot, I suggest checking out the entire list first.

  • Unmatchable insulation rating in contrast to pricing
  • Rugged yet comfortable
  • Waterproof, happy ice fishing folks
  • We would like only leather around the instep

How to choose ice fishing boots

You might disagree with our list. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you how to choose ice fishing boots. Just read his section and you’ll know what to look for in an ice fishing boot. You could call this an ice fishing boots guide as well.


The primary object of an ice fishing boot is to keep you warm. It’s not like you’ll be always soaked in water every time you go fishing. Nearly all the boot features an interior insulation system which aims to keep your body heat from escaping. Now, how much insulation you need. It depends on your boot wearing style. With socks on, choose something between 1,000 – 1,500 grams. But without socks, you’ll have to choose at least 2.500 grams of insulation. Too much insulation could flare up sweating hence cool down your extremities later on.

Gaiter ( The part where you insert the shoe )

There’s no point having an incredible insulating system if you don’t have enclosed gaiter. Usually, the manufacturer places drawstring to tighten up and seal the boot to your leg. Several benefits are achieved by this. Water, snow, wind, moisture won’t be able to get in. Unless of course if our boot isn’t waterproof, you might face wet feet. Dry feet, no bacterial or fungal infections. So, if you’re planning to dwell on the knee-deep snow or tuck your pants into your boot, a proper gaiter is what the doctor ordered.

Shaft length

If snow and ice creep into your boot, the whole purpose of an ice fishing boot becomes pointless. To prevent this, choose an ice fishing boot with a taller shaft which reaches underneath your pants. Wouldn’t hurt to have an extra layer of protection.

You will find most of the ice fishing boot offers 10 and 18 inches shaft. Now it’s up to you to try them on and hopefully not flooding the insole when submerged. Tall folks out there might feel good with a longer shaft. But don’t consider this assumption unless you try it for yourself. But for your convenience, go between 13-14 inches. Hopefully, you’ll feel right at home.


Have you ever wondered why most of us focus on the outsole of a boot! I guess it’s our premeditated instincts, and a damn good one I would say. Rubber is the go-to choice as the outsole material. Because it’s –

  • Waterproof
  • Good grip even on the slippery surface
  • Don’t decay easily under traction
  • Shock absorbent
  • Provide great comfort and warmth

Now let’s get on top. Here you’ll come across several materials. But in general, the combination of Synthetics (Nylon) leather and rubber is the go-to choice. But if waterproofing is your sole focus, then rubber boot will serve your purpose. Most of us prefer leather show because of the water-resistant chemical they come in but, some eventually will sneak in and ruin the moment. So before you go all rubbery, make sure that the boot offers adjustment features. If not then enjoy the slippery shift while you walk my friend.


1. Are there any benefits of neoprene?

To resist cold, lofted insulation system is used in most hiking and work boots. You’ll find these laminated to the entire sole lining. If not then must be glued into the toe area. And by the way, it’s not waterproof as material unless treated and designed. Manufacturers input waterproof membrane in the neoprene to serve excellent insulation.

2. What if my rubber outsole gets punctured?
 Is it a death sentence for your ice fishing boot? No. Just grab some sealant from the local hardware store or better, order online. Then use mineral spirits to clean the punctured area carefully. Gently apply sealant on the damaged area and wipe it clean with a thin film. Leave the boot in the open. The sealant should dry out in a day or so.
3. How do I keep my feet warm when ice fishing?

Ice fishing demands serious protection. Because you won’t withstand the harsh winter with a standard boot. Let’s see what you can do to resist the cold.

  • Waterproof boot
  • Good insulated boot with enclosed gaiter system
  • Don’t leave the winter wader behind (if you have one)
  • In case of a severe blizzard and possible frostbite, wrap your extremities with poly bag.
  • A pair of warm socks can get you through so much.
  • Try to keep your feet on a couple of plants or wood when waiting for your catch.
  • Use heater if possible.
4. What is needed for ice fishing?

Veteran anglers already know this but for our new adventurers, this checklist will surely help.

  • Winter gears and cloths
  • PFD
  • Ice picks
  • Ice auger and skimmer
  • Combination of ice jigs
  • Ice fishing gears
  • Use at least a 5-gallon bucket with a lid. You can sit and keep your catch easily
5. What is the best way to walk on ice?

Even with a good ice fishing boot, you’ll likely to stumble on the ice. Especially if it’s your first time. Just follow these steps to safely walk on ice.

  • Don’t take long steps right away. Take it short, shuffle a bit to stay nimble and stable. Understand the friction between your boot and ice.
  • Lean forward as you walk. Try to achieve a flat step. Keep the center of gravity in the middle of your feet.
  • Can the swag and keep your hands out of your pockets.

Always prepare to take a fall. When you fall, avoid arm stretching. And try to fall with substantial contact at your shoulder, hip, and thigh.

6. Do I need a special type of license for ice fishing?
Not that I know of. Although license varies from states to states. So if you’re planning to visit out of state, there’s a definite possibility of obtaining at least a permit from the local wildlife service center. For more details, please check this government online fishing license site.

Finally, when you decide to go on an ice fishing trip, every wearable gear needs to have special attributes. Today we discussed the best ice fishing boots and evaluated some criteria to identify one. Some of you folks try to use hunting boots for ice fishing purpose. Trust me, folks, without proper insulation, waterproofing, enclosed gaiter, inner lining traction and a bunch of other facilities, it won’t fly.

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Hey I'm Nicholi Wyto is a professional sports fisherman and hunter, love to enjoy spending time in Michigan’s rugged northern forests. I love to explore my experience and help others who are interested in fishing and hunting.

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