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Top 5 Best Fishing kayaks for beginners (Review & Guide) in 2020

Looking for a beginner fishing kayak? Of course, you do, mean that’s why you clicked in right? Well, we won’t let you down. In this article, we are going to show you some of the Best Fishing Kayaks for Beginners in the best budget. Stay with us.

Kayaking has a long history, it’s the sport or activity that can make you happy instantly. Kayaking is such a powerful activity that actually can work as a meditation. And when you’re fishing in it, that just made it much amusing.

Fishing kayaks are gaining its popularity so fast, with the uprising market demands there are so many fishing kayaks available in the market. And folks, Choosing the right one for a beginner is really challenging! But hey, we just made the work much easier for you. Here are the top best fishing kayaks for beginners that you can possibly find in the market. Have a look!

Best Pick: Fishing kayaks for beginners

Last updated on March 31, 2020 6:15 am

1. Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC UH-FK184 (best fishing kayak for beginners)

BKH UH-FK184 9'2" Sit on Top Single Fishing Kayak Seat and Paddle included Red and Yellow



  • Type: sit-on-top
  • Length: 9 feet
  • Width: 2 feet
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 250 lb.

  • 5-rod holders
  • 4 carrying handles
  • Front and rear storage options
  • Aluminum paddles
  • Rear bungee straps

Description: Let me present you the Brooklyn Kayak Company UH- FK184 fishing kayak, to me it’s the best beginner fishing kayak. Why is that? Let’s find out together.

For a beginner, stability and good maneuverability is the most important thing to focus at. Well, the 9 feet long Brooklyn kayak is insanely stable with amazing maneuverability. You can even stand while fishing in this kayak with great confidence.

It’s a pretty sturdy kayak made with HDPE(High-density-polyethylene), the construction is so good and rigid I must say. However, it’s a mid-range budget kayak, it’s got a handful of cool features.

There are storage options everywhere, the front storage and hollowed-out cargo area with bungee straps will come handy stashing a lot of equipment. Talking about cargo options, the Waterproof Storage in middle will be a blessing to stow your sundries, keys, wallet or your phone may be!

The cool thing about this kayak is, it’s got 4 Flush-Mounted and 1 Articulating Fishing Rod Holder which means 5-rod holders in total. How cool is that! The sit is adjustable with foam padding which is pretty comfortable. It also got multiple foot braces for better tracking in the water.

Don’t worry about the paddle, Brooklyn kayak offers a good kayak paddle for adults. For ease of transportation, there are 4 carrying handles. Also for the comparatively smaller size, it’s easy to fit in the back or roof of a car.

If you’re looking for the best fishing kayak under 500$, this is the one you are looking for. Don’t miss this one.

  • Constructed with good quality HDPE (Not the best though)
  • Wider and shorter kayak which gives better stability and maneuverability
  • 5-rod holders in total
  • weigh only 52 lbs. (Easy to carry)
  • Gives great value for the money
  • The seat is not that comfortable
  • Speed is low

2. Sun Dolphin Journey (best budget fishing kayak)

SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak



  • Type: sit-on-top
  • Length: 10-feet
  • Width: 30 inch  
  • Weight:  44 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Material: Rotomolded polyethylene

  • 2 flush mount and one swivel rod holder
  • A paddle
  • Front and rear storage option with bungee cording, cup holder, extra pockets
  • Adjustable foot brace
  • 4 Carry handle

Description: Buying the very first kayak is a crucial step, a wrong choice can demotivate you from a great activity like kayaking. Sun Dolphin is all about a perfect fishing kayak for the beginners out there. Let’s find out why.

Sun Dolphin is a renowned name in the kayak fishing industry, you will find plenty of them all over the world. The lightweight kayak with the construction of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) will be a great choice for angler of any level. For the comparatively less weight, it will be easy in carrying and storing.

It’s a 10 feet kayak with a 30” width, one of the finest facts of this kayak is the stability. Trust me, you’re gonna love this when you can stand confidently and fishing. This lightweight kayak can hold up to 280 lbs. Though they claimed 250 lbs. But I found it more than that.  

Sun Dolphin Journey is an awesome yak for fishing, with storage compartments and Shock cord deck rigging, the yak offers Two flush mounts and One swivel rod holder. The seat is Large, comfortable and adjustable. However the sit is not that comfortable though, but then again you gotta sacrifice something when you’re buying a cheap fishing kayak.

