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Things You Didn’t Know About Ice Fishing

Ice fishing has changed a lot and becomes extremely popular over the years. It’s been one of the most thrilling activities on planet earth. With technology evolves, ice fishing is a lot easier and fun nowadays. If you’re looking for add some color in your life, put yourself on a real adventure, try Ice Fishing.

If you’re an ice fishing or just started ice fishing and wanna learn some more info about ice fishing, this blog is going to help you. Here are some cool things about ice fishing that you might don’t know. So without further ado, let’s see the top 9 things you didn’t know about ice fishing!

Top 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Ice Fishing

1. Ice Fishing Can Be Surprisingly Cheap

While most of the guys terrifying themselves thinking that ice fishing is extremely expensive lemme assure that they are absolutely wrong! Ice fishing can be insanely cheap too if you keep it simple. Yup, if you wanna play fancy, a single Gas Auger or Electric Auger costs 600$ plus. But if you signed into ice fishing and don’t wanna put much money on the game, it’s fairly possible.

2. Some Cheap Safety Gears On Your Checklist Can Be A Lifesaver

You may don’t know that some inexpensive items can save you from big trouble. Ice fishing is so much fun to do, but a wrong step on thin ice can turn your fishing into a nightmare, it’s wise to be prepared yourself for every situation. Let’s reveal two of my personal favorite safety gear for ice fishing.

  1. Ice picks– always keep it in your pocket or something very close to you where you can immediately reach them. If somehow you get yourself drawn in the bone-shaking cold water, use your ice picks and crawl on the surface.
  2. Ice cleats for boot- this can take the only a couple of bucks but carries a major significance. An ice cleat can prevent you from slipping on the ice. The spikes are the real hero on such slippery ice.
  3. Rope– always put some ropes on your jacket pocket so that you can through them to you buddy and he/she can pull you up.

3. Some Anglers Have Homes In Ice

Ever heard of “ice houses”? Yes, they exist and extreme ice fishing enthusiasts have literally a house on the thick ice. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t have ice houses all year round but only ice fishing season. These houses are typically so minimalistic made with light wood or plastic that can be easily moveable. Dedicated ice anglers who intend to stay longer on ice, carry their little ice hut on the ice and keep themselves busy fishing all the time.

Funny fact is, these houses don’t have any floors cause sometimes they drill the ice and fishing while sitting inside the house. Maybe these houses are outfitted with a lot of gear or are placed over the holes the ice fisher has drilled while others come with kitchenettes, beds, and even satellite TV or Soundsystem! Since these ice houses are lightweight, you can use them wherever their services are required.

4. There’s An Event Called World’s Largest Ice Fishing Contest

If you live in Minnesota, you must know this. But if you don’t lemme tell you that every year about 10 thousands of ice anglers participate in the world’s largest ice fishing contest on Gull Lake, Minnesota.

The competition takes 3 hours to be finished where you have to catch the best and the biggest, heaviest trophy fish you can catch. The size varies year to year. This year in 2019, Les Laidlaw from Mankato, MN is the winner for the biggest Northern Pike. He reeled a 5.54 lbs fish. The biggest walleye catcher is the Florence Anderson from Owatonna, MN, who landed a 4.63 lbs walleye.

Do you think you can beat that? Pack your best ice fishing rod reel and visit Minnesota this January. You know where to go!

5. Ice Fishing Is Safer than You thought

While some people are worried about ice fishing, it’s true that ice fishing can be fairly safe. If you’re going with a couple of buddies or with an ice fishing team, there’s nothing much to worry about. Besides most of the US authorities at resorts, parks, and a plethora of other fishing enterprises are concerned to check the ice before you step on there for ice fishing. If it’s still thin, they’ll notify you.

Well, this doesn’t the case for a local pond or lake. If you’re planning for an unauthorized thrp, unlikely you’re on to your own. Many unwanted incidents happened in the past days for a lack of study before leaving for ice.

6. Ice Fishing Can Be Fairly Dangerous Too

Even if you know that the ice you’re going to step on will be entirely safe, there are other issues to address, such as shelters and apparel. Hypothermia and cold weather injuries aren’t all that common inexperienced anglers, but if you don’t take the proper measures to prevent them, you might end up in the hospital.

We also suggest reading some information about the ways hypothermia can be treated, so you can give a hand to a friend in need in case they’re caught off guard.

7. Did You Know That Ice Fishing Has Three Types?

Even I myself came to know this after a long time of ice fishing that there are three types of ice fishing. Based on the equipment used by fishermen and women, this category has been set. The very first type requires a special type of ice fishing rods and reels, lures or baits such as minnows, fat heads, and wax worms. The angler lifts the pole from time to time to produce the jigging effect and attract fish.

The next one requires a tip-ups, it’s truly a fun gear I must say! Oh boy, when it gives notification of a fish bite, the feeling can’t be explained in words! Must carry a tip-ups if you’re planning for an ice fishing this season.

The last method is a bit underdog until now. It’s spearfishing which is commonly used in lake sturgeon fishing or pike fishing.

8. You Can Even Do Night Ice Fishing

No wonder ice fishing is one of the most thrilling activities on earth. To boost the intensity of it, try night ice fishing. Yup folks, with sufficient gears you also can experience the thrill. Just don’t go alone if you are planning for a night stay.

The most amazing view can be seen on a night ice fishing session is the glowing light on the ice. Truly folks, fishing on that delusional light feels something unearthly. All you need is ice fishing tackles, tent and some source of light for sure!

9. Always Finish Your Study Before Going To Ice

Ice fishing always requires some preparations to be done. Apart from packing and all that stuff, must finish your study before leaving for ice. What I mean by that is check the local stores or authorities for the most recent updates about ice thickness. Is there safe ice now for ice fishing? If not, calm down and wait for a couple of days until it’s at least 6-7 inches of thick ice.

Check all the safety gears before leaving. This little but crucial gears can save you from huge trouble. And about clothing, you should put some serious concern. If you forget to even take your hand gloves, it won’t be a pleasurable fishing experience folks. Take whatever you can to protect yourself from freezing cold.

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