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Top Fishing Destinations in the US – All 50 States

United State is such a place where you can get some of the best fishing experience in the world. If you want to go fishing in the US, there are plenty of places to enjoy a fishing trip. In fact, there are great destinations across the entire 50 US states. Simply you can travel with your family and spend quality times while fishing. But here’s the question…..where should I go?

Well, this blog is all about top fishing spots in the US. Hope this will help to let you know about the nearest fishing spot around you. So without further a due, let’s get started!


1. Alabama

Love bass fishing? Then Alabama is the state you’re looking for. Alabama is one of the best places in the US for bass fishing.

Popular fishing spots in Sweet Home Alabama

  1. Lake Jordan

Lake Jordan is the place for a lot of crappie fishing. Don’t miss this water if you’re in Alabama.

  1. Pickwick lake

Located at Northern Alabama, Pickwick Lake is heaven for largemouth and smallmouth bass. I love ledge fishing here in this freshwater lake. Try it, it’s fun!

  1. Lake Eufaula

Another great place for bass fishing. You can do a lot of bass fishing all year round, but don’t miss the large blue catfish found in this water. This lake is located in the river Chattahoochee.

  1. Orange Beach/ Gulf Shores

2. Alaska

Land of the Midnight Sun, Alaska is might be the best place for fishing in the United State. There’s a saying that “What I miss most about living in Alaska is the fishing.” yup folks, Alaska can be your next holiday trip for some quality time with family and unlimited fishing. And you might wanna know that, it’s the best place for salmon fishing. Let’s explore more!

Popular fishing spots in Alaska

  1. Innoko river

If the northern pike fishing is what you love, Innoko River is the place for you. You can expect a trophy size northern pike from this water, say 30 lbs. Northern pike! Convincing right?

  1. Karluk River

Alaska is a popular state for trout fishing. And the trout fishing made this river a famous spot for anglers around the world. I bet, you won’t come empty-handed from this river.

  1. Bristol Bay

Visiting in Alaska and not fishing in the water of Bristol Bay is a great mistake! Yup folks, wanna land sockeye salmon or even silver and chum salmon? You name it. You will find any species of salmon here.

Catching trout is also a reason I love this place! The connecting waterways made this place a home for a plethora of salmon and trout.

  1. Kenai River

Oh boy, what a heavenly scene I can visualize when thinking of Kenai River, Alaska. If you’re a trophy hunter, hit this place. Cause this place is the best chance you’ll find trophy-size salmons.

Since this river is full of salmons, chinook salmon or the king salmon is the most popular on.

  1. Kobuk River

Ever tasted the delicious white meat of sheefish? Visit the Kobuk River to catch trophy size sheefish, you won’t regret after a catch and cook.

Not only sheefish, but this water is also full of Pike. You can put a little fight with this energetic species which means lots of fun.


3. Arizona

Welcome to the sunset state, Arizona. Not only this place is known for its beautiful landscape, but it also is known for it’s versatile and all-year-round fishing opportunities. Let’s explore some of the great spots for fishing in Arizona.

Popular fishing spots in Arizona

  1. Roosevelt lake

Roosevelt lake is one of the most tremendous fishing spots in Arizona. From it’s shallow, warm, and deep waters, you’ll have the opportunities to catch various gamefish including large catfish, carp, bass, sunfish, channel catfish, crappie and flathead.

Located in central Arizona, this place worth visiting.

  1. Lake Patagonia

Lake Patagonia is the place where you can visit with your family and teach your kids some fishing. Located just an hour outside of Tucson, this place is full of bluegills, flathead catfish, and bass.

  1. Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu, water where 4-5 lbs bass is very common. That’s why the avid bass anglers come here to catch some largemouth and smallmouth.

  1. Big lake

Wanna know a thrilling fact about this place? This is one of the highest places in Arizona where one can fish in, it’s 9,200 feet high from the sea level. The big lake is one of the best places to fish in Arizona. This lake is located in the White Mountains, in North-Eastern Arizona.

In the time of spring, there are plenty of opportunities to catch trouts. Moreover, you can also catch a variety of trout species including rainbow, cutthroat, and brook.

  1. Oak creek

What a splendid place for fly fishing! This creek is the best spot for fly fisherman where you can catch lots of catfish and bass.


4. Arkansas

If you wanna go very close to nature, visit Arkansas, The Natural State. With a huge waterway of 10,000 miles, Arkansas is a place for land some big fishes. There is a plethora of opportunity to fish in this healthy water of Arkansas.

And after fishing in this state, I’m sure you’ll be back sooner or later! 😉

Popular fishing spots in Arkansas

  1. Lake Ouachita

If you live in Arkansas, you must know lake Ouachita, this water is so fertile that every year it’s filled with popular game fishes like largemouth bass, cool water walleye, and all types of catfish.

  1. The White River

If the trout fishing is your cup of tea, then the white river is exactly what you’re looking for. With other species of fishes, the white river can be the spot for a weekend trophy hunter.

  1.  Beaver Lake

When we are talking about popular fishing spots in Arkansas, beaver lake should get a stronghold in our list. It’s one of the best places to fish in Arkansas. Visit there, I bet you won’t return empty-handed.


5. California

The Golden State or the El Dorado State, name it whatever you want. But it’s also true that California has some of the widest varieties of fishing. From lake and river fishing to offshore and deep-sea fishing, you can’t go empty-handed in the Golden State.

