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How to choose hunting Boots? The Ultimate Beginners Guide

First of all, we need to know what is hunting?

Hunting is trapping or killing wild animals. Hunting wild animals or feral animals is most commonly done by humans for food, as a hobby, sometimes for protecting themselves and sometimes for entertainment. Hunting is also a game to humans.

As hunting is an unofficial program there is no dress code. But hunting is extremely risky so you have to maintain some safety policies. For hunting, there are some special dresses, glasses, and boots. This helps you to be safe in wildlife. On hunting, you may also need some equipment to make your hunting enjoyable and stress-free.

The types of equipment are boots, gun, bow, camo gear, license, and hunting tags and there is some survival kit which is available in the market. Among them do you know what is more important? It’s your boots.

For hunting, it’s very important to have boots. Without a good pair of boots, it’s not possible to go hunting.  Because sometimes you have to go to different places where you face different challenges.

A hunting place can be very cold, it can be in the desert or can be the mountains. To survive in this entire atmosphere boots plays the most important role. Because in hunting, feet are the body part which takes most of the pressure of it.

Those people who go hunting for the first time, what types of boots they should use become a common question.

Regular boots and hunting boots are different from each other. Hunting boots are harder than regular ones. Hunting boots are made from leather and rubber. Which gives it the feature of not to ruined easily. There are hunting boots for male and female in the market. They are also available in different sizes and shapes. For different types of hunting, there are different types of boots.

Difference between Active hunt and Sedentary Hunt

Hunting is all about killing and catching animals. But there are some differences between all kinds of hunting. So before selecting boots, you have to select what types of hunting you want to go. Because it will help you to buy the ideal boots that you need for your hunting.

There are mainly two types of hunting. Active Hunt and Sedentary hunt.

Active hunting is the type of hunting that includes a lot of walking, running, bending and climbing. For active hunting people usually goes to the mountain or forest. Active hunt needs the boots which have a hard sole and support your ankle and feet very well. As active hunt requires more actives so you have to be very careful about choosing your boots.

Your priority has to be those boots which you feel comfortable to wear.

On the other hand, Sedentary hunt is opposite from Active hunt. Sedentary hunt is all about waiting. At first, you have to set a target and wait for is to come. In this case, you don’t have a heavy-duty boot. As you are waiting it can be any place. So at first, you select the place where you will be waiting.

If it’s in the water choose waterproof boots or rubber boots or if you wait in the cold weather choose a boot which has a better insulation system.

In hunting your priority have to be those boots which you feel comfortable to wear.

Different Types of Hunting Boots

Usually hunting boots can be classified in five sectors. Such as- Overboots, High country, Rubber, Upland and Multipurpose.

  • Overboots: These types’ boots are useful when someone is already on hunting. Overboots keep feet warm in the cold weather. These boots are best for inactive hunting.
  • On the other hand, one can use these boots in the cold weather too. In winter season you can find people around you use these types of boots. It can protect your feet from 110F temperature and keep your feet warm.
  • High country: It is the best boot for hunting. If someone goes hunting usually it may be the ideal pair for them. If anyone hunting for the day-long or climbing or running the entire day they should use these boots. Because these are made especially for this purpose. The boots are very heavy-duty and support the ankle and foot. They work well when it’s about climbing a mountain. It also works well in the wet weather too. It remains the feet dry and reduces the chances of twisted ankle injuries.
  • Rubber boots: These boots are made from Vulcanized rubber. These boots are most useful in wet weather. Rubber boots keep feet dry from mud and weather. It also called waterproof boots.
  • Upland boots: These boots are the lightest weighted and comfortable in all of them. These types of boots are useful for hunting upland birds. For the design of the boot, it helps to run faster. Upland boot has soil shedding sole. Which help the hunter run fast without sticking mud on his sole.
  • Multipurpose boot: As its name these boots have multipurpose. It can be used in any place. For example, one can use it on hunting or can use it as a regular foot ware. There is also a different type of multipurpose boots. It can use in both in mountain hunting or upland hunting. In market multipurpose boots have also different insulation types. So one can easily choose one according to their choice. These types of boots are usually very durable and tough.

