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Top 5 Best Spincast Reel Reviews and Buying Guide

I still can remember every frame of the very first day of my fishing with my dad, he bought me a spincast reel and the jaw-dropping experience of landing small-sized crappie with it. Yup, spincast reel is the entry-level gear of fishing which requires zero experience to operate.

Though buying a spincast for a beginner can be a little hard, you can be overwhelmed with the tons of options, size, and brands in the market. All you need is a little insight into spincast reel to make a wise investment.

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Why spincast reel?

Backlash or birdnest is such a disgusting issue which no angler wanna deal with! And for me, the most accurate reason to use a spincast reel is the zero chance of creating backlashes. Yup, that’s why you wanna use a spincast reel.

Precisely when you’re a beginner and don’t have any clue how to avoid backlashes, you should definitely give a fresh start with a spincast reel. That will help you get familiar with all the gears without having any mess.

Another strong reason for using a spincast reel is the convenience in price, it comes in a great wallet-friendly budget. Affording a bait caster or a quality spinning reel can be quite expensive whereas with a few bucks you can afford a spincast reel.

If you’re up to small to mid-sized fish like crappie, bass, sunfish or redfish, spincast is a good choice for you. Most of the toddlers start their fishing with spincast reels catching a little crappie.

1. Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel

Best Spincast Reel

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Description: Also known as the Z03 pro the Zebco Spincast reel has won the demand of many anglers for its durable build quality and smooth performance. Once you make the first cat with this one, you’ll know that it’s not only for amateurs. The reel can deliver a competitive edge. You can also use it to relax and cat a few lines over a conversation. Unlike any other typical Spincast reel, Zebco has designed it to deliver a premium feel yet kept a leash on the price tag.

Construction: The build quality of a spincast reel has been always an issue for anglers. But not with this one. You’ll get all-metal components wrapped up in an aluminum cover. Not just any ordinary aluminum though. It’s graded as aircraft. Metal components might sound heavy in the paper but once you get to use it, the weight distribution along with the aerodynamic really comes together. To make things even nimble Zebco used lightweight gears. And to seal the deal on durability, you can use it in both fresh and saltwater.

Bearings & Gear ratio: Well, you won’t find ball bearings in another Spincast reel that’s for certain. That’s what sets it apart from the rest and makes justification on the name “pro”. The introduction of ball bearings makes the casting and retrieving process very smooth. Something not always expected out of a spincast reel.

You can improvise and upgrade the ball bearing feature by adding the reel with a single roller bearing unit. Those extra 6 ball bearings will make more difference and set this rod suitable for a professional touch.

It’s not all shiny and sunny with be Zebco pro. The gear ratio really disappoints. It’s rated at 3.4:1. This means you won’t enjoy a faster retrieval process. Something much needed to tame a few specific species.

Our thoughts: Apart from the slow retrieval rate, the reel is pretty sturdy and performs well. You’ll also be able to use it in both hands. In terms of price to performance, this reel really hits the mark. So whether you’re just starting or angling for quite some time, give this one a try if you think about getting the best spincast reel.

2. Zebco Omega Z03 Spincast Reel

Best Spincast Reel

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Description: This one isn’t the pro version. But still good enough to make the list. Zebco has really turned heads with its innovative approach towards the Spincast reel. Not only they maintained high design and construction standards, the introduction of high tech methods really set nearly every Zebco Spincast reel apart from others.

Construction: The downside of the Spincast reel is cost. Surprised? Because you’ll end up investing more by changing a couple of spincast reel for their inferior quality. That’s where Zebco has turned the tide. Just like it’s updated pro model, it has an aluminum cover with aircraft grading. And the Internal components are all-metal build. This model, however, features an additional rubber shield. Works well both as a comforter of the bearer and protection from shock.

To keep the line arranged and steady, they introduced a ceramic line guide. My suggestion is if you won this model already, then you shouldn’t invest in the pro model. Because this one is capable enough to see you through a couple of seasons, even decades with proper maintenance.

Ball bearings & gear ratio: Just the pro version, Zebco maintained its implementation of ball bearings into their Spincast lineup to make them unparalleled in the market. Further integration of the six ball bearings roller bearings to ensure smoother line transition off the spool. You’ll not face any performance or noise issues even if you crank up the reel.

The ba bearings are stainless steel made which protects it from corrosion. So you can apply the Zebco Omega Z03 in both fresh and saltwater. So there won’t be any issues and replacement harassment.