Yup, it’s right that the price is not that high, but you will get amazing durability and longevity from any sun dolphin fishing kayaks. Wishing you a very relaxing fishing trip the this Sun Dolphin Journey fishing kayak.

  • Durable HDPE construction
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Enough storage option
  • 3-rod holders and more mod option
  • Great stability
  • Gives Best value for the money
  • Doesn’t offer any paddle
  • Speed is not that great

3. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person (best inflatable fishing kayak)

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak



  • Type: tandem inflatable 2-person
  • Length: 10’9”
  • Width: 39”
  • Max capacity- 470 lb.
  • Material: 18-gauge PVC construction

  • Six-rod holders, paddle holder
  • Mesh storage pockets
  • 2 Adjustable seats
  • Option for motor

Description: With the increasing price of the property and an uprising modernization, big houses are going out of the picture slowly and flats are taking the place slowly. If that’s your case, don’t get enough space in the house or don’t got any space in the garage then the inflatable kayak is the solution for that.

The inflatable kayaks are so popular nowadays, you can carry these kayaks literally anywhere you go just in your carry bag. Super easy to transport and store. Apart from that, it’s a 10 feet 9-inch kayak, pretty big, isn’t it? That’s because it’s a kayak with room for 2 people.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado is constructed with 18-gauge PVC with 1000D tarpaulin bottom and 840D nylon cover and NMMA(national marine manufacturers association) certification. It’s ready to take some tough blows from rock, but yeah don’t challenge its ability! Note that, it’s only for tracking in the calm water like lakes, ponds, reservoirs and so on.

Now let’s find the reason why it’s a great choice for fishing! It’s got the fully adjustable Berkley Quick Set Rod Holders which will help to set up your rigs for fishing and catch fishes more efficiently. The paddle holder is a crucial part here, simply helps a lot for steady fishing in the middle of the water by securing the paddles.

The mesh storage pocket holders are so convenient keeping the lures and tools for fishing. Just make yourself comfortable there and put the line and lure into the water. Everything is so organized in the kayak that will give you a superb fishing experience.

There’s enough room for two people in the kayak, the chairs are sit in type and easily packable. Still, remember the day when I and my friend enjoyed kayaking with Sevylor Colorado all day long and trust me, folks, it’s so comfortable there.

What I love most about this kayak is they take the kayak fishing in a whole new level! Don’t wanna put the effort on paddling? You can add an extension; the Sevylor trolling motor and get an effortless smooth fishing and kayaking experience.

Last but not least, I have got one more factor that you’re gonna love! This superb inflatable kayak is so affordable. Great to hear that right!

  • Super easy storage and ease in carrying
  • Room for 2 person
  • Convenient features for smooth fishing (top mount rod holders, pockets, etc)
  • Durable construction, easy to repair if got damaged
  • Good stability
  • Doesn’t offer any paddleboard
  • No air pump included
  • Take 10 minutes to inflate (not a problem though)

4. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 (best overall fishing kayak)

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak



  • Length: 10 feet
  • Width: 21”
  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • Max Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Type: sit-on-top

  • 3-rod holders, 4 carrying handles
  • 2 storage area
  • Multiple footrests
  • EVA padded seat
  • front/Rear bungee straps

Description: May I suggest an old school beauty for you now? Yup, the lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 is my one of the all-time favorite fishing kayak. It has all the noble quality a beginner fishing kayak should have at a very affordable price. Let’s find out more about lifetime Tamarack.

The yak is constructed with the UV-Protected High-Density Polyethylene(HDPE), in this price range, this is the highest material you could find. The bottom and hull design made this kayak cut through the water so smoothly like my knife cuts the butter.

Lifetime Tamarack offers an Adjustable Padded Seat Back and Seat Pad for Comfort. The multiple footrest options are definitely going to help for different sized anglers. There are plenty of storage options in the front and rear with bungee cords. In addition, you will also find a cup holder in it.

Now for fishing, you will find Two Flush Mounted and One Top Mount Fishing Rod Holders. Feel free to modify it for more rod holder options. The thing I love about this beginner fishing kayak is the stability it provides is awesome. Also, it got good speed, track so well in the water.

Lastly, if you looking for a budget-friendly option, you really can trust this one. Top of all, Lifetime Tamarack provides you with a 5-Year Limited Warranty, great isn’t it?