Popular fishing spots in California

  1. The Delta

The Delta is one of the best fishing waterways in all of California. From bass and sturgeons to stripers, this is a must-fish destination for all types of anglers.

  1. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite has some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of the United States. Not only is it visually alluring, but it is also loaded with fish. From bluegill and rainbow trout to large and smallmouth bass, fishing in Yosemite is great for all skill levels.

  1. Clear Lake

Clear Lake State Park is a wonderful place to fish and hike, with some of the best spots to find largemouth bass, bluegill, and crappie.


6. Colorado

Colorado is full of rivers and streams, which means the opportunity of fishing is not limited here by any means! Let’s explore more about some hot spots for fishing in Colorado.

Popular fishing spots in Colorado

  1. The Frying Pan River

The crystal clear water, thrilling mountain and mesmerizing nature of the frying pan river can simply blow your mind away. Coming to the fishing, lure or flyfishing this river is heaven for anglers around the world.

Here you can witness some monster-sized Trout often. 10-pound-plus rainbows are frequently caught here in this water. Sounds satisfying? What are you waiting for then, get your Rod and reels ready and visit the frying pan river!

  1. Upper Arkansas River

Located near Leadville, The Upper Arkansas River is the


7. Connecticut

If you live in Connecticut you already know that Connecticut is loaded with fish and offers a marvelous sports fishing and recreational fishing opportunities. Thanks to the State of Connecticut Environmental Protection Department who kept the water of Connecticut healthy and safe.

Popular fishing spots in Connecticut

  1. Bantam lake

If you’re a bass hunter, the bantam lake is the place for you. I caught some of the biggest bass in my life in this bantam lake. The bantam lake is highly recommended for peace lovers, it’s truly a place! With largemouth bass and even calico bass, you will find plenty of pikes, yellow and white perch.

Just let’s remind you once more, it’s the place for biggest bass and pikes in CT.

  1. Candlewood lake

Lots of anglers start off their fishing journey from this Candlewood lake. The water is loaded with trouts, that’s the reason why you will get a frequent catch. When you’re out there, you won’t need any fish finder and fishing in this water is not tricky at all! That’s why it’s the perfect spot for a newbie.

  1. Squantz Pond State Park

Along with fishing, squantz pond state park is the place where you can do swimming, kayaking, scuba diving. The water is well stocked with trout for pleasurable fishing activity. Perfect spot to hang out with friends and family!


8. Delaware

With the popular Slogan “Delaware: Hunt, Fish, Trade, Live” it’s a heck of a place for some thrilling outdoor activities. Coming to fishing precisely, Delaware is a great place for freshwater fishing. Let’s see some of the hot spots!

‘And yeah, don’t forget to check out the Official Website of the First State for more info and tips.

Popular fishing spots in Delaware

  1. Beck’s Pond

With an area of only 25 acres, Beck’s pond is a popular spot for anglers located at New Castle County. Good news is  it’s actually one of the most heavily fished ponds in the state. So don’t hesitate going there if you live in New Castle County or in Delaware.

  1. Moore’s lake

Moore’s lake is one of the best spots for fishing in Dover, Delaware. With a limited area of 27 acres of freshwater, Moore’s lake is the home of largemouth bass, bluegill, yellow perch, and crappie.

  1. Silver Lake

Another amazing lake in Dover, Silver lake is the largest part of the silver lake park On the northern edge of the state capital. And why not, it’s almost 182 acres in size, imagine how big is that! Bank fishing the trend here in silver lake.


9. Florida

Welcome to the Sunshine State, Florida. It’s true that some of the best fishing in the world comes from the state of Florida. The friendly fishing regulation and healthy waterbody of Florida made this a popular land for game fishing. North Florida or down south by the Florida Keys wherever you are, you won’t be disappointed at all in terms of fishing.

Popular fishing spots in Florida

  1. The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is every angler’s dream location. From inlet tarpon fishing to deep-sea offshore tuna fishing, you can expect some trophy-sized fish. Some of the most popular places to fish in the Keys are Marathon Key and Islamorada. Some of the most common catches are yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, tarpon, grouper, redfish, mahi-mahi, and mackerel.

  1. Panama City Beach

If you are looking for inshore or deep-sea fishing in northern Florida, you’ll do well to look into Panama City Beach and Destin. This is one of the more popular fishing locations in the upper part of the state. When fishing here, you are likely to catch a variety of sailfish, grouper, snapper, wahoo, mahi-mahi, and more that inhabit the Gulf of Mexico.

  1. Tampa

If you are looking for fishing in central Florida, Tampa is a great inshore destination. Fishing inshore or offshore near Tampa will never be a wasted day. You will be happy with how much fish you bring to the dinner table.


10. Georgia

Fishing in Georgia is a great recreational activity for anyone who’s getting into fishing. Georgia is filled with many large lakes and an abundance of fish. While fishing in Georgia, you can expect to catch everything from largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, walleye, and flounder.

Popular fishing spots in Georgia

  1. Lake Allatoona

If you are a Bassmaster, fishing at Lake Allatoona will exceed your expectations. You are going to find bass of all sizes here, which range from a few pounds to over twenty.

  1. Lake Seminole

Lake Seminole is a great place to find not only fish but also bait to catch them. Be prepared to bring a net.

  1. Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier is yet another great spot for the perfect fishing experience. Full of stripers and other species, you’ll find no shortage of exciting game in these waters.

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