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Top 8 Best ice fishing suit [Review & Buying Guide]

Winter is on the horizon. For many anglers, it’s their offseason, but there are those who want the thrill and adventure of winter ice fishing. As you make your gear checklist, it’s absolutely necessary to pick the best ice fishing suit. If you can’t get proper insulation from the cold winter wind, there won’t be any thrill left in ice fishing.

Best Pick: Best ice fishing suit

The best ice fishing suit should at least have these attributes-

  • Proper insulation even in low humidity
  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable
  • Safety features
  • Personal Floatation Device (PFD)

Remember, even If you choose the best Ice fishing gear, it won’t save you from the frosting wind. You will find thousands of ice fishing suit in the market. To save your time, we’ve made a list consists of 8 ice fishing suits. Each of them offers proper performance to match their price tag.

I also got a list of the best ice fishing boot in case you need a pair. Before you move on to the list, make sure that you assembled all the necessary ice fishing accessories for your next adventure.

1. Stormr Strykr Neoprene Jacket or Bib pants

Stormr Strykr Jacket, Smoke/Black, Small - Fishing, Fly Fishing & Ice Fishing



  • Material: Polyester
  • Waterproof and moisture-proof
  • Only 3XL size available
  • Adjustable two-way good
  • Full-length storm flap & scratch resistant fleece-lined interior
  • Two interior breathable gear pockets
  • Corrosion and water-resistant zipper
  • Extended collar
  • Material is abrasion resistant
  • Weight 1 lb

Overview: An ice fishing suit should last a couple of seasons at least. But what if you could go on for decades with your next ice fishing suit? Introducing the durable and stylish Stormr Stryker suit with Bob’s pants. They come in three colors: black, red and grey. But I dig the grey color more.

What’s the main point of wearing a jacket? To keep yourself well insulated and protect you from the fish of freezing cold. The Stormr Stryker gets the job done with ease. The polyester material is lined with fleece on the inside that extends up to the collar.

Thank God this beautiful suit is waterproof. It would’ve been a deal-breaker instead. The outer fabric also prevents any moisture build-up. It’s important to keep yourself and your attire dry. Due to the rapid loss of heat because of less moisture absorption by the fabric.

This effect increases the chill in the humid weather condition. Just wear this one in both seasons and see how well it holds hot air beneath the fleece linings. Even the cuffs are designed to stay dry in case you get splashed by snow or water during the ice hole digging segment.

What we liked: After wearing, you’ll feel the suit’s ability to retain heat. And if the size fits you perfectly, the insulation during the freezing cold winter is adequate and unmatched, especially in this price segment. I would say the Stormr Stryker is one of the best ice fishing suit for the money.

Areas of improvement: I would like this suit even more if it were waterproof, not water-resistant. The main entry point of the water is the black patch at the lower portion closer to the end of the back. Don’t worry, the water will squeak in only of you submerge it. You’ll stay protected from snow and rain, so don’t worry. In heavy snowfall, occasionally brush off snow from the mentioned area.

  • 100% protection from cold gush wind both in the neck and torso area
  • Keep the inner temperature regulated with it’s superior insulate modulation
  • Waterproof cuffs
  • That dark patch should’ve been waterproof
  • You may sweat if you do any intense task for longer
  • Occasionally need to let outside air in to prevent moisture build-up

2. Striker Ice Men’s Fishing Predator jacket

Striker Ice Men's Fishing Cold Weather Waterproof Insulated Hooded Predator Jacket, Gray/Black, Large



  • Material: 3200 Tussor Shell Material
  • Waterproof & breathable
  • Thermadex Insulation (100g)
  • Inner Lycra and fast drain sleeve & hem cuff
  • Magnetic flap lock

Overview: If you’re looking for a premium ice fishing jacket with loads of features, the Striker predator is the right choice. Some say it’s a pro jacket, and for good reason. I mean there are only a few jackets that are windproof, waterproof and breathable with Thermadex Insulation.