At this point, you might be thinking that how should I choose my hunting boots? Let’s choose the perfect one for you.

As we discussed different types of boots, it’s very easy for someone to take an idea and choose one from them. In the market there are different types; size, length and different insulation of boots are available.

In winter season it may not be right to choose such a boot which has less insulation system or on the same way it may to a sensible decision to choose a high insulation boot in the warm weather. The right choice of boots makes hunting more enjoyable and worry-free.

People usually choose hunting boots which are light weighted and breathable. It does also be kept in mind that hunting boots must have to be waterproof. So that it does not causes any harm to the feet. Waterproof boots can be used in summer and dry season too. It does not cause much problem to wear waterproof boots.

Last, of all, you have to need a boot which has 1000g of insulation to keep your feet warm and cozy in outdoor activities. Hunting boots keep feet warm and prevent your feet safe from cold weather.

  • Light-weighted: hunting is all about climbing, catching and running. In hunting, boot plays the most important role. Because if you are not able to run or climb it may be hard for you to enjoy hunting. So if you do not choose lightweight boots. Which is easy to carry and comfortable while walking. Light-weighted boots are made to hunt all day so that your foot does not feel any pain.
  • Comfort: When you are on hunting your boots have to feel comfortable. As much as your boots are comfortable it added a plus point to your hunting.
  • So you should try your boots before you go hunting. By this way, you will be able to know that if the boots are comfortable or not.
  • Tough and heavy-duty: A hunting boot does not only have to be light weighted but also have to be heavy-duty. So that it can take all the pressure. Hunting does not a matter of a couple of hours. A person goes hunting for days and months. Hunting boots have these entire features, you do not ever regret to have these types of boots.
  • Genuinely water-resistant: Hunting boots have to be waterproof. If you go hunt in a wet place and your boots are not water-resistant than it may harm your foot. It may cause serious diseases. A genuine waterproof boot keeps your feet dry and worms in such a situation.
  • Safe, Secure and comfortable to use: Hunting boots maintain very high quality. As anyone passes their hole day in the boots. It’s very essential for the hunter. Because the hunter goes to different types of places. Hunting is very risky so hunting boots have to be very well made. These boots have to be very safe, secure and comfortable.
  • Snake proof: Usually hunting takes place in forest or mountains. Both of the places are very risky. There can be different types of challenges and dangers. Among them, the snake is one of them. It’s very usual that you go to a forest and step on a snake or while climbing mountain your feet mat touch a snake. It’s very likely that if you hit a snake it may bite you.
  • So you have to keep in mind that with the waterproof quality it also has to be snake proof. It may add extra safety to your hunting journey.
  • Reliable traction: As people go hunting in the forest; it seems to be wet and muddy every time. So there is a chance of having an accident while you are in hunting.
  • This is why your boots have to be reliable traction. So that you can enjoy a slip-free and safe moment in the forest.
  • Easy to wear and remove: Well it’s not that big issue. But you have to keep in mind that the boots that you are selecting have to easily wearable and removable too. You might not want to waste your time in wearing your boots. Sometimes it may annoy you to wear such boots.
  • Perfect length: For different types of the environment there are different types of boots. So it depends on you that what types of boots will be choosing and the choice also depends on where are you going and which season or whether you are going.
  • So you should not wear hunting boots which is too big or too short. Long and short boots both are not sensible for hunting. For a short boot, you may feel very pain and for long boots, you may feel uncomfortable.
  • Perfect fit: For hunting boots has to be fit perfectly in your feet. There are different pairs of hunting boots is available in the market both for male and female.

When you go to buy boots you have to keep in mind that boot has to be fit perfectly. Try to wear socks when you are trying hunting boots for buying.

A final word

After all this discussion you may get an idea of what kind of hunting boots you should buy for your hunting. A good quality hunting boot can be expensive but as long as it keeps your foot dry and safe that will be the important part.

You have to keep in mind that the best hunting boot can make your hunting enjoyable and memorable. So invest in such a thing you will never feel regarded.

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