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How to choose the best fishing rods for salmon

Whether you’re after the hearty Sockeye Salmon, the behemoth King Salmon, or something in between and doesn’t know what fishing rod to choose, then allow me to help you. There are tons of fishing rod and it’s...

The Complete Guidance on How To Store a Kayak vertically ( A total storage guideline with pictures )

Kayaks are fun, they are made out of 4 main processes which are Composite, Rotomolding, Blow-molding and thermoforming. Whichever process it’s made of, the main material is especially plastic and made for a...

Choose a fishing rod for saltwater

Saltwater has covered more than 97% of the total water volume on the earth. No wonder every angler has had a moment where they were faced to choose a fishing rod for saltwater. So, if you are planning to a...

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5 Best fishing rods for salmon

Top 7 Best fishing rods for salmon in 2019

If you are up to salmon fishing and confused with the tons of rod in the market, looking for some serious salmon fishing rod then this article is going to help you a lot. We are here simply to help you find the best...

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