No matter the weather, the predator jacket will ensure you chase down your next trophy catch with maximum effort. The Striker predator aims to keep you warm yet eligible for the intense tasks for a long time.

It comes in nearly sizes and fits like a unisex attire. The fabric is thick and well insulated with proper ventilation for comfort. Whenever you do some intense task, the Thermadex and Hydrophore system helps the Tussor shell to eject hot moisturized air. Thanks to its three layers of fabric, you’ll stay waterproof and dry, also well protected from the cold wind.

Our likings: I mentioned the ventilation ability of the predator jacket. It keeps you dry and protects from moisture building. The breathable nature allows some tiny bit of air to pass through. Enough to keep your body odorless. No matter how cold it is outside, you will feel like the comfort of your living room. An excellent thick jacket that doesn’t interfere with your movements.

Areas in need of improvement: The hood is cool but it might obstruct vision for some even after adjusting the hood wear. The top part of the jacket isn’t adjustable so you’ll face with limited side view issue.

  • Crossflow ventilation allows natural ventilation
  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Low-density polyethylene lowers moisture built-up
  • None

3. Frabill I-Float jacket

Frabill Mens I-Float Jacket, Black, Medium



  • Material: 100% Nylon
  • Certified US Coast guard PFD
  • Waterproof & windproof
  • USCG foam insulation
  • Adjustable collapsible visored hood
  • Weight:12 oz
  • Size: S- 3XL

Overview: Frabill I-Float jacket lives up to its name. In the winter on the ice, anything can happen. And did you fall down into the freezing water, you got roughly 7 minutes to get out before hypothermia and other complications kick in. Besides, loads of you might not know how to swim after all. I think investing in Frabill I-Float jacket is a smart move especially if you live away from rescue authorities.

It’s not your everyday ordinary ice fishing jacket. It has U.S. coast guard certification. So even if you fall down to a powerful stream, you’ll stay afloat and wait for help or swim towards the shore. If you think the jacket’s mass will bring you down, then don’t worry. The mesh self-drainage openings force out water and there are also additional safety features like ice picks and holsters.

Even at night, rescue workers will see your high visibility USCG orange accents and linings as well as 3M Scotchlite reflective material. The 200-Nylon ripstop shell allows you to work flawlessly while not limiting certain movements. You just can’t put a price on your safety. And what better way is to say safe to invest in safety gear. This I e fishing jacket is not only safe to wear, but it also offers adequate insulation and other features like waterproof, windproof and heavy Cordura at wear points for durability.

Our likings: The jacket has a reflective tape along with a USCG floatation certification. Also, the ergonomic design won’t restrict your movements. Also, the nylon taffeta over the USCG foam for comfort and proper insulation.

Areas in need of improvement: The jacket makes a squeaking sound as you move around. The noise comes when you rub the elbow together. But I think it’s bearable when your life’s at stake.

  • Ice fishing jacket with built-in PFD
  • Reflective tape
  • Drainage patches to reduce the water build-up
  • None

4. Frabill I5 Series Jacket

Frabill Ice I5 Jacket, Black, X-Large



  • Fully rip-stop nylon taffeta lining
  • Safety features: ice picks, drainage mesh, holster
  • Material: Nylon & Aramid
  • Weight: 15 oz
  • Size: S- 2XL

Overview: When performance meets with quality and a competitive price tag, you gotta go with the Frabill I5 Series Jacket. It’s apparel for serious anglers who wants a jacket that won’t slow them down. The main purpose of an ice fishing jacket is to protect you from the harsh cold. It also has a nice fit and seeing that is so stylish and bold.

For durability, the Frabill I5 jacket features Cordura Rip-Stop nylon shell with ultra-rugged Aramid fiber wear. The entire jacket is well-sealed so you won’t get wet with occasional rain and splashes. The jacket is also breathable, windproof and lightweight with only 150g 3M Thinsulate insulation. You can remove the 3-in 1 inner lining depending on the winter temperature. I’ve had some amazing jackets in my time but this one offered big pouch-like pockets for my gears and escaping occasional chill winds.

