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7 Bass fishing tips for summer

Summer means its time for the avid bass hunter to prepare their tackle box, and look for that elusive prize sized bass. But for that to happen, you need to use some tips, specific lures, and techniques...

How to get started on bowfishing- 16 tips just for you

I like bowfishing because it makes me feel like a predator. In a way, you do have to act like one if you wanna score some fish. See any movements or shade of the fish like figure in the shallows, concentrate...

Kayak fishing guide for beginners – 28 detailed tips

Maybe you watched your family members or your friends do kayaking! And now you wanna get into it. Trust me, it’s something that you don’t wanna miss out on. There are more to kayaking other than...

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best salmon steelhead spinning rods

Best salmon steelhead spinning rods

No wonder why we all love salmon/steelhead fishing. salmon fishing is a kind of fishing which can give you a lot of amazing experience of fishing. For beginners, it’s a wise decision to go for salmon fishing rather than...

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