Expect quick and efficient retrieval because this reel has a gear ratio of 2.9:1. The number is unique which allows the reel to work perfectly with crankbaits. The recommended line set up for this Spincast reel is 10lbs/85 yards. Ideal enough for catching some nice bass.

Our thoughts: The unique gear ratio paired with durability and premium builds quality makes the Zebco Z03 not only the best spincast reel for bass, but for all types of species. Zebco has upgraded our thoughts about spincast reel with strong reels tied with some latest technology. So Spincast reel isn’t for hobby anymore. It has become a device to be reckoned with. All thanks to the dedication and Innovation of Zebco.

3. Zebco Omega Pro Spincast Reel

Best Spincast Reel

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Description: Please note that this model is the predecessor of the Z03 omega pro model. So make sure that you’re choosing the right Spincast reel model. We are all looking for the best spincast reel to make our money’s worth. The concept of a spincast reel isn’t for competitive performance and reliability. It’s merely a tool for casting while having a fun and relaxed time. Zebco, however, has turned this concept and upgraded into the next generation of spin-cast reel. It’s not a concept folks. If you pick any of their Spincast reels, you won’t waste a dime. Introducing an old, but still a bold model of Zebco, the Omega pro.

Construction: There’s a reason for picking only the Zebco Spincast reel series. Because there isn’t much to compare against these Spincast reels. The build quality of these reels set them apart from other ordinary Spincast reels. Again the cover is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. While the rest of the components inside enjoy all-metal construction. Metal construction often makes some weight issues but not with this one. The weight distribution aerodynamic design will melt eight in your palm. As of you’re holding a part of yourself.

Ball bearings & gear ratio: What makes the Zebco Spincast reel lineup so unique is their introduction of ball bearings into the Spincast model. You won’t find this sort of integration with any other Spincast reel in the market for now. To make things even smoother, the reel will integrate with a single unit of roller bearing that features six ball bearings. Your cat and retrieval will be smooth and effortless. There’s also less noise which is a big plus for newcomers with clumsy cranking habits.

The gear ratio is very unique. Just like the Omega Z03 model. It’s rated at 2.9:1. Snappy and efficient enough for crankbaits and the 10 lbs test line with 85 yards reach is good enough for landing bass.

Our thoughts: I like the Omega pro because of its unique yet useful and practical features. The auto bait alert is really helpful. It rips you you score a bite. Helpful for those newcomers and especially for night angling. The triple multi-disc drag system ensures steady and powerful reversal. It works wonders with an anti-reverse feature with an oscillating spool. You can use both hands when you retrieve them. A smart feature to attract more anglers.

My pint is, if you want to have some fun and get serious on a moment’s notice, the Zebco Omega Pro Spincast reel should be your next Spincast reel.

4. Zebco 33 Authentic Spincast Reel

Best Spincast Reel

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Another Zebco Spincast reel made our list. Did you see the remark about “authentic”? In my opinion, the Spincast reel from Zebco is unique in their own way. From build quality to performance, there is pretty much zero competitors for this Spincast reel. But the question is, is there anything new with this 33 model? Or it’s all well built and premium feel with similar spec under different name tags? I’ll answer without building suspense. The Zebco 33 purple authentic spin cast reel is unique for its superior line management system. It allows the reel to make better and accurate cast and improved control while retrieval process.

Construction: Like all the Zebco Spincast reel, the build quality is again noteworthy. But there are some exceptions. Instead of aluminum grade cover, the Zebco 33 gets an industrial grade stainless steel cover. The purple color stands out in the crowd but I don’t like how people state that this one is a ladies Spincast reel? Like I didn’t know that Color can have genders. I like its funky style. The purple makes it more vibrant and feels like I’m gonna cast this baby from a Caribbean shore. K also like the thoughtful efforts from Zebco, like those PVC knobs for comfort and built-in hook holder.

There’s however a downside though. You won’t get any roller bearing to pair with. Instead, there’s a ball bearing drive system. The reel features-

  • Quickset multi-stop drive.
  • Continuous anti-reverse.
  • Microfine adjustable drag control.

Let me put it in a more straightforward word, the reel features a superior drag and anti-drag set up. Paired with improved line management and both hand retrieval compatibility, truly the Zebco 33 Authentic Spincast reel makes up for the absence of ball bearings.

Gear ratio: The reel features a gear ratio of 3.6:1. Now that falls under the low gear ratio category. You’ll be able to use Deep crankbaits, big swimbaits, and deep water spinnerbaits with this gear ratio. I’d stick with only deep crankbaits though. Because as great and smooth the Spincast reel might be, it’s not without its shortcomings.