Our likings: I like the elbow padding. It’s small but enough to make a difference in terms of comfort and insulation. The god visor is removable and adjustable to your likings. Ergonomic design offers maximum flexibility, something rare in the perspective of an ice fishing jacket. The zipper vents allow you to stop or let in or eject air. Overall a nice lightweight jacket.

Areas in need of improvement: The main material is nylon. So it might get stiffen in minus temperatures, especially when the wind gets chilly. But during snowfall, it won’t make any issues because of that little humidity.

  • Accurate fit as specified size
  • Reinforced elbow padding
  • Abrasion-resistant yet excellent waterproofing and windproofing
  • Ergonomic and modern design with adequate flexibility
  • You might face difficulty in lower humidity weather
  • It doesn’t work well in minus temperature

5. Striker Trekker Ice fishing jacket

Striker Ice Men's Trekker Ice Fishing Flotation Jacket



  • 600D endurance outer shell
  • Waterproof & breathable
  • Thermadex Insulation (60g)
  • Reflective tape
  • Quick-drain Hem and sleeve Cuff
  • Surefloat Floatation technology (150g)
  • Size: S-4XL

Overview: If you want an affordable, well-insulated for early and late winter and windproof ice fishing jacket, the Striker Trekker Ice fishing jacket is the best option. In my opinion, this is the best floating ice fishing suit for the money. The jacket is lightweight and comes in different sizes. So you and your family can enjoy this winter angling while wearing matching jackets.

The first thing I want to talk about is Surefloat assistance technology. In case you break through ice or drop from your boat or kayak, the Striker Trekker won’t let you down. The 150g floatation technology is enough to keep you afloat until you reach safety on your own. Even in lower visibility, the reflective outer lining will make you visible.

Now comes with durability. The 600D rugged outer shell is just as durable as the Hardwater series. You’ll also find this jacket very stylish and versatile in any condition. The reason this jacket is suitable for early winter is because of its 60g Thermadex Insulation instead of 100. You could wear something thermal like a protective windproof and waterproof vest to make this jacket more usable in mid-winter. This is just a suggestion to improvise.

Our likings: The first thing I like about this jacket is its price tag. It won’t stress your pocket yet let you enjoy the safety feature of Floatation technology. In case if you do get wet, the fast-drain helm and sleeve cuffs will speed up the drying process. I also liked how the hood is removable. Who needs a hood in the car or strolling down a few blocks.

Areas in need of improvement: The suit is warm, but not overly warm. Sometimes you need a little bit of ice fishing suit. I wish if they put a removable neoprene lining inside the jacket for more insulation. It would be nice to have a Coast Guard Certification on the floatation feature. You know, we’d feel a bit more secure.

  • Durable & lightweight
  • Floatation technology
  • Removable hood with memory wire visor
  • Not recommend for the coldest region

6. Frabill 2504031 Ice Fishing Safety Gear

Frabill 2504031 Ice Fishing Safety Gear



  • 2 layer nylon: 300 (Denier Talsan) & 500 (Denier wear)
  • Waterproof, windproof & breathable
  • 3M Thinsulate (150g)
  • Hood and sun visor (Adjustable)
  • Tricot lining handwarmer pockets
  • Safety features: ice pick holsters, Frabill ice safety internal label and Frabill self-rescue internal ice pick set
  • Weight: 120 oz
  • Size: S-3 XL

Overview: When durability and performance are needed, the Frabill I-series is the way to go. This jacket is perfect for those extreme anglers who don’t say no and disregards any weather conditions. The 300 denier nylon Taslan shell is fully seamed with features like windproof, waterproof and breathable.