  • 10 feet small and wider kayak
  • Can carry up to 275 lb.
  • Sit is pretty comfortable
  • 3-rod holder including on top mount rod holder
  • 2 storage hatches
  • Options for modifying more
  • Great value for the money
  • Limited 5 years warranty

Plastic is not that UV ray protected

5. Sun Dolphin Excursion 10-Foot

SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Aruba Sit-in Kayak (Blue, 10-Feet)



  • Type: sit-in/sit-inside
  • Length: 10 feet
  • Max capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Material: High Density Polyethylene

  • Two flush mount and One swivel rod holder
  • Adjustable padded seat
  • Storage compartment, bottle holder
  • Adjustable foot braces

Description: Let’s talk about a sit-in kayak now. If you’re not living in a tropical reason, and there are much winter activities than summer, you’re looking for the Sun Dolphin Aruba sit-in kayak. Let me tell you, folks, sit-in kayaks are a great choice for cold water, keeps you and your feet fully warm while tracking.

Let’s be honest with you guys, I’m not a big fan of the sit-in type kayaks. The only reason is, they are not that great for an activity like fishing. You can’t stand in a kayak means you are limited with sight and castability.

But then again comfort is a huge fact regarding any activity, right? Regardlessly, sun dolphin excursion will keep you warm in freezing water. And that’s the biggest advantage of it.

It’s constructed with Rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex High-Density Polyethylene, Large open cockpit with adjustable padded seat with high back support. The sits are pretty comfortable in this kayak.

It’s a 10-foot kayak comes with a very limited and minimalistic storage option. There’s gear storage with shock cord deck rigging, allows you to put some stuff there. The bright side is, it’s got Two flush mount rod holders and one swivel rod holder which proves it as a fishing kayak!

But here’s why you wanna buy this! Being a sit-in kayak, the design allows it much better speed, you can do some casual fishing with a couple of rods in cold water without getting frozen. Now that’s a valid point, isn’t it?

Lastly, it gives you great value for the money. Though it has some drawbacks in features, with quality and comfort, it didn’t compromise at all.

  • Constructed with premium HDPE
  • Keep you warm in cold water
  • 3-rod holders including one swivel rod holder

No paddle included


1. Which kayaks are the best option for fishing, sit in/inside or sit-on-top type?

Ans: the answer is obviously sit-on-top kayaks are the best option for activity like fishing. Only in a sit-on-top kayak, you can stand-up while fishing, which facilitates with better sight and castability. Though sit-on-top kayaks are usually wider for enhanced stability and for that the speed slows down. But then again, they are actually made for fishing purpose.

You can stand up on a Sit-inside kayak but sit-inside kayaks are the only option in the cold freezing water. Also, they are normally less wide and for that cuts the water finally and goes faster. So yeah, for some casual fishing in the freezing lake, sit-inside is the best match.

2. What are kayaks made of?

Ans: this budget kayaks are normally made of rotomolded polyethylene, a high-density premium quality plastic which is rigid enough to protect the kayak. There are also some kayaks which are made of carbon fiber or fiber glasses. Of course, they come at a bigger price.

From a range of 300-1000$, you will find these HDPE(High-density-polyethylene) kayaks which will be good enough for fishing purpose.

3. How fast do kayaks go?

Ans: simply depends on which type of kayak you’re tracking and also greatly on your skill and strength. Usually, sit-inside kayaks are better in speed because of the design and less weight but lack in maneuverability. Actually, it depends on your keel. You can go fast from one spot to another and make quick turns but of course, have to sacrifice maneuverability.

Another fact is the length of the kayak, with greater length increases the speed. And yeah, If you store a lot of thing in the kayak it will be slow.

Wrap up

Getting a very first fishing kayak and getting into the water as soon as possible, well I know how it feels! That’s why choosing the right one is so important to cheer up your mood and have fun with it for the whole season.

That’s why we took a serious concern finding only the best beginner fishing kayak options for you, we tried to show you some of the best beginner kayaks which are dominating the market for a long time!

Not only the market value but also the usability, convenience, and great value made these kayaks stand out from tons of other kayaks.

Hope your kayak fishing journey will begin from here and ends up with some exquisite moment which is truly priceless folks! Have a good yakky day. 🙂

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