We all know that a low gear ratio is good for big baits. But what about the yet line? Fortunately, Zebco has made sure that we can put some heavy baits with this one. The 33 comes pre-spooled with 100 yards of 10 lbs Cajun line.

Our thoughts: First I’ll tell you to take a look at the price tag. But if you’re already seen that then please click add to cart and then proceed reading the rest of the article. Even if you do have a couple of spincast reels, the price tag should make you consider this one too. I don’t see anything wrong to take your kids or your cousin’s along with you on a fishing adventure. Apart from the absence of ball bearings, this Spincast reel offers a lot of features for an affordable price range. In my opinion, the Zebco 33 Authentic Spincast reel is one of the best spincast reels for the money.

Spincast reel buying guide

What are spincast reels?

Spincast reel is a less complex version of the spinning reel. The major difference between all other reels and spincast reel is its spool is closed with a cover. It’s a reel which is a variation of a traditional spinning reel with some added and less complicated features.

It uses a bait that floats to attract the fish and hook them. With a spincast reel, the line is released from a fixed spool and can be utilized with light lures and baits.

For fishing, line twisting and snare is a big issue, yes I’m talking about the disgusting bird nest and net-like roots. In spincast reel, these issues are solved. All the more reason for amateurs to chose this reel over others.

The Myth

There is a misconception about the spincast reel, some folks say that spincast reels are the kiddies reel! No offense but lemme tell you, folks, anyone who knows the proper appliance of this reel can really achieve some good catch.

Although known to be the novice reel, but in a hand of a true maestro angler, spincast reel can do a lot. But If your kids want to cast their first line, get him a spincast reel. He will learn the art of angling easily.

Although spincast reels are the basic version of a fishing reel mostly popular for its ease of use and performance, it still cost you some bucks. And before making any investment, a little study about it is wise. Spincast reel has some features to offer and understanding them would help you buy the best spincast reel on the market.

So here are a few features and factors to consider before buying a spincast reel.

Drag system: when buying a spincast reel, you should look out for an efficient drag system with it. A good drag system will help you fight the fish more confidently and allows the line to be pulled from the reel under pressure. The buying experience showed us that a better drag system mostly comes from famous brands.

Most spincast reel shows up with a dial on the front of the spool while some maybe show up like a star-shaped dial on the reels handle.

Ball-bearing: who doesn’t want a smooth reeling! And a quality ball-bearings will ensure that smooth and lag-free reeling with your spincast reel. Don’t forget to check out the material and number of the ball-bearing. The greater the number, the smoother it is!

Spool: incase you don’t know what a spool is, it’s the part which holds the line. With that saying, it certainly plays a critical role in every fishing reel by ensuring the smooth cast and retrieve of line. Nowadays, most spools are either graphite or anodized aluminum. Both of them are fine.

Needless to say, releasing the line in a much-organized way is the specialty of a spincast, no chance of backlashes with it!

Anti-reverse handle: Spincast reels of these days offers an anti-reverse handle which prevents the handle from moving backward. This means you won’t feel the lousy force, instead, you can reel the fish with full power and accurate hookset. You will find this very feature with all the reels above.

Gear ratio: Gear ratio means the number of teeth in each gear. Most f the gears found in spincast reel doesn’t have a lot of teeth. So, you are likely to experience a slower gear system.

This isn’t the case for every reel but as a general.

I am a complete beginner, which type of reel will be better suited for me?
As a beginner, you should look for a reel with simple mechanism and easier applicability. Not only spincast reel meet these demands, but it will also put less stress on your wallet!
Can my kid handle a spincast reel on his first fishing trip?
Absolutely! He or she will learn and feel the sensation of fishing.
What are the major advantages and disadvantages of spincast reel?

Advantages are as follows-

  • Works effectively for all kind of fishing
  • Super easy to use
  • Wallet-friendly

Disadvantages are as follows-

  • Corrodes faster than other types of reels for its closed face design
  • Compromised castability, can’t cast long!
What are the signs of an excellent spincast reel?

We recommend you to pick a spincast reel of certain quality like

  • Branded reels with Higher ratings and positive reviews
  • Made with Durable and tough materials such as aluminum.
  • Well protected cover for corrosion resistance

Final words

I am very much assured and hopeful that the above-mentioned reviews of some remarkable models of spinning reels will make your next fish job ever impressive.

The best spincast reel does not mean an expensive one but reel that offers great functioning, durability, responsiveness, reliability and certainly the quality. Always go for the one that is cost-effective and gives you an easy way to cast and catch your preferred fish at your favorite place

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