For Insulation, the jacket features 150g 3M Thinsulate insulation and handwarmer pockets with tricot lining. For Safety, you’ll get a reflective 3M Scotchlite material. Along with other features mentioned in the feature section above. Similar in many ways with the I5, the I3 is less thick than it’s an elder brother. Also, the jacket is lighter but manages to house a Floatation device and ice picks.

Our likings: I like how little it weighs yet offers adequate Insulation. You’ll feel less shiver as you put your hand into those fleece-lined hand warming pockets. Apart from safety features and floating ability, the jacket won’t restrict your movements. Also, for durability and abrasion-resistant, the jacket has a 14 PSI 10k MM Hydrostatic resistance. The jacket keeps you warm but in a comfortable way.

Areas in need of improvement: I didn’t like the limitations on size availability. Also, the ice picks might pop out if you’re not careful and subtle.

  • Several safety features
  • Proper insulation even in low humidity
  • Handwarmer pockets
  • Lightweight yet durable and abrasion-resistant
  • The ice picks holster should’ve been deeper
  • No sizes above 3XL

7. Striker Ice Hardwater Series Jacket

Striker Ice Hardwater Jacket



  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Up to 2 hours of buoyancy
  • Reflective 360A material
  • 600D Endura Shell for durability
  • Waterproof & breathable
  • Fast-drain bottom hem and sleeve cuffs with inner Lycra cuffs

Overview: The Striker Hardwater series Jacket will keep you warm and dry in the most extreme winter conditions. In addition, you’ll get some much-needed safety features and floatation technology. The jacket is not only tough, but it also has an excellent waterproofing feature. It’s a jacket on which you can rely on throughout the entire winter season.

In case you need the Floatation assistance, the low-density polyfoam made from a series of layered membranes will keep you afloat up to 2 hours. Even though we all know that after the 7 minutes mark, hypothermia and other complications will kick in. Still, a nice and reliable safety feature nonetheless.

The Thermadex 150g rated Insulation made the jacket a bit bulky but it won’t affect your movements. This is a jacket for extreme weather conditions for better warmth and breathability.

Our likings: It’s nice to have a jacket that is well-insulated, waterproof, windproof with breathable lamination. I like that removable hood with Memory Wire Visor. In case you do get wet, those fast-drain hem and sleeve cuffs with inner Lycra cuffs will get rid of excess water. There’s also an underarm zip vent for breathability. Also, you’ll be visible via 360A reflective lining in any condition.

Areas in need of improvement: Bibs are a bit heavier for some. Even though the 600D Endura Shell should make the jacket durable but there’s only a single incident of grizzling the jacket edges as well as the stitching. I reckon that could be a manufacturing defect or damage was done for other unknown reasons. Overall, the Striker Hardwater is an excellent investment for your hard-earned dollars. Because the majority of us are using this jacket for years without a single issue.

  • Durable & ergonomic design
  • Minimal bulk with no movement limitations
  • Packed with safety features and superior floating ability
  • Nothing significant

8. Striker Ice Men’s Fishing Jacket

Striker Ice Men's Fishing Waterproof Cold Weather Climate Jacket



  • 320D Nylon Tussor Shell
  • Cross-flow ventilation
  • Reflective material
  • Fast-drain helm and sleeve cuffs
  • Superflote (150g) Floatation assistance technology
  • Size: S-5XL

Overview: The Climate ice fishing jacket is one of the best series from Striker. In terms of features and insulation with added safety, the Climate jacket is the flagship line up from Striker. It’s the choice of professionals.

From your pilers to the tackle, you can store the majority of your smaller gears into those ergonomically designed pockets. If you feel a bit warm, there’s a G2 softshell inner liner that is individually usable. A perfect choice for year-round angling.

Our likings: The 320D Nylon Tussor shell is durable. The Climate jacket is also waterproof and breathable. You won’t burn up inside because of the cross-flow ventilation system. Even in low humidity, the jacket feels well insulated. The zippers are waterproof and corrosion-resistant. In case of any wet situation, the Fast-drain Hem and Sleeve cuffs will make the drying process faster and the magnetic Storm flap closure will keep your body warm during the chilling wind. In plain English, I couldn’t find anything to hate on this Climate ice fishing jacket from Striker.

Areas in need of improvement: The jacket is specified as waterproof, but you might feel moisture building under heavy rain.

  • A number of security features: Reflective elements, Superflote floatation assistance technology, inner Lycra cuffs, an inner cellphone pocket, handwarmer pockets
  • Machine washable
  • The inner G2 softshell liner can be worn separately
  • None

How to choose an ice fishing suit- Buying guide

Since it’s outerwear, you might not like the design or features of our list. If you want to look for other options, it’s important to know what to look for in the best ice fishing suit. I’m sure our little buying guide will aid you in your next best ice fishing attire.


You should know the rating of insulation your chosen ice fishing jacket has. If it’s 60g then you won’t get a lot of support under minus temperatures. Anything close or above 100g is best for proper insulation in the harsh cold winter.

Now let’s talk about the type of material that is best for an ice fishing jacket. PU also is known as thermoplastic is the most popular way to stay warm in the winter. Why it’s popular? Because of its excellent Insulation and lower price tag. The material is also very durable, light and offers optimal breathability. Sometimes polyester is mixed with PU. It increases the waterproofing ability. You’ll also see the use of fleece and neoprene in renowned jackets. To keep the insulation in the hand and neck, most manufacturers use a synthetic rubber. You’ll see them in the chest and collar in some ice fishing jacket.


Keeping our water in the winter is important. In case of rain or heavy snowfall, the entry of water means so for insulation. Most budget jackets feature fabric to prevent water from entering. Whereas some popular jackets use additional materials to keep the water at bay. Ice fishing jackets with PFD features will often feature layers of PVC embedded within the fabrics. There’s also small zipper and portholes preventing any water entry into the jacket’s inner liner. Also, cuffs are made in such a way to prevent any water from entering within the attire.


A proper ice fishing suit will never ever restrict your movements in such a way that you become less productive on your angling task. Although ice jackets are heavier than a regular winter jacket their ergonomic design and lightweight material allow the angler to move around freely without feeling the bulk.

PFD (Personal Floatation Device)

This is a must-have feature for your next ice fishing suit. It will protect you from drowning and withstand the shock of the cold water. The U.S. Coast Guard regulates a minimum demand for a float suit. A floating suit should have these minimum attributes.

  • The suit can stay afloat from waterproof material
  • Knee/shin area should be passed with foam.

God forbid, if you find yourself in the cold pool of death, the main objective for you to be out of there ASAP. That’s where better buoyancy comes into play. But there’s a catch. Even if your ice fishing suit can stay afloat for hours, after you pass the 7 minutes mark in the cold water, hypothermia, as well as other issues, will start to rise.

The knee padding will help you to stay in a horizontal position as you start to get closer to the shore. It’s important that you pick a USCG certified PFD ice fishing jacket. But even if your jacket’s floating doesn’t feature a certificate, it’ll still help you stay afloat, but not as well as the certified attire.

Ice picks

To get some self-rescue features such as ice picks in holsters, you’ll need to pick a quality ice fishing suit. Your jacket might feature an ice pick or you could buy them separately. Instead of just keeping them in your pocket, you should wear them. Because who knows in a moment of panic, you might not have access to them due to confusion and fear.

Those retractable spikes are attached with 70 inches of cord that stretches. This cord starts from your jacket’s arm all the way to the back. From there, it comes out of the cuff. Although the picks stay holstered in the chest of the jacket, their sharp end is kept sheathed for safety. Once you press the pick on any solid object, the spikes will get activated.

Finally, I can’t emphasize enough for anglers to pick the best ice fishing suit. Make sure that they are durable and well-insulated even in low humidity. Your chosen suit should also feature flawless seam and Optimal breathability. Also, waterproof and windproof features are a